BBC Report on Rain at Glastonbury 2005
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BBC Report on Rain at Glastonbury 2005

October 8, 2019

it’s been on absolutely deluged now for about
five and hours I’m standing at the bottom of all of the job current stage I’ve done I think it’s a bit of an upbeat enough votes
in a football pools is standing at the moment and %uh idea that people up do you at least is that they had enough of
that trying to get out but once the people it’s still a great big killing waiting for
the states to stop playing I’m that will be any bands that overlooks the house so a number
of times license that place is a big not sound tents are being flooded and %uh everyone seems to be looking remarkably
get she had walked on set after the house is this the end of the week we just watching
picture of someone in matching from acts hands the more she actually much to this moderate
price I mean what is it with these people that they enjoy this you know the idea of glass to bring rate had
but done so enough most people accept like extrapolate of big
ticket item around because those up did not mention often saw the show I didn’t
have been through suggesting that maybe the west is now a lot of of but some people are
so used to stay alive without now in terms of what exhibits and
all that but again that is still the possibility that the spirits
of its have to look at that and you know this coming in the kenyan and you expect some it’s
not funny is that I’m missing one report it back the lightning striking a bit and and of course operations BBC operations sending any down
the spine of this absolutely but we’ve not been able to outgun
the film I hope a lot of this because of a up well the lightning was going on for about
four hours today %uh actually Gates told me Wright’s over the
top of the at the festival the a fund or the lightning the right of the same old ones see the exact a heavy price it was and every prostitute as far as we know no one has actually been
hit by lightning this morning was a very very intense that this film people very relaxing very miserable an awful
lot of chance of being the floodgates let’s set up another and it’s beginning to
dry out spell it for that’s a of the relative because I’m still
standing in that affordable to myself well that machines and rights David when twenty thing as a way to
get underway in just think it’s going to be setting and for the white starts tonight it’s hope that been is the closest dollars
the dead that leads to the house with which is make
but that I think they’ll certainly to happen how about how about some shouting I think sorry sorry about how I’m gonna have to maintain
the battle quite sure what’s going on and maybe the weather affecting his line as well
but I think what date it was trying to say that
is that we do to get underway buying mid-day fingers crossed for those poor people in boston

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  1. Heh….I was there, a bit smug at the top of the hill near the farmhouse in my dry tent. Thing was, we were there for 5 days and we only had 6 hours of rain. Pity it all fell in one lump…..

  2. I was at this one. I went to get a drink after the rain stopped and ended up shin deep in water. It' was ok though because i was insanely high.

  3. I was there that year – it was HELL – loved it though! I came home and was off work for a week with the worst infection I've ever known!

  4. We were there, camping in the circus area. The big top took a lightning strike and knocked someone off the scaffolding. He was ok!
    It was great fun. The welly lorry had a Police cordon when it arrived.
    Great atmosphere even with the floods

  5. @matthewslargebicycle the subtitles aren't written, it's voice recognition so it's basing the subtitles on what it "hears"

  6. 'what is it with these people that they enjoy this?' maybe something to do with the music you stuck up cow

  7. i was there, it was great. i was in a campervan so it was fine and everybody's chilled and happy.
    there was a guy with a canoe, and he used it. now that's impressive.

  8. I remember going out to use the loo at 7 or 8am when then thunder was really bad and seeing one of the wall 'guard towers' get hit by lightning about 50 ft from my head.

    Not a great hangover cure.

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