Batidão Paralímpico (Paralympic Funk) – Rio 2016
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Batidão Paralímpico (Paralympic Funk) – Rio 2016

November 17, 2019

Elea, I challenge you to tell everyone about the duels of these Paralympic Games, but with rhymes and stuff. This challenge is accepted. And I guarantee you that I will raze. I ‘m good with rhymes. You can start. I’ll start with the athletics! Okay! Yohansson do Nascimento performs a quick roll and celebrates. Veronica is full of joy. She goes home with a medal. Did you know that there is
an artist competing in athletics? Oh, really? There is a singer and pianist. He is not waste. He runs and jumps, His name is Lex Gillette. Hannah and Taty are in the weelchair, the American sisters. They win so much gold medals, they even have a caravan. But the Paralympic Bolt is from Ireland, Jason Smyth. In Brazil we have Alan Fonteles, I doubt you are able to imitate him. In the football 5-a-side nobody beats Brazil. Argentines are getting crazy, not even China could manage it. Finland or Brazil, who will win the goalbal? I will challenge the winner to a “frescobol” match. I can’t see anything, but I cheer anyway. I want to know if you can describe an entire game for me. Oh, really? So I will describe for you the table tennis. The victory of Dani and Cátia, for sure. The thrill is guaranteed. Rio 2016! All this and much more … This party is for you!

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  1. I really wanted to go I'm so depressed I believe Tokyo Olympics will be boring not as colorful and happy as Rio 2016 Olympics was congratulations Rio loves it

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