BBP-1 Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Set
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BBP-1 Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Set

October 8, 2019

The Park Tool BBP-1 bottom bracket bearing
press set is specifically designed and built to quickly and accurately install bottom bracket
bearings into press fit bottom bracket shells. Featuring a quick release design for
fast tool installation and removal, the BBP-1 includes precision bushings to work with
modern press fit bottom bracket standards. The BBP-1 works on all bottom bracket widths from
less than 68 millimeters to over 150 millimeters.

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  1. Installing a BB is super easy even without a press but how do I get a Mid BB back out of a BMX frame, if I don't want to use the old screwdriver and hammer method? I'm sick of smashing it with a hammer for hours. There has to be a less stressful way.

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