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Battleloggers – Snipe Hunting

February 21, 2020

Hey noob. Yeah. Lay right here on this rock.
Why? Right where I put the c4. Just lay here. Ok why? Snipe Hunt. Come on guys what are
you doing? No be quiet listen you going to lay on this rock. ok. You’re the sniper so
you’re the bait technically and were going to wait for an enemy to come up and try to
kill you, once he does boom we got him! waoh am I going to die? No i’m not going to let
you die. ok. I swear. I’ll just sit up here. Just sit up there. Come on guys really? Shhh
Shhh. No when your waiting for these things, you got to be one with nature, you got to
make the snipe call so. Make a snipe call? Snipe call do it! Uh ok. Acoo coo coo coo
coo! There he is there he is! Oh it worked! Yeah! Wait I died! Oh thats a keeper right
there. Oh thats a big boy! Thats good eating! You said i wasn’t going to die? You’re going
to mess up my KDR! Hey Noob, good job last time. Yeah very nice. Hey bad job on your
part I died. It’s ok you’re used to dieing, it’s fine. Whats that mean? Nothing, hey hey,
give the call give the call. sigh, a coo coo coo coo coo. Oh come on come on a little bit
more feeling.A COO COO COO COO. There we go, we got one there. Is it working? Oh yeah he
coming he’s coming. Alright. Hey where’d he go? Oh he knifed me! That’s OK he’s still
there. Yeah! Hahaha! But guys I died. Oh you always die. Who give a shit. Look at that,
that is a good one. Oh that’s a nice size. Yeah see we got you OK. Ok, but still. But
still nothing. You were going to kill him first. Well who stayed dead. That’s the point.
He stayed dead, you your back to life. You know other people can be sniper bait. Just
shut up, shut up you’re doing fine. Your doing fantastic. I keep dieing, every time. That’s
OK, hey give the call. a coo coo coo coo! a coo. Oh here he comes. Yeah. Hahahaha. Yeah.
AGAIN! You are really good at dying. I thought, I thought he was going to knife you. Whats
wrong with you, AGAIN I DIED! I’m not doing this! Ammo guy you ready? I am ready sir!
Alright. Good luck. Yeah. Good luck dieing. Give the call. Alright, A cee cee cee cee
a, A cee cee cee cee a. Oh oh here he come. Alright alright. A cee cee cee a. He’s a big
one. He’s a big one. Come on, yeah! Hahahaha. I’m alive. He didn’t die. No I didn’t. Why
didn’t you kill him hu? Well he did it right. Did it right? I did it right. That call was
shity, what a horrible call that was, i’m surprised it worked. HELLO, I’m just a sniper.
That’s good that’s good. Doing sniper things. Oh, I think I see him. Keep going. I am a
sniper unaware of my surroundings, on weather or not I am going to be killed. Oh oh. I’m
a sniper! Here he comes, oh hes a big one. He’s a big one. All alone. Got him, Yeah!
Haahahaha. Oh, put a little ice on him. Yeah. Oh yeah a little ice right there. Deception,
I love deception! Ok i’m going to try this one more time. Alright good, remember your
one with nature. Yeah, Just listen for the nature. Ok, i’m going to musk the area. Well,
what? Put my pheromones out, my natural pheromones. Oh jesus. Uh it must be working because we
got one. Oh of course it’s working. Do the call, do the call. Coo coo coo coo coo coo.
Oh he’s a smart one. What’s he doing? He’s just sniffing around. Do the call louder.
COO COO COO COO COOOO. Coo coo coo coo coo. Oh here he comes! There he is. YEAH! Hahahaha.
Oh, look at him. He is a keeper. Hes beautiful! That’s a spotted engineer. Yeah, lets mount
this one. Coo Coo Coo Coo Coo Coo. Wow, that’s good I mean your impressing me. You’re getting
good at that. Coo coo coo coo coo coo. You should have your own reality show, it would
be great. Is it working? I think it is, I think we’ve got somebody in the area. Somebody’s
coming, Somebody’s coming, their right around the corner. Ok. Again with the, oh wait here
he comes. oh oh there he is. Coo Coo Coo Coo Coo Coo. Oh, we got him! Oh no hes a little
one, throw him back. No, no he’s regulation. Throw him back. No. Come on. You’ve got to
be kidding me! NO, you’re going to deplete the population! Woooo Woooo Woooo. Got him!
Yeah! Oh he’s a good one. I’m dead, i’m fucking dead! Oh, did you die. Yeah, I died! Aww that’s
too bad! How hard is it to fucking hit it before he gets to me! Coo coo coo coo coo.
Oh boy, oh shit hold on hold on hold on. What, what’s going on? We got a tank! Shit, no no
I did not sign up for this shit. It’s fine, it’s fine, just stay cool. Do the call! I’m
not going to make the call, the call doesn’t work with tanks. Wait Wait, he got out! Caa
caa caa caa caa. Yeah! Hahaha. Ahh that’s a catch. Look at that, yeah put some ice on
him. That was a tough catch. It was.

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  1. When I watch these surreal, satirical clips I am so sublimely lost in the subtle and perfectly timed voice acting, in conjunction with the ingenious and fluid weaving of so many '' Inside jokes '' , and of course the unparalleled niche of the character designs themselves.. I am instantly overcome with an FPSBonerfury.. Killing Floor FTW.. But Hank and Jed are Moar Win.  

  2. i've got a question guys. are these the original audio tracks from while you're playin or do add them afterwards ? you guys are freakin hilarious 🙂

  3. so bff is real event or is this all recorded i just want to know if noob is realy a noob and thats his real voice sorry for the spelling 🙂

  4. Noobs complains about dying as bait but what about all the birthday cakes that his friends died trying to light the candles?

  5. "We've got a tank."
    "Shit! I didn', i didn't sign up for this shit."
    Hahahahhaha! xD That was hillarious.
    5:40 Proceeds to shoot down an enemy jet with the tank 😛

  6. great shit guys keep up the good work neebs sells all your shit with out his TN smart ass you wouldn't have such funny shows

  7. The rusty trumpet at the end of these vids sounds like my bitch farting after I just got done plowing her butt senselessly.

  8. I do miss bf3, my x locked me out of my account and I can't bring myself to start all over again. Ughh. I think I will pick up bf4 though for PS4, will I still find games you think?, I'm pretty much a conquest player.

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