BEAR: The creepiest Roblox game ever?!
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BEAR: The creepiest Roblox game ever?!

August 31, 2019

– [Narrator] (upbeat electronic
music)(evil laughing) Hey (in foreign language) I’m
here with another game video we’re back in roll back goods again we are playing a game called Bear. There’s a claws in the contract
which says I have to play it (laughing) get it claws, Bear what the heck, the Mandem wow! A tandem of Mandem (evil laughing). Okay, so I’ve never played this game you are a Survivor Complete puzzles to reduce the timer you are being watched don’t get killed by Bear. Oh man, if I did that
would grizzly (laughing) hey how do you guys like
my place? (laughing) I’m just trying something new out okay, I don’t know where
I am or what’s going on what am I doing here? It looks like I have four minutes
and 45 seconds to survive, and there looks like there
are nine of us surviving, oh eight, I think Bear got
somebody already you guys (laughing) As long as no one else dies,
oh it just went down to seven (evil laughing) I don’t know what I am
doing or where I am going can you guys help me, please. And where are the other survivors, hey wait there’s some people, oh, oh boy, the meter just went down somebody else got caught, I don’t even know anything oh wait, no, that’s a friend hey friend come back, I’m going with you, come here, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait are you carrying cheese? Where did you get cheese from? I want cheese, I don’t have any cheese that’s not gouda (evil laughing). It’s the cheddar that
makes it better, come back! Give me some of your
delicious cheese please Wow, what’s this? Wow it’s cheese! Can I have the cheese? Where did the cheese come from? You guys, I have so many questions The story is a lot like Swiss cheese, it has a lot of holes in it (laughing) I keep getting friend requests but I don’t have time to
click them, I’m sorry. I’m doing things, I’m following
the lady with the cheese well that’s macabre, it’s the bear (laughing). I’m out of here, he is
dancing and prancing, yeah go after her. Hopefully she doesn’t get caught. She got caught (laughing), he probably ate all her cheese. We gotta run, I know we gotta run, you don’t have to tell me that. There’s a weird creepy dancing bear that wants to turn us inside out. I know how to run, okay, you don’t have to tell me. Oh now buddy is it you,
me and somebody else, you kinda look like a doctor maybe we could go revive some
of those people (laughing). Okay, okay, okay you are
one of the survivors too, I thought you were the
Bear there for a second. You know it’s probably not the best idea for us all to stick together because if bear comes over here he is going to get all
three of us at once. Come on let’s go in the creepy (in foreign
language) you guys. Wait, I see something
over at the wall there, lots of glowy red things, what are those? Wow, crazy, oh, I think it’s
one of the puzzles you guys oh look at my finger,
oh, I can turn it up, what happens if I turn them? Maybe (singing) wow, okay you guys come here, we’ve got to turn all of these. Okay, quickly, we have to
turn them all, come on. It’s kind of hard to do them, there we go, got that one, you got that one? You got that one? I’m going to do the one down here come on, almost, almost, almost what did that do yes. Oh that’s a 30 seconds off the clock, I see okay you guys, for
every puzzle that we solve we get to take 30 seconds off the clock. Oh okay, if Bear doesn’t
find us all then we win. I get this game now I just have one question left what’s with the cheese? (laughing) Easy squeezy, (in foreign language) Hey guys what do you
want on your tombstone? I want pepperoni (laughing) get it, tombstone, pizza. Me think we are doing pretty good we only have to survive
the 30 seconds are up, no, no you guys, Bear’s right there run, run, use those orangy legs. No that’s a wall, oops, oh no, he’s coming for me you guys, where is he? He’s right there (laughing) I don’t understand why
he has a party hat on but I’m out of here, this ain’t no party, it’s not
a party I want to be part of. You can eat those other guys I don’t want to be eaten, I’m out of here later hot potato cheese. Okay, three seconds, two, one, I think we’re going to make it, yay! We did it you guys, oh that’s a weird hat (laughing) I got my awesome orangy head on (laughing) wow, we did it you guys,
just barely (pop music) we still haven’t figured out
what’s up with the cheese man. Mr Bear loves stinky cheese. Well that was pretty fun, I’m definitely down to do that again, let’s do this thing. Oh there’s an army over there nice. All right, he we go guys
we’re starting the game Looks like I am a Survivor again. I will Survive (singing) Wow, okay, right, wow
what’s this over here wow, what are these? Can I press them? Oh, they change colors what do I do here? They’re suppose to be another puzzle but I have no idea how to do this, I think the solution is to
change them all to orange (laughing) I don’t even know how to do that part oh oh, Bear claimed his
first victim you guys. Was that, oh, okay, I guess we are all traveling
in a group then (laughing). You guys kind of freaked me out, I thought you were Bear for a second what’s with Bear’s birthday hat? What’s all, what’s all that about? Maybe Bear’s not actually a bad guy, he’s just trying to have a party just trying to have a party
and no one wants any of it. Oh, what’s this? The cheese. Leave me the cheese? Oh, okay, he wants the cheese you guys If we don’t give him the cheese
we are going to be shredded (laughing) we just need to figure
where the cheese is. You know, I think I could find the cheese, you wonder why, I’m
pretty sharp (laughing). Get it? Sharp cheddar. It’s a cheddar that makes
it all better (laughing). What’s over here? Creepy house in the middle of the woods. Wow hey, it’s the cheese. I’ve got some, I’ve got
some cheese you guys. Come on, leave my probe alone (laughing). With that cheese, wow, that’s a good guy okay, I think we are doing
pretty good you guys. I just need to go put
that cheese over there, he’s just throwing tickets
around, that’s cool oh no, no, that’s Bear
you guys, that’s Bear. Oh no, he’s going after the doctor. Oh, dancing Bear in his underwear actually he’s not wearing any underwear, oh no, he got the doctor. Oh I wonder if that one puzzle
is still in the same place, it is, looks like somebody
was already working on it. Probably got chased away. Oh flippedy flap what’s up party people help me out with this
puzzle, let’s do this. Let’s do this before
the Bear comes, please come on, come on, yes, flip
that switch, flip that switch, switch that witch, yeah look at that oh we’ve got one more here. There we go, finished it, wow it’s a party in
here, everybody’s here. All right, I want to go
put that cheese over here come on we wanna get cheese to please him. Okay, here’s the cheese, eat it, yay, I did it you guys kicking all those booties, feel that ocean bries
on my knees (laughing) get it, brie, I dunno that
was kind of a terrible pun but there’s definitely an ocean in here, but whatever, it’s fine. I think we’re going to do it you guys because they, he only has 30
seconds to catch all of us, no way is that happening. Oh yes, feels so good, feels so oh no, there’s the Bear, it’s his party and he’ll cry if he wants to (laughing) wow, now he got somebody, three seconds, oh no, he got someone else, you guys oh boy, he really made a
game over there at the end oh, I can’t believe we did it, we are all good in the neighborhood. Yes, (in foreign language)
that Bear attack, yeah dance your booty off guys (pop music) oh yeah, it’s your
birthday, oh yeah, no pants, do the dance, no pants dance. Oh, I never get to be barely
there with no underwear (laughing) oh, I think this might be a different map you guys. It is, it’s a different one. Very nice. Cool, wow, it’s very glitchy, weird what is going on here, looks like somebody’s smeared jello, are you guys doing a seance or something weird, oh, what happened in here, creepy oh that guy’s got a picture on the wall. This map is kind of scary. Okay, what’s up dude what are you doing over here? Wow, oh no, I think Bear’s right behind me oh no, where am I going to go, oh wait that guy’s running into there okay I’m going to run
in right next to you, not going there yeah, go in there Bear. Don’t go after me, go in there after him. Oh I think it worked you guys I lead him to that other guy (laughing) he didn’t kill me, he
killed the other guy. Hey, let me help you, come
on, go back and select it okay, maybe he didn’t kill that other guy, I think we are going to be okay. Nope, his not okay (laughing) every time I say it,
that’s when it happens. Okay, we’ve almost got this one we’ve just got a couple
more of these to flip, flip it to whip it oh no, he got someone else all right, that was good, we
took 30 seconds off the clock that’s pretty nice. I just need to find where I put the cheese because I got the stinky cheese, just need to find a place to put it. This is not your average map, oh no, he got someone else (laughing) we’re in the middle, let
me make a cheese pun too oh, that ladder goes up, I think
we’ve got to go up you guys oh no, he got someone else oh
yes there it is, the cheese. Oh you had cheese too, we both had cheese we’re like the cheese twins but which one of us is
the grater one (laughing), you get it grates some cheese. What you looking at over there? What is it? You found the, oh, oj I see,
purple, red, blue and gorilla (laughing), just kidding I know it’s green okay so that’s how you solve that puzzle the one with the four panels, you’ve got to change the colors so we need to find it and type in purple, red, blue and gorilla let’s do it. I don’t think we’re going to have time, there is only 18 seconds left. Three, two, one (in
foreign language) we won! Oh wait, oh man, Bear was behind me, he was right behind me you guys, oh yeah, doing that dance, doing prancing and dancing all night long. Oh that was fun, I like
this game, it’s pretty good all right guys we’ll I’m
going to sign out for now, til next time, bye (in foreign language) (upbeat electronic music)

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