Benedict Cumberbatch Plays ‘Operation’
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Benedict Cumberbatch Plays ‘Operation’

August 11, 2019

So you play a doctor in
the new Avengers movie, and so we thought that we
would test your skills. We’re going to play Operation. It’s the most
efficient test of all. And so I guess I’ll go first. You and I are going to
take turns being surgeons. We’ll have 45 seconds to remove
as many pieces as we can. OK. And we have outfits. I didn’t realize that,
but we have outfits. Like yeah, put
[INAUDIBLE] because I’m– I do, I mean, you
know, as the character, I do have the shakes. I think you’re going to
win this, hands down. Really? You can’t operate anymore. Well– A surgeon needs– But I’m drunk, so. OK. [LAUGHTER] All right. I play from here? Yes, I guess so. All right. Yeah. All right. 45 seconds? Go. [ELECTRONIC BUZZING] [LAUGHTER] These things are
flat, how am I– [ELECTRONIC BUZZING] There’s no way to grab
flat things down here. [ELECTRONIC BUZZING] He’s got a mobile
phone in his hand. Literally– I should have– [ELECTRONIC BUZZING] I should have– [ELECTRONIC BUZZING] All right, I’ll give
it to him, Andy. All right, my go. All right. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. There. Yes. [SQUEAKING] [ELECTRONIC BUZZING] I touched the side. Oh boy. [LAUGHTER] [ELECTRONIC BUZZING] What the dickens? [MUSIC PLAYING] [BANG] Hey! [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] the whole time? It’s just to distract me. [INAUDIBLE] Yes, yes. [MUSIC PLAYING] What? [APPLAUSE] (SINGING) Shake your ass. Shake what you got. Shake your ass, watch yourself. [ELECTRONIC BUZZING] Oh no. That was a lot of fun. Boy! I won. All right. I won. Avengers Infinity War is
in theaters and IMAX now, and Patrick Melrose premieres
May 12th on Showtime. Y’all are going to love it.

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  1. Love this man! He is so cute! Oh good on him for saving the poor guy from getting mugged the other day. Sophie his wife is a lucky lady. 😍

  2. 3 Things that happened to me today:
    1. My friend said that Benedict was ugly
    2. My friend is hit by a car.
    3. I lost my driver's license …

  3. Moral of the story: Ben always wins operation, wether he’s Sherlock, himself, or he’s Strange and actually operating

  4. That part that bendertecter lumberbatch was dropping the smile face look like he was spilling salt out of his hand

  5. At 1:24 he got the best concentration when the music changed😂👌🏻👍🏻
    (Edit): he just proved himself to be a doctor again😂👍🏻 UR AMAZING ELLEN AND BENEDICT😆☺️💖💖💖

  6. You would think that he would be hood at this considering that Dr. Strange was a surgeon before he became a wizard.

  7. Wait he plays a doctor in the new marvel movie I thought he played a HOT doctor and funny and charming and perfect doc was I wrong????

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