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August 30, 2019

– [Caitlin] Thank you for calling Pizza Hut.
This is Caitlin. Will this be for carryout or delivery? – [Dunk] Uh… Neither. I don’t-
I don’t want anything. I’m not hungry. – [Caitlin] Ok, great!
Then don’t call here. – [Dunk] Uh… I don’t like pizza. – [Caitlin] Oh. Well, we have your phone number and your name. So we will be contacting the police. Thank you… – [Dunk] Thanks! (Phone Ringing) Hey!
I don’t want a pizza. I want tacos. – [Girl] Okay, well, this is Pizza Hut. If you want tacos, you’re gonna have to call somewhere else. – [Dunk] Should I call Taco Bell? – [Girl] Yeah… (Phone Ringing) – [Guy] Taco Bell. – [Dunk] Hey!
I want pizza. (hangs up) – [Dan] Pre-order your copy of “Kingdom Hearts III” here at GameStop. This is Dan.
How can I help you today? – [Count Dunkula] Ah, ah, ahh!!! It’s me… Dracula! Ah, ah, ah, ah, AHHH!!! I’m calling to see if you have the new Dracula videogame.
(Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 1993) – [Dan] Umm… I’m not familiar with the Dracula videogame. Which one would that be? – [Dunkula] You play as Dracula! Explore over 3 levels! – [Dan] Uh…
Do you know the name of the game? – [Dunk] It- “Hogan’s Castle.” (Phone Ringing) – [Mary] Thank you for calling Barnes & Noble.
This is Mary. How can I help you? – [Dunk] Hey! How do you get the Big Yoshi? – [Mary] Ok! Umm.
Is it a… stuffed animal? Or… – [Dunk] Yeah!
I mean, he’s- He’s sitting there. – [Mary] Okay… – [Dunk] I need the big one, though.
– [Mary] Umm… -[Dunk] You know. – [Mary] Ok!
And… Umm… Is there a specific… brand that that’s under?
Or is it just…? – [Dunk] BIG YOSHI. – [Mary] Ok! Umm… – [Dunk IN SPACE]
hey I'm looking for the new YOSHI game. – [Guy] For what system? – [Space Dunk] The Nintendo Wii... – [Guy] The Switch? – [Dunk] YEAH I'M IN SPACE – [Guy] Yoshi comes out March 29th. It’s not out yet, though. – [Dunk] YES – [Guy] Yes! Yeah! – [Dunk] THANK YOU. – [Guy] You’re welcome, man. – [Dunk] BYEEEE.
– [Guy] Pleased to hear your voice, sir. (The guy laughs) – [Greg] This is Greg speaking.
How can I help you? – [Dunk] Hey!
(Eating) You guys got yoshi?
(With mouth full) – [Greg] What was that?! (Crunch eating soung) – [Dunk] You guys got yoshi? – [Greg] Yoshi? – [Dunk] Yeah! – [Greg] For what? – [Dunk] Game Boy.
(Laughing) – [Greg] Game Boy?
Very specific.
(Laughing) Umm… There are many of those. Uh… Which Game Boy? (Dunkey laughs) -[Dunk] I give up. Bye-bye!
(Laughing) (Phone Ringing) – [Alex] Thank you for calling GameStop. This is Alex.
How can I help you? – [Dunggie Fils-Aimé] Hey, Alex! It’s me, Reggie. I’m just calling to let you know, that we are shipping to your store 100 copies of the latest installment in the Mario franchise. – [Alex] Okay. – [Dunggie] I gotta go now, Alex… and get back to playing Animal Crossing®: New Leaf™ on my Nintendo® 3DS™. Goodbye! – [Alex] Bye! (Phone Ringing) – [Angie] Thank you for calling GameStop, where you can pre-order your copy of Kingdom Hearts III. This is Angie.
How can I help you? BWAH BWAH Hello?
It’s me, Yoshi. (she hangs the phone) – [Landon] This is Landon.
How can I help you? – [Dunk] Hey, Landon.
It’s me, Jack Nicholson. I’m on set right now, for the movie “The Departed” and I’m looking for the game, “Hogan’s Castle.” Do you guys have that? – [Landon] I do not, Dunkey. But I might have Spaghetti and Meatballs, if you ask nicely. – [Dunk] Uh ohhh…
(Dunkey busted) (phone ringing) – [Daniel] Thank you for calling Los Banos’ GameStop, where you can pre-order MLB The Show 2019. This is Daniel.
How can I help you? (Dunkey makes honk noises) – [Dunk] Hey, man!
What’s going on? I’m on the highway right now. (imitating semi-truck honk sound) Umm, I’m calling to see if you guys got that new Yoshi game. (imitating car honking sound) (makes the sound of a sport car accelerating) (imitating different car sounds) – [Dunk] You guys got it? – [Daniel] Uh, I have, Uh, Yoshi’s Craft- Or to say… Yoshi’s Crafted World coming out in March. That’s all I got, though. – [Dunk] Yoshi’s Crappy World??? (A guy laughs on the background) – [Daniel] Crafted World. – [Dunk] Alright, put me down for ten of those. – [Adam] Thanks for calling GameStop.
[♪”Simian Segue” – Donkey Kong Country OST♪] This is Adam.
How may I help you? – [Dunk] Uh… Do you guys have the game Donkey Kong: Frozen Ape? – [Adam] The only thing that even pops up is Tropical Freeze, which came out last May.
(Dunkey raising the music’s volume during the call) – [Dunk] Yeah, I want 1 copy of Donkey Kong: Frozen Ape. – [Adam] I’m sorry. I can barely hear you with the music in the background. – [Dunk] Yeah, it’s really loud in here.
I’m sorry! You guys have the new Donkey Kong game? I’m looking for that. – [Adam] Well, uh, we have Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze which came out last May. – [Dunk] Yeah! – [Adam] If that’s the one you’re looking. – [Dunk] Donkey Kong: Frozen Ape. Yeah! – [Adam] So, we got it in stock at $60 dollars plus tax. – [Dunk] $50 dollars? – [Adam] $60 dollars, plus tax. – [Dunk] $50 dollars. Incredible. – [Adam] 60! – [Dunk] $50 dollars. Wow. (Music stops)
(Phone Ringing) – [Billy] Good afternoon.
Thank you for calling Party City, where nobody has more party for less This is Billy.
How may I help you? – [Dunk] Hey! Can you type in… …”Big Yoshi” on Google Image Search for me? – [Billy] Type-? Type in what? It’s “BIG,” space Y-O-S-H-I. Should get a picture of a big green guy. – [Billy] Ok… Give me a second.
My- Uh, It’s loading… – [Dunk] Okay. – [Billy] Right… – [Dunk] Alright!
You see him now? – [Billy] Yeah… – [Dunk] Yoshi! That’s the sound he makes. I know!
(chuckle) Alright!
Bye-bye! – [Billy] Bye!
Have a good day. [OUTRO]
♪ “Kamek’s Theme” – Yoshi’s Island OST (SNES) ♪

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  1. Bruh dunkey I honestly cant beleive you don't like pizza but you stilled called a pizza place. If you were going to call the public, WHY DONT YOU WARN THEM ABOUT THE CLOUD PEOPLE? OPEN YOUR EYES, THE GOVERNMENT IS PUTTING POISON IN CHEMTRAILS, AND ITS MAKING MY CHILDREN GAY BUSH DID 9/11

  2. Holy SHIT they’re rude! I better not catch my Domino’s employees ending a conversation with our customers the way that Pizza Hut bitch did, goddamn! Have a soul!

  3. Dude. More of these, please. I’m having so much fucking trouble trying to find Hogan’s Castle and was wondering if you had any luck. Hope you have good night and someone to tuck you in tight and well.

  4. Who ever in top management would think "where you can pre-ord…" crap is something they should pick up the phone with should feel bad.

  5. "I don't like Pizza"

    "Oh well we have your phone number and your name so we'll be contacting the police thenk yewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWW"

  6. How did 3 people do the English captions and not a single one of them noticed that the guy was called Graham and not Greg

  7. The Taco Bell one is actually a bit unprofessional if you take into account that they DO sell a product named "Mexican Pizza". I mean, being an employee I would've first asked if that's what he meant…

  8. “Ya I want one copy of donkey Kong frozen ape”
    “I’m sorry I can barely hear you”
    “Yeah it’s really loud in here”

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