Best Android Game Controller? Mad Catz CTRLR Review!
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Best Android Game Controller? Mad Catz CTRLR Review!

September 16, 2019

We’ve already talked about how inconsistent
Android gaming can become without a decent controller.
Today’s badass controller from Mad Catz could be your best bet if you’re serious about gaming
and you don’t wanna compromise your experience when you’re on the go.
Hey guys, Gio here, and welcome to the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R. Review! The gamepad is called C.T.R.L.R, but from
now on I’m just going to call it “controller” to help me keep my mental sanity throughout
the review. So, right off the box you’ll find, apart from
the joypad itself, a pair of triple-A batteries to power it up, a smartphone holder to screw
on the back and the user manual. The first impression of the controller is
remarkable: the glossy black finish looks great, and the gamepad feels really solid
with a proper weight. If you feel the need to go for something that
is less of a fingerprint magnet, there also are red and white versions available on the
Mad Catz website. The design is basically the same as the XBOX
360 controller, with two asymmetrical thumbsticks, three buttons at the center, a d-pad on the
left and the XYAB buttons on the right. Besides, you’ll find 4 excellent triggers
on the back, plus a mode switch on the bottom and some media playback controls on top.
Once inserted the batteries, you’re ready to play: the controller works not only on
Android, but also on a PC and every other HID compatible device, including streaming
boxes like the NVIDIA Shield or the Fire TV. Gaming feels really nice right away: if you’ve
ever played on a PlayStation or on an XBOX, you’ll feel right at home.
The thumbsticks are precise, also thanks to that concave design that helps a lot with
grip, the triggers are easy to press, and the four buttons on the right are quite responsive.
Something I don’t dig too much is the d-pad, which is a bit too stiff for my taste and
could be annoying in fighting games. On the other hand, the two inferior triggers
deliver an incredible amount of travel, which will be really welcome for games that can
take advantage of it. Speaking of games, the selection of compatible
titles is quite large: you’ll find all of the most popular games like Asphalt 8, FIFA
15 and Dead Trigger 2, plus a lot more including Leo’s Fortune and Riptide GP2.
One really welcome feature if you want to game on the go is the smartphone holder, which
you can access via the screw mount on the back.
The spring is really really strong and the padded jaws keep your phone protected and
in place, though bigger phones like my Note 4 are borderline too big. Smartphones are not the only platform you’ll
be able to use this on though: as the little switch on the bottom and the media playback
controls testify, this controller is made for a wide variety of devices, from PCs to
streaming boxes. Besides, if you want to customize your gaming
experience on the PC, you can do so via the companion desktop app available on the Mad
Catz website. Connecting the controller to the PC will also
allow you to install firmware updates, which is not something you see everyday in the mobile
controllers market. When it comes to battery life, the two triple-A
batteries needed to power it up will last a lot: in my whole testing period, I haven’t
been able to kill it yet. Mad Catz claim it will last about 40 hours on a single charge,
and from what I’ve seen so far, I do believe them. Okay, finally the pricing: the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R.
goes for 50$, which is not on the cheap side as for mobile controllers.
Expensive or not however, I can’t help recommending this.
If you’re looking for a premium experience with no compromises on mobile, and some added
extra features like PC compatibility and firmware updates, it doesn’t get any better. So that will do for today, like this video
if you liked it, subscribe if you wanna see more videos like this one, and as always,
thank you so much for watching, this was Gio, and I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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  1. I have this controller and it is awesome. If the game supports a controller, it will work flawlessly. Feels about as solid as a Playstation or Xbox controller.

  2. Is there a button / combination or software that makes the Android device swap pages? I still have to swipe the pages at the moment. Just got it though. thnx

  3. im havin trouble connecting this one and the Lynx 3 to my LG G3. The controllers show up on the bluetooth but when i select it, it just doesnt connect at all. Anyone else having trouble like this?

  4. Wait, it needs batteries? That's kind of dumb for a new controller. Oh well, the battery life does sound good, and overall it seems like a better option than the top Moga. Thanks for the review.

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