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Benedictine Bottoms Bowhunting Miss

August 20, 2019

Chris Singletary of Tampa Florida is a navy
helicopter pilot training at Fort Leavenworth, and he’ll graduate from Kansas State University
this December. In his time off, he enjoys hunting deer, and he was lucky enough to draw
a special hunts tag for Benedictine Bottoms Wildlife Area good for October. After scouting
the area for a month, his first Benedictine bowhunt was unforgettable: “Man, I missed the biggest buck today! I
had a 14-point buck, probably about 40 yards, drew back, called him in and rattled a little
bit, and took a shot and missed him. I think I was underneath the buck. I guess I need
to go to the range and practice a little bit, but it was a great day out here, hunting deer
here at Benedictine Bottoms. “I guess I’ve been scouting for the whole
month. I’ve found that the ground blind will work, but will scare them cause they
notice it unless you keep it up for a couple of days – you can’t keep it up out here.
But the advantage of Benedictine Bottoms is, you have so much camouflage, so much tall
grass, and depending on the type of clothing, if it’s scent proof and so forth, sitting
in the tall grass and just waiting in an area where you know they transit will work out
just fine. I mean, I’ve had them at five to ten yards. “To the north of Benedictine Bottoms at
least right now, you have corn fields. And the corn fields and the food plots they usually
keep at Benedictine Bottoms got flooded out. So the deer are more towards the north, and
I’m trying to position myself between the food plots, where the corn fields are, and
the refuge, where they have to transit.” His plan was a good one, though this time
was unlucky. “He was huge. I couldn’t believe it. I
sat down in the chair, and I saw something stick up that I thought was birds, you know,
and I looked and said ‘that’s huge – what is that?” And I looked and said, ‘that’s
a big buck,’ cause I’ve seen bucks around here. I don’t know if he’ll break a state
record, but he was huge. And I thought how am I going to get this big buck to come toward
me? I rattled, and he came out. I think he was right in the edge of my bow range, and
like I said, I think the shot was underneath him.” Singletary brings a cart to help haul a tagged
deer out. Though hunting can be great at Benedictine, plan on some legwork. “If you’re near the food plots or near
the reserve area, I mean, it’s a 30-minute or hour walk to get your game back to your
vehicle.” Back at the parking lot, the hunter was eager
to return. “I’m not done. I’m going to come back
tomorrow and try to get that big one. So wish me luck.” Benedictine Bottoms allows four archery deer
permits and three archery partner permits for specified days of each month, October
through December, for a total of 21 archery permits. With excellent deer numbers, chances
for a shot are good for knowledgeable bowhunters. This year’s permits are already taken. If
you’d like to hunt there next fall, check out special hunts at the department website
and apply online next summer to enter a random drawing. I’m Mike Blair for Kansas Wildlfie and Parks.

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  1. Sounds like the one I stalked last year!  He came out at 70 yards and I went to shoot him with my practically brand new Rem 300 WinMag and the rifle malfunctioned.  Just shot a coyote a few days prior.  Bought that rifle less than a year ago to hunt Elk.  My heart sank as I new that it was defininedtly a record buck and I have seen scores of bucks over 3 decades from 12-16 points.  He had the mass of a Colorado Mule deer.   Biggest rack I've ever seen and comparable in weight to the 330lb 7 point buck (one side of rack missing)

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