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  1. so this was it? "a new video evry week, subscribe here." the host is great the production is good, butt folks, wer dont need another commercial in our lives. booo…

  2. always great to see behind the screens also i love that effect on cars those trees that just grow though and abzorb parts so cool show how long its been there

  3. Nice outtakes! This is one of my favorite shows on the net. Wish it would be picked up as a Netflix Original as my wife an I are always looking for go short shows to watch (30 minutes of less) in the evenings, but it seems most shows are 45 minutes or longer. Anyway, keep up the terrific work, we love to see where you next trip takes you!

  4. I want this hobby when I become 60. I am in India and I don't know the specifics about these old cars but I know they all look good. In my country the cars are just a box so I can watch this show all day.

  5. I work in a recycling yard in lagrande Oregon come look around our area sometime. Great show and Tom ur an awesome guy 👍👍👍👍👍

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