BBC Question Time LIVE: Labour and Tories set for huge tussle over election and Scotland  – News 247
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BBC Question Time LIVE: Labour and Tories set for huge tussle over election and Scotland – News 247

November 29, 2019

 As the general election klaxon sounds, parties from across the UK are once again out campaigning, making pledges and promises to the public in a desperate bid to win votes  With the prospect of a Christmas election around the corner, Thursday night’s debate will no doubt focus in on Conservative and Labour policy  Joining Fiona on the panel will be Labour’s Barry Gardiner, former Conservative MP Kirstene Hair and the Scottish National Party’s Humza Yousaf  Also discussing the topics of the week will be journalist Angela Haggerty and LGBT ambassador Iain Anderson  Other routes of discussion within the evening will also likely focus on Brexit and Scottish independence   BBC Question Time begins at 10.35pm. Follow below for updates.  Another audience member said she would now vote to leave the UK in a referendum because Scotland want to stay in the EU   “It should be for the Scottish people to decide not an arrogant, out of touch Tory MP ”  The audience member said that Vote Leave “is accused of breaking electoral law” and gave the impression is was not correct   Vote Leave was actually fined £61,000 by the Electoral Commission and a police investigation into its activities during the EU referendum campaign is still active      Audience member said: “We voted in 2014 and we wanted to remain in the UK.” He shouted: “I’m sorry but the world has changed since 2014!”  Fiona Bruce asked whether she is including the people on the panel  “The world is on fire around you.” She said the public are right in wanting politicians to get their act together   “Politicians ain’t what they used to be.”  Mr Yousaf gets into spat with Fiona Bruce – “Check the tape!” “We can do better than that omnishambles down at Westminster ”   “He has failed at every single opportunity – how can we trust him?”    Jeremy Corbyn is “unfit” to be the leader of this country  Ms Hair said 47% of Jews say they will emigrate if Mr Corbyn becomes Prime Minister   “How can we trust MPs?” Barry Gardiner said people should not take what MPs say at “face value”  Mr Gardiner uses former Labour MP Ian Austin as an example. Mr Austin has said Jeremy Corbyn was a “disgrace”  Mr Gardiner said the public need to judge “who will make their lives better” when they vote   “The choice is clear.people will vote Labour.”  Host Fiona Bruce began the show in Glasgow  She is the Conservative candidate for Angus  She was first elected as an MP in 2017. She has previously worked for Scottish publishing company DC Thomson   He is Labour Shadow International Trade Secretary. He served under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown  He studied philosophy under John Rawls.  He is Justice Secretary for the Scottish Government  He is the MSP for Glasgow. He is the first BAME Scottish Government minister.  She is a journalist and broadcaster  She is the former news editor of the Sunday Herald. She edited and part-wrote a book about the liquidation of Rangers Football Club   He is the executive chairman of political consultancy firm Cicero Group. He is an ambassador for LGBT rights charity Stonewall  He has written a book about business and business called ‘F*** Business’.

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