Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Galveston, Texas
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Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Galveston, Texas

December 3, 2019

[music playing] My name’s Erica Nelson. And I’m Stew Nelson. We’ve been married
for almost 10 years. I’m in the consulting
industry for oil and gas. And I stay home with
our three small children. STEW: We live in
Kingwood, Texas, which is on the northeast
side of Houston. ERICA: That’s about
an hour and a half, door to door, to
get to the beach. STEW: Galveston has islands. It has access to both the bay,
as well as the beach side. There’s a lot of different
things to explore. ERICA: We’ve rented several
beach houses over the years, and it’s always been great. But probably the
biggest downside of that is that we always have to leave. STEW: In fact, most
places in the summertime will only rent for
a week at a time. ERICA: We really want to get a
home at the beach in Galveston to go and have fun, and– STEW: And make memories. So give me some particulars
on what you’re looking for in your new beach home. I really like Pirates Beach. I like the neighborhood
feel of Pirate’s Beach. Ideally, I’d like to have
a four bedroom, three bath, with lots of open living
space, possibly some decks, with a nice beach view. Some areas downstairs where
the kids can run around. STEW: And able to walk to
the beach would be ideal. So what kind of budget
do we have to work with? I think we’re willing
to spend about $350,000, and I want to make
sure that it doesn’t require a lot of fix-up. I want it to be ready to go,
so we can enjoy this summer. Well, Carol has shown us
a bunch of great places, and we’ve had a good
weekend looking at houses. What did you think about
the Pirate’s Beach place? ERICA: It has the
neighborhood that we want. It has those big, open decks. And it has a really nice open
floor plan on the upstairs. STEW: I have a concern though. The price is a little bit
out of our price range. It’s only three bedrooms. We’re going to want to change
those blue counter tops. So then we went down to
the Blue Heron house. ERICA: From the outside, I
like the Blue Heron house. Walking in, it has a little more
of a traditional feel to it. A little more formal. Not so much beachy. So I wasn’t real keen on that. STEW: But it has the
four bedrooms that we’re looking for, a ton of space, and
it’s inside of our price range. ERICA: My concern
with that house is that it’s really far away
at the west end of the island. And it’s very close
to the highway. It concerns me with the
children running out, riding their bikes. STEW: It’s also not
super close to the beach. So then we went to the
other end of the island and went to Bermuda Beach. ERICA: I loved Bermuda Beach. When you walk in the
house, that’s the open, beachy feel you’re looking for. It’s updated. It’s move-in ready. And it has that great
downstairs area, where we can entertain and watch
TV and hang out with the kids. The price is
really, really good. It’s below our price
point, and I think that’s a really good value. And the proximity to the
beach is really nice. So last, what about
Jamaica Beach? Great views, especially
from that nice top deck. Yeah, that is really nice. And again, nice,
big, open spaces. Kitchen, living room area. But that house needs some work. STEW: Yeah. That’s my big concern. That place needs
a lot of upgrades. And for the price, if we
think about what we would have to spend to get the
upgrades to where we want, I think it’s going way
out of our price range. So have you made a decision? You gave us a lot of
really good options. But yes, we’ve come
to our decision. What would that be? We’re going to go
with Pirate’s Beach. CAROL: Oh, that is great. It’s a great house. It has all the deck space. That reverse floor plan
turned out to be really good, didn’t it?
STEW: Yeah. I really liked that. Do you have a number in mind? We thought about
$330,000 as the offer. We think it’s fair,
especially in comparison to the other properties
that we’ve seen. And we hope that the seller is
motivated to take that offer. Well, I think
they’re negotiable. Excellent. We chose Pirate’s Beach house
because we love the locations. The three bedrooms was
a little bit tight, but we were able to negotiate
to keep the bunk bed in the room that we liked so much, and
that allowed us to have six kids in one room,
which will hopefully make up for the fourth bedroom. ERICA: I love the views. I love the decks. We’re having a great time
having friends and family over, eating outside,
playing with the kids. STEW: 10 and a five. Anything outside the
circle doesn’t count. ERICA: All right. Toss them up. STEW: The seller was very
motivated to get the house moved off of the market. They came back to us, and
we said, we’ll take it. We came in at $330,000. ERICA: Owning the
beach house has changed our lives in that we can
come down to the beach anytime we want. [music playing]

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