Be a Volunteer for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games
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Be a Volunteer for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

November 17, 2019

Where will you be standing in 2020? #Summer2020 I want to high five people from more than
100 countries. Learn sports before the 2020 summer. Share my passion with you. Way to go surfing! Let’s work together toward success. Ola! I want to be a bridge between Brazil and Japan. Do volunteer for Paralympics. I want to create even more exciting and livery
Shibuya. I want to challenge new things. Boost baseball in Fukushima. Be a sign language interpreter. Long vacation planned in 2020. Let’s enjoy! I want to be a new me. I want to excite the world. I want to do something that my child can be
proud of. Promote Tokyo to the world. Let’s all get the atmosphere going! I want to improve myself and become a better
person. Get Tokyo 2020 moving! Move the hearts of Japan. Move the hearts of the world. Move myself. The power of Tokyo 2020 is the “Volunteers.”

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  1. The entire country of Japan is radiated!! Enjoy your dose of slow death… Man made radiation is NOT the same as bananas and sunshine OK?

  2. Hi i'm from Indonesia, I've already submit my application to be volunteer in Tokyo Olympic 2020, so excited. Hope i've chosen and can join with other volunteer from all arround country, high five! Hope to see you ?

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