BBT-59.2 Bottom Bracket Tool
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BBT-59.2 Bottom Bracket Tool

October 7, 2019

The Park Tool BBT-59.2 removes and installs 16 notch external bearing bottom bracket cups with a 41mm outside diameter. Featuring a 3/8ths inch drive for easy use with ratcheting handles and torque wrenches. Made with precision CNC machined aluminum for an optimized fit and anodized and laser engraved for easy identification. Fits these and other
16 notch 41mm bottom bracket cups.

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  1. Just ordered one for future use. Just installed an Ultegra BB using the standard tool and the shim Shimano provide but the shim is rubbish. I has to file it for half an hour and then fit it into the standard tool by dropping a 56lb weight on them!

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