BBC Radio 2 presenter Johnnie Walker talks about hearing loss and Posh Deaf
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BBC Radio 2 presenter Johnnie Walker talks about hearing loss and Posh Deaf

October 8, 2019

So we’re here with Johnnie Walker,
BBC Radio 2 presenter. Long-time legend on Radio 2. So what are you here for Johnnie?
What’s this all about? Well I get a lot of help with my hearing problem
from a company called Healthy Hearing. And Mike Stanley who runs it came up with this idea
of having an Expo, that’s what its called, Having a day when you get all the manufacturers together, the audiologists together,
some charities like yourself,
and just interact and share information. Because normally the people
who make the hearing aids never meet the public So this is a way of bridging that gap really So mike thinks it would be a very good idea
for the manufacturers to hear people
talking about their experiences. He named me an ambassador!
Whatever that is! Oh ambassador you’re really spoiling us! Ambassador sounds good! So have you got any Ferrero Roche? No. No, none of those. No. Not that sort of ambassador then. So how does hearing loss effect you then? I had cancer treatment
and I had a big operation. And they had to use Gentamicin antibiotic
which saved my life but did effect my hearing
and my balance And I got tinnitus and I
can’t really hear high frequencies so I struggled. Music sounds very dull.
Its very hard to hear what people say But I’ve got little aids behind my ear. I mean they’re so tiny these days. People think hearing aids and they think the old fashioned ones.
The huge big things but Microchip technology and things like that
so most people don’t notice that I’m wearing them. They really are tiny aren’t they? Really good, yeah. We’re here at Peterborough United’s stand
for deaf football. What do you think about inclusive sports
and football for deaf people? I think it’s a brilliant idea. Because someone has a disability it rules them out from many areas of life
so an organisation like yours that enables
people to play football is fantastic. And Wimbledon. I’m a big fan of Wimbledon
and there’s wheelchair tennis so its fantastic really. I think the public are very keen to see things like this.
Its sport with a difference. So can I get you to say, Johnnie, Up the Posh? Yeah definitely – Up the Posh! Long live The Posh! Thank you very much The Posh rule! (Both Laugh) Thanks You’re welcome

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