BBC World Live – FreeCouch4fans explain its concept
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BBC World Live – FreeCouch4fans explain its concept

November 4, 2019

for as Rajini well it’s a morning here still in Moscow but there’s still a party atmosphere felt like there really didn’t become a morning or a night because when I woke up and left the hotel they were still fans out celebrating all commiserating last night’s results but now the focus is on today’s match and Denmark play France here in Moscow later today and as you can see there’s already crowds building up in the center of Moscow now I’m joined by three fans supporting France today Sam and metier and bl thanks for joining us on BBC one let’s start with you Sam you literally landed here yesterday is that right and we’re gonna be going back to France tomorrow just for the match arrived yesterday and we we see the match today we with a group it’s an organized trip and you want a competition to get ahead in you sorry Yannick that’s true it was yeah it was a competition and it was a lottery you know just describe to people what it’s like to be in Moscow I mean it really is a party atmosphere here isn’t that yeah it’s very a very big city with big large trade big buildings and very different from what I’m used from in France and yeah it’s it’s really different I feel like I’m really other place I don’t know how to explain it okay Matt’s here you got your flag just turn around so we can see it there you go now that says free couch for fans just explain that because you’re also a fan here but you’re also here to try and help fans have somewhere to stay because there’s thousands of fans have come here from around the world but what exactly is your initiative all about so the initiative is really to get the real fans back into the stadiums right because it’s it’s really now a big budget for for fans to to to travel for World Cup and the inflation of accommodation and we can’t do nothing about ticketing or or the transportation really but we can make it their friends in terms of the accommodation so fans would host other fans for free and in exchange they would share around their you know common passion around football around sports and and we’ve been helping out with having a few local fans being hosted here in Moscow and we also played football too with the nice friendly tournament as well okay so all fans coming together where are you staying men are you staying with a fan here yeah we stay with the most coveted fans he’s in 20 25 minutes from here and it’s a real farm from national team and we play tournaments against this kind of fines and we world against Russia France and Russia so that’s most good so it’s the city that you can compare to other city especially for the World Cup we talked about with many fans and they say you need to know who we are in Moscow so that’s so so great to see that people foremost cool they share the flat for free for example in some City on kalgard you’ve got 10,000 percent of increasing okay we’ll be l Matt here and Sam thanks very much I think we can all guess which team you think is going to win today well Francie’s are already through but of course there are a number of other matches one to watch really is Argentina today okey the game for Messi’s team

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