Bearpaw Parcours Test – Episode 1 – Der Waldläufer
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Bearpaw Parcours Test – Episode 1 – Der Waldläufer

August 9, 2019

We arrived in the Black Forrest and are currently at the “Waldläufer”. Next to me is Roland Volk – the owner. He invited us to do our first episode of the parcours-test on his 3D-Parcours. Thankx a lot for that! Looking forward to that! Waldläufer is not only this neat store but also 3 Parcours. They are called “Hochwald-Tour”, “Gamshorn-Trail” and “Field Range”. These 3 Parcours are together on a field of nearly 100 ha which makes this area one of the biggest Archery areas in Germany. I’m looking forward to see this – we are showing you some impressions of his store and then go outside 🙂 Currently we are at the Field Range Parcours. On this range are 20 targets – built after IFAA standarts. So let`s take a look. I will try my luck with this target – which is whoopin’ 80 yards away! That’s about 72 meters and is one of the main differences to the 3D Parcours where the distances are a lot shorter. I’m gonna try this now – no idea if my Quickstick can do this ^^ Hm – maybe a liiittle to short 😉 But it doesn’t matter. We are now going to the 3D Parcours! See you there. Here we have an ibex. Very nicely done! The shot is about a small valley. Very well integrated in the landscape here – I’m impressed! Distance is about 45 meters. Nice view here at this point of the “Hochwald-Tour”. I really like it here. We have this kind of targets aswell here. Not really from our enviroment but they are fun shooting aswell! This is a very interessting shot. You can shoot through a broken old tree on a meerkat. I will shoot this littly guy after camera and cameraman are safe 😉 We are now going from the upper part of the parcours down to the water. Roland told us that it is really really nice down there. Let’s take a look! I will shoot now a so called “hot shot” – which is optional. Let’s do this! The next shot is a really cool one! It’s a krokodile near a small pool of dirty old water. This krokodile even has a fish in his open mouth – it’s awesome – let’s shoot this guy! Here we have a moving eagle owl – which I will shoot now 😉 I’m at the so called “Archery Rest” – one of two places where you can make a little break. It’s really beautiful here – the weather is just awesome now. Now we will visit the “Gamshorntrail”. Our last shot for today is this Grizzly Bear on the other side of this veally. Let’s try this. Tadaa! 😀 And now our review of this 3D Parcours. Our final review about the “Hochwald-Tour”-Parcours: Our fist point is the atmosphere – that means how is the parcours built in the natural environment. We give here 8 points out of 8. Because it’s really really nicely done here! Second would be the routing: Routing on the parcours is good but the areal and the store are a bit hard to find so we give 7 out of 8 points. 3rd point would be the animal population: 8 out of 8 points – very nicely done! Animals are all in good shape and are very well integrated in their natural environment. 4th point would be “What do you get for your money?” Here we also gave 8 out of 8 points because 14 Euros for the loooong tour with 40 targets is very good. Children up to 11 years are for free. Additionally we have 2 extra points to give. 1 point for extreme terrain. Sometimes it’s really challenging terrain and that we like! 2nd point would be the 3 moving targets on the parcours – very well done! Well – of course this is our own opinion based on our own experiances. Unfortunally we didn’t managed to do the “Gamshorn-Trail” aswell – but we will be here another time and do a review about the other Parcours aswell. We really hope you liked this review. Roland is looking forward to meet you guys. See you soon – until next time. Bye.

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  1. 2:36, 5:52 – 5:58, 9:09 – 9:16 🙂 Funny and cute.
    4:20 Wow! Nice shot at 45 meters!
    7:12 Just so you know, krokodile = crocodile. Thank you for the captions!
    What a beautiful course and location. Great video.

  2. Sandra!!! You rock girl!!! The smile after that meerkat is amazing!!! I wish more and more people, specially the young ones, could be shown more and more how traditional archery is so thrilling!!

  3. Danke für diesen Beitrag. Auch ich war letzten Sonntag auf dem Hochwald Parcours. Der hat mir so gut gefallen, das ich direkt 2 Runden gelaufen bin. Heute bin ich den Gamshorn Trail gelaufen, beides wirklich sehr tolle Strecken. Jeder kommt auf seine Kosten, der Anfänger (das bin ich) als auch alte Hasen 😉
    Wirklich für jeden zu empfehlen…

  4. Excellent video! She is quite the longbow shooter! Does an excellent job to! Right person for the job, you better keep her!!! Thanks! Ranger5070

  5. Ich bin echt froh das ich den Parcour in der nähe habe. Ich komme gerne mal nach Feierabend vorbei und laufe den Gamshorn Trail ab. (Zeitlich gut machbar wen man sich an die 3er Schuss Regel hält ;D ) Ist wirklich für Anfänger als auch Fortgeschrittene sehr gut geeignet und fordernd. Die Wege sind gut beschildert und wen man nicht toal daneben schiesst, findet man die Pfeile auch gut wieder. 10 von 8 möglichen Punkten von mir 😀

  6. ich war diesen Sommer beim Waldläufer und habe mit meinen Jungs  die Hochwaldtour gemacht. Es war einfach nur LEGENDÄR! Coole Ziele einfach klasse aufgestellt zu nem top Preis. Viel Spaß an alle dies ausprobieren

  7. ach auf den kameramann bin ich schon ein bisschen eifersüchtig. wär nicht schlimm gewesen wenn er einen streifschuss abbekommen hätte :-).

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