Bearpaw News 20 – Federstanze – Feather Cutter
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Bearpaw News 20 – Federstanze – Feather Cutter

August 20, 2019

Hello and welcome to another episode of Bearpaw news! Today I would like to show you something new and totally cool! The Bearpaw Feather Cutter! As you might know we put a lot of time, effort and money in our last feather cutter. But somehow we weren`t really satisfied with it. That’s why we threw it away! 😉 But one thing about our old feather cutter was really good! The cutting knive! And that’s the reason we took the cutting knive and build our new feather cutter around it. And that’s how it looks like: That’s our brandnew Bearpaw Feather Cutter! You get the feeling right from the start that it’s build for a last! Let me show you now how easy our Bearpaw Feather Cutter is used. Fist you take a full length feather and put it in the Feather Cutter. Then close it – and now for the best part in my opinion: The Hammer! 😉 After a good hit our feather is ready to use! Let me show you the feather cutter in detail now: In the upper part is the cutting blade which you can easily change. In the lower part is the ground plate with the two stripes where the feather will fit in perfect. Also you can adjust the hight of the ground plate for different feather lengths. I have here two feathers with the different lengths. You can adjust length and hight of the feather. Some closing words to the Bearpaw Feather Cutter: you can get every part of the Cutter seperately. Next week we will have the different feather shapes on our blog displayed. One last tip: take a nice big rubber hammer and hit right in the center of the Feather Cutter for an optimal result. That’s all for today folks. See you soon. Until next time. Bye!

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  1. huhu, nehmt doch mal dieses Video raus, diese Stanze war erstens sch….. und zweitens habt ihr schon einen neue im Sortiment, die um längen besser ist. 🙂

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