BATTLE TO THE DEATH TOURNAMENT!!! | Tekken 7 (Teens/Adults React: Gaming)
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BATTLE TO THE DEATH TOURNAMENT!!! | Tekken 7 (Teens/Adults React: Gaming)

August 26, 2019

♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’re
gonna be playing this. – “Tekken 7.” Is this a fighting game? – Tekken 7! I’ve only played
Tekken Tag Tournament, which is way back
in PS2 with my brother, but I don’t know how I’ll do. – I stay away from this game
because I’m scared of it. It’s a hard game to play and learn, and I’m nervous. – (FBE) Tekken is one of the most
iconic fighting game franchises. It’s credited
as being one of the first to feature 3D animation. Today, you’ll be playing
the most recent installment, Tekken 7, in a good old-fashioned
React channel tournament. – I’m hyped. You know what’s crazy also? Tekken is such a big game. There’s real life fighters
who say, oh yeah, I base my fighting style
off this character in Tekken. – This is why I love this show,
because I get to play games that I’d never
play in my real life, and see how bad I am at them. – (FBE) So off camera,
we’re gonna show you a list of moves for each of the characters so you can be a little prepared. Otherwise, you think
you’re ready for this thing? – I’ll try my best, I swear. #TeamSheila. Please help me. – This is probably
the number one fighting game when it comes to being technical
and having tournaments. – For me, it comes
to button mashing. I’m just like…
(tapping table rapidly) really fast. – I look at it– I was like,
I don’t need this. I’m not gonna memorize it. I don’t care. I’m just gonna
button mash the shit out of it and hopefully just do some things. “Button Masher Boy,”
that’s gonna be my title. ♪ (fierce action music) ♪ – I actually play fighting games.
You actually fight. – Sometimes, that
doesn’t always translate, you know what I mean? – I want to be Eddy Gordo. – So I’m picking Steve. You know, he has
pretty good handy work, good boxing, so that’s
what I’ll be going with. – Want to do the arena?
– I’m down. It looks hype. – Okay. – It feels like I’m fighting in Japan, in Super Saitama arena
or something. – Oh, here we go.
Oh, look at that! All right, oh, moving around.
– (grunting) – Ooh. Jab, jab, ooh.
(spectators cheering) – Oh, okay, okay.
– Let’s use that. Okay, okay. Ooh!
– Oh, okay. Oh, okay. – Quick jab, quick jab, quick jab. Right, right, right.
– Okay, oh no. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Boom! Boom!
– Spinning kick, oh no! – Let’s go!
– Oh no! Oh no.
– (announcer) Let’s finish this! – And boom!
– Damn, whoa, wild. – (both) Oh! – Spinning back kick to the knee.
– What?! Oh, it’s round two.
– Round two. All right, all right.
Right hand, right hand. – Okay, okay. – Just drop him! Drop him! Ooh, body! Ooh! Ooh! – How is this working for you? I don’t think that’s working for you. – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
(tittering) (squealing) – Aaaah!
– Knock out! Body shot, baby! Let’s go. I’m gonna
get that tank out. Tank out. Call me Mayweather.
– You got to be kidding me. – Let’s go, man.
I’m feeling confident. Let’s take this home today.
– I’m salty. – I feel it. I feel it. ♪ (fierce action music) ♪ – No one believes in me. They’re like, oh yeah,
little Maddie– Maddie will be done pretty fast
because the rounds go quick and she’s playing against Will, so… and then I said, wow,
you guys’ confidence is overwhelming. – Well, I believe in her.
– Thank you, Will. – Just a little.
– Hey! I’m going with Bryan. – Because he’s cute. That really is the only reason,
he’s just cute. – I’m gonna let you pick. – Actually, yeah,
let’s do the Devil’s Pit. Why not? – Come on!
– Ooh. – Holy crap, you’re huge. – Ooh, ooh, got him! Got him! Oh no! What are you doing? Hey! – Ow. Ow.
– Ooh yeah, get him! Oh no, what is that move he did? Ooh, look at me go!
– Whoa! – Look what I’m doing! Whoa!
– Whoa! See, I don’t know–
– What am I doing? I’m so happy. I want to win. – Here we go. Yes!
– No! No! – That was close.
– I was so close! Okay, what was I doing? What controls
was that move that I was– – Oh no, let’s not do that.
– I was breaking your back. – Let’s not figure that out.
– Get him! Get him! Get him! Get him!
– Oh, yes! – No! No!
– Yes. (groaning)
– Get him! Get him! Get him! Get him! Get him! Get him! Noooo! No, I’m gonna die. – Yes!
– Uggggh. – I mean, you weren’t wrong
about making it fast. – Will, you better
win the whole thing. My bet’s on Will.
– I’m gonna try. ♪ (fierce action music) ♪ – I wanted Alisa, but where is she? Okay, I picked Alisa
because she has pink hair and I was going
to dye my hair pink. So I’m expressing myself through her. – I’m expressing
myself through Bob. Mostly, he’s a big dude
and I feel like the bigger you are,
the harder you hit. – (announcer) Get ready
for the next battle! – I am so, like–
I don’t know, guys. – You’re fine. You’re just going up against me. It’s really not a big deal. – I know, I’m not– okay. – Oh look, it gives you
a little pointer if you want. – I didn’t do that. – Oh! Oh my gosh.
– He’s doing a little breakdance. – I can’t even do those. – (announcer) Fight! – Oh, she’s getting– (spectators cheering) – Okay, wait. (spectators cheering) Dude, you just killed me with– – I’m pretty sure
I just hit you with my belly. – I know, you did it. I saw. I’m, like, doing ballet stuff.
This isn’t gonna work, girl. – Oh no, you’re fine.
– I’m not doing well. – You got me!
Wait, no, did I get you? – No, you got me. She’s doing ballet stuff,
like this, being all sweet. I gotta kill him. Come on, come on. (overlapping speech) Dude, my fingers are asleep. Okay, you got to stop.
– (chuckling) – I am regretting…
I am regretting doing that. What is that? That was it?
That was terrible. – That was, like, a minute
for both matches. That was really stressful. – I wish I had more time,
but, apparently, she dances [inaudible] to kill people. That’s not gonna work, Alisa. ♪ (fierce battle music) ♪ – All right, I’m being Jonah Hill. – We’re both blond. – Bob is big, so it’s hard
to get around him, but he’s also quick. – I’m picking Lili
because she’s small, and so she’s quick and she’s the queen
of button mashing. Come on. I’m scared. – (announcer) Fight! – (grunting) Back! Back! – Ow. Ow. Ow. Button mash, button mash, button mash! – Wait, how do you jump again?
– I ain’t telling you. – Oh, oh, okay. – No! No, no, no, no, no, no! Ooh!
– So close! – Yeah!
– What?! Hold on. My fingers are all sweaty. – Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh no! Oh no! – (squealing) Get off
your [bleep] lazy ass! [Bleep]! No!! Go!!
– Oh my god! – Oh my god!! Screw you! Get the [bleep] out my– (shrieking) – Holy shit! She just went
[bleep] super saiyan. – (laughing) – Oh my god. Oh my god. Get– get…
what did I just do? – Oh, you’re gonna win this. – Maybe not. Just kidding. (snickering) – Nooooo! You won.
– That was– – That was so intense. My heart is racing. – We’re both super saiyan. It’s just that I am intimidated
in real life now. ♪ (fierce battle music) ♪ – I’m gonna pick Eddy because
I heard he’s easy to play with. I’m gonna lose either way, so at least I’ll
be trying something new. – You never know. You never know. With this game,
it’s always different. – Bryan was kind of slow
in some type of way, and his attack was very weak, so I think I’m
gonna go with Akuma and if Akuma does not work
in this round, if I do win, then next
is gonna be Steve or Jay. – “Next.” He knows. I like his outfit. – Grrrr!
– (giggling) – You challenge me? Okay. Oh! – Come on, just give me–
– Aaah! Okay, here we go. Eddy is easy to play. I’m trying to figure out
what combination… Okay, that’s definitely
not how you– oh, okay. Okay! Aaaah! – Oh my god! – I told you, this game’s hard. I give up! – I’ve never won
a single round before, so I’m literally shaking right now. I’ve never done this before. ♪ (fierce action music) ♪ – Adam [inaudible]
respectful competition. Yeah?
– Heck yeah. You know what? I’ll take that. I can go now. – All right, I’m gonna
go back to the main man, Steve the boxer. Who do you pick?
– Lili. Michelle told me to pick Lili. And she did pretty good against Lili. – Sabotage. – But I also looked up
some combo stuff. – We gotta pause this video.
I gotta text some people. (laughing) – Oh shit, dude. Let’s do this. – All these graphics, goddamn. – Let’s do this! – All right, let’s go. – (announcer) Fight! – Get outta here. – All right, [inaudible]. Okay. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Oh damn. Dude, I’m strong. I’m coming on strong. Shit. Oh shit, damn. Goddamn, boy. Oh damn. – What? What? What? – What the [bleep] did I just do?
– Oh, I don’t know. – I was like…
– You did some taunting. He’s like, “Let’s go! Let’s go!” – And then I [bleep] up. All right. The kicks, man. This game is harder, this one. Jab, jab, jab.
– Hey, get outta here. – Right hand, right hand. Go with the body shots again. Aaah! Oh shit. Oh shit. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. – Oh my god. Man, this is so close. – Oh my god! Oh my god! – Oh! What?! What was that?!
– Oh my god! – What was that?!
– That was so [bleep]– – She was like, “Not today!” ♪ (fierce action music) ♪ – I am nervous.
– I’m nervous too. This is my first time
past the first rounds, so, you know–
– Woo! I always make it
to the finals or semi-finals and then just get rekt,
so I have a feeling that’s probably
what’s gonna happen. – So we both won with Bob,
and then picked someone else, and we’re sticking with
who we picked our second round. – Interesting.
– I was Eddy my second round. I found that I was actually able
to do some of his special moves, so that’s why I’m like–
– (sighing) Shit. I’m just gonna
have to shut that shit down! – Look at that swagger. (giggling)
– What do you want? – Dude, I like how
he’s the girl and I’m the guy. – Interesting.
– You look lovely today. – Aw, dang it! It’s capoeria! Ugh! Oh my god! What was that?! (laughing) Oh my god! Get outta here. Get outta here. I’m gonna get destroyed.
I’m gonna get destroyed. Holy [bleep]! – I guess I picked
a good guy. (laughing) Oh shoot. – Get outta here. No!! Ugh!! – I’m trying to do–
– Look at that shit! What are you doing?
Get outta here. – I gotta do it with the– – I’m doing that same shit. Oh my god!
This is– I’m done. I’m done. I’m done.
I’m done. I’m done. – Oh shoot!
I’m so close! Aah!
– Aaaah! – Oh my god!
– Holy [bleep]! – The underdog wins. (laughing) – I am not worthy.
– (laughing) – I am not worthy.
Holy shit, dude. I just got– (laughing) – Believe me, I’m
as shocked as you are. I had a Red Bull
before I came in here. – That explains the speed. I was like, why is she pressing it
so much faster than I can? She’s just (trilling tongue). – Good job.
– Good job. – Good game?
– Yes. You were…
– Good opponent. – …a worthy opponent. – Thanks for watching, guys! – Subscribe, new gaming
episodes every week. – Bye, guys, I am
the Tekken 7 champion. – Hey, everybody, Derek here,
one of the React channel producers. Are you a big Tekken fan? Let us know who
you think is gonna be the next King of the Iron Fist
down in the comments below, or who just
your favorite character is. I want to know. I need know who to practice as,
because I need it bad.

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