September 9, 2019

“Being a Girl Gamer.”
That’s such a weird title. Hey guys, my name is Cypher Den and let me tell you a story about twice. Okay, okay. before you say anything, listen up I’m also just saying, that I’m a girl who likes to play video games nothing more, nothing less. before everyone gets mad at me, for no reason whatsoever. Yep, that’s a disclaimer. Now that that’s over with– before YouTube became my main job, I worked at a mobile game company as their lead artist. Hands down one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. Playing video games, making art, and well, just making games. It was great. My company decided to go to this one gaming event and they brought me along. My task was to get people to play our games and answer any questions that they might have. Pretty much just like PAX, where everyone
tries to make you play their game. I had to be at my best behavior because some of these people were actually investors, or worked for advertisement. This event was really funny because we get a little name tag that had: your name, company name, and your job title on it. Before you even start talking to someone you would look at their name tag, and decide if they’re even worth talking to. Some of these people will legit stare at your name tag, which is awkwardly around your stomach area, or your chest area– I choose the stomach area because
it’s less awkward that way. So they would look at my stomach for a good minute, before they decided whether
they wanted to talk to me or not. This one guy, though, stares me down,
and looks at me from head to toe Guy: Mmm. Oh um. Hey. Do you work here? Den: Oh, hi, yeah, I work here.
Can I help you with anything? Guy: So, like, what do you do here? Den: I’m the lead artist, so I technically make
all the art, and drawings for our games. Guy: Really? Guy: I thought you were just a
booth babe or something. Den: Wait, what? Guy: You know? Guy: I thought they hired you to attract people to play their games and stuff. Guy: I didn’t think you’d actually work for the company. Hold up, hold up, hold up. What did this guy just say? Thanks for dropping by. How do you say that to someone? Completely degrade them, and just see them unfit to work in the game industry, and then categorize them to be a– Like, excuse you? Mind you, I was wearing the most
casual black shirt and beige pants. I even had a sweater, just in case I was cold. Not only does this guy call me a booth babe, but he comes back with a friend. With. A. Friend. Guy: Hey, since you’re not a booth babe and all, Guy: you want to come to a Razer party with us? Den: Sorry I’m working until whenever
you decide to stop existing. Yeah Guy: All right, no need to be rude. Nope, not dealing with you. I’m in no way being rude, mmm Okay Sure, let’s go with that. You guys already know how much I love Razer, would have loved to go to a Razer party, get sponsored, but, nah, I’m not gonna degrade myself like that. Mmmm, no. So this other time, before I even had a– I used to play video games a bunch on my channel, let’s not bring that up ever again, but I played a lot of Resi, Silent Hill, Skyrim, and so on. This one YouTube gamer asked for my gamertag, and I kindly responded like I always do, that I don’t have Xbox Live since I
personally play offline games. Also, I kind of couldn’t afford Xbox Live to begin with. This guy kept asking again and again for my gamertag, so I just stopped responding. Not gonna mention who it is, because they’ll probably get really butthurt. even though they probably
don’t really watch my content. But, yeah, until one day, I get a message along the lines of: I legit sat there laughing because I offended this guys so hard by not responding. Like, how is that a thing? How? Just, how? We never even had a conversation. This guy expected me to fall head
over heels because of his sub count. It doesn’t really work like that, buddy. No. Anyways, I have a bunch of
weird awkward stories like that. I’m not trying to rant too much, unless you guys want me too, then hit that like button. It makes me fart glitter. Also leave a comment down below. What kind of stories you’d like to hear in the next couple videos. With that said, I’ll see you guys later. Bye!

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