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BBC The Social Needs You!

October 10, 2019

Hawl you! Yeah, you. Anyone can be on The Social. We’re looking for talent from all over Scotland to create content for young people. Whether you want to be behind the camera. Or in front of it. It could be anything from comedy Oh my god, the car’s snowed in! Lifestyle My name’s Vinny Singh, if you can’t tell with the turban, and the beard. I’m a Sikh Gaming Happening? Me turning up in my Christmas Jumper Music Hey I’m K4CIE, this is my homemade studio or the issues that you care about If you’re visually impaired having a guide dog allows you to travel around safely And the good news is you don’t need
any of that fancy stuff You just need a brilliant idea and
have something to say. And the BBC will help every step of the way. And once it’s online you also get paid. So If you think you’ve got something to
say, and you’re over 18 and you’re based in Scotland get in touch Don’t join The Social… I want to be the only one! That’s why they lock me in Shetland

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  1. A stupid Question but I applied before but because I live in Ireland I couldn't join. I'd actually love to join. I was born in Scotland so I hoped that would have been a plus. It'd be awesome to work with all the creators!

  2. I wish I lived in Scotland… I don’t think teesside counts, I really wish I could get involved 💚

  3. So if i was tae do a video aboot my talents or something i could join the social.That's brilliant Gaun yersel

  4. I'm not even 18 and I don't live in Scotland… but I think I have a lot of opinions… is there any other way I could help out?

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