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October 5, 2019

Batman in fortnight yeah and Batman what
could go wrong yeah yeah oh inside wait Tower hey hey
no no no that’s mine what’s up everybody is dadcity are playing a Batman inside
fortnight if we got dark night which is really cool is that the one you want to
be yeah cape blow yourself at darkness another
cave Batman pickaxe the batwing glider look
at look at Batman’s in the orange justice – Batman’s hey there you are
come here we’re right behind you I’m behind you oh yeah where’s my glider
batwing oh yes thank you so how many wins do we actually need 100 old ones
good night can I damage this do I want oh man
there’s another one it isn’t been so long since we pulled up fortnight what’s
the common what is this guy’s comment below of you what to come the comet
thing is I’m gonna glide to you sir look at City Hall Gotham City Hall going in
here I’m going to the eye of the storm which is very far away we need to go to
lucky lady we need to find the Joker
we need the junker we need justice for the citizens of Gotham City justice
justice justice okay I’m in trouble buddy oh here comes cowboy girl uh-oh well where are you they just dropped me
in the desert Batman doesn’t do good in the desert no in the world I’ve lost my
mind oh no don’t want this there we go that’s
what I want you were destroyed yes nice what the China building yes yes
I am – where are you oh my goodness
are we in the same place yeah we were ok I’m going back after these guys dropping
right into it in fact need a gun yeah
let’s first that’s my first whatever I’d go on let it know there
shoot me I guess so I got so distracted that they just came up first one will
come eliminations thank you I would like to thank everyone involved including you
all of you you are editor Megan and everyone that I know right now in my
first elimination in fortnight mom City Ava
love you all thank you we both we both got on elimination hallelujah were
learning to play this game finally I was trying to take out the people that
were after you oh you are yes trying thought maybe what your place your tape we only place
number two out of two people I feel like we just got the hang of it though yeah
okay do we need an explanation of the challenges the challenges that like the
Batman challenges how’d you play those so it will look it up or you guys can
just comment and tell us if you can explain it really easy and if you want
to see more fortnight with people have been asking us for more fortnight but
we’ve been on the WWE stuff we’ve been on some other stuff we’ve got ready to
get get after it okay so comment below if you want to see more fortnight on hit
city gaming Gotham City here we go you’re gonna slow-motion comment over
there I guess when that hits it’s gonna wreck
something look Wayne tower check this out look look at the W oh they put Wayne
tower in there one to the top here Oh
inside Wayne tower hey hey no no no that’s mine that’s alright we’re looking
at you now use it use it on the guy that just gave me a reboot card what is a
reboot card never heard of that before umm I use it to reboot you what where
did I where did you die see the see the blue refresh thing tower yes I’m in
Wayne tower at the top of it just laying there with nothing
I got stole my treasure shot me in the butt and I’m sleeping up there nowhere
else to upstairs I’m upstairs just laying there I can’t find you’re in the
basement I can’t find upstairs you’re the that’s now there literally is
no oh oh it’s spire I’m not gonna make it to you I’m that’s not Wayne tower that’s City Hall
you better run for cover they’re shooting at you wait a minute can I not
play anymore why I don’t like this mode at all I think someone in there all right
lion so says I can report that player oh look
look Joker the Joker Joker see him and that
was him it’s not the Joker but the Joker had painted graffiti on the wall team
rumble here we go den nnnnnn a fortnight I’m going
straight from Wayne tower again baby Oh watch me watch me flying through the bat
signal that signal I should get points for that there we go
made it this time get off of me ah oh is that you okay I’m destroying Wayne tower oh it’s just
wouldn’t on the inside what’s the what’s the green thing look at the green
fireflies everything looks like the work of poison ivy oh there’s stuff in here
right now this is where I always have landed no literally all right you always
land on the green thing I always land in here yeah kryptonite
oh no my team came to Carroll this is a big vault
yeah look somebody busted this big vault right see you buddy around where is you
oh there you are oh we need to get going I never noticed where why we got to get
in the ice storm yes all right here we go Oh Joker right
there well I don’t know what that did uh-huh look I’m gonna help our teammate let’s go attack this guy you see it person’s good plan Cindy I know dad I
know what to do what the world some a tree is running a tree is running that
you got on our team go after him go after the tree yes
okay is that like a disguise it’s okay here we go
I want the treatise guys we got find it there it is again there’s the movie
treat I’m gonna follow the movie tree oh oh oh I’m out in the open duck jump duck
jump no the map isn’t gonna do me any good
Murray going dark night brother right where where get him no you very spawning come on I it says I eliminated someone it did how about to know someone dad they’ve got
double the eliminations that we do early yes I know it I meant no are you joking
about it these were getting some action here again double chill potion oh this is what I need here suck my head
out for one second and got me guys is what you say got him going to the
dinosaur bones falling through the dinosaur bones oh cool store my shrinking you’re re
okay I think I got tonight I love snipe from 113 meters
I got sniped okay here we go we’re ready to be nah
I’m getting out of the poppy seed area I don’t know what obviously this I’m
drinking more of these energy drinks oh here comes a storm oh no I’m in the
store you better get out of here it’s shrinking partner I need to get out of
here god help me we’re losing we’re losing again coming
to help you guys I hear there we go now found now I found where to help MSA
all over them we’re all over the place all right well I enjoy be a Batman and
if we get another chance we’re gonna explore Gotham City a little bit more
into detail try to get some of those Batman challenges met if you guys can
explain to us how that works so alright so that’s it for this game session on
Batman for gunner remember to subscribe gets into gaming if you want to follow
all the family fun that we do and we will see you next time bye bye

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  1. Your such a noob kidcity and i got the joker skin and i have the new batman skin and i got more wins than you

  2. And the dinosaur skeleton is form season 9 I guess?

    From the robot vs monster event

    You can watch it on the channel little lizard bonus

  3. i dhadhhdfwheghuuusedywushsuraqutiegegegegeegqyueaeqwe ff ffffffffufyfaaaufewfwueuweetuwuftwweeffewfffeeeeefu

  4. You say why can't you play no more that means that you can not play the game you do not know how to play fortnite so you and your son stop trying to play fortnite just because you got try hard emotes that does not mean you're good at the game I dislike your video cuz you do not know how to play fortnite and why are your a YouTuber

  5. A reboot card is if your teammate gets it and puts it in the reboot carr there a liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ????

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