Barcelona chief Josep Bartomeu accused of hiring social media firm to orchestrate smear campaign
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Barcelona chief Josep Bartomeu accused of hiring social media firm to orchestrate smear campaign

February 21, 2020

Barcelona president
Josef Berto Moo has been forced to deny hiring a film of social media expert to
smear the names of various key figures at the club including Lionel Messi the
suggestion that Barcelona was indirectly behind a stream of negative story
appearing in social media offers and melded on Monday in Catalonia in a
potential scandal that called knowledge to election at the end of decision just
to ensure Mesa stay at the club beyond the summer the football program created
gigas which airs on one of Spain biggest radio platform cadenas claim the
Barcelona boar had hired a data analytic consortin called 13 Prince’s to publish
story on social media yep sure did the image of separate layer and explain we
are also improving the president image the club issued a statement on Monday
admitting having hired I three pencils but stirring early denying that I three
Spencer us had any link to the session idea account that have emitted the
negative story about Messi Guerra ek and Guardiola
others the statement claims all ties will be cut with the company if any Lee
our profit i trip interest also issued a settlement in which it said it was not
true that they were the elder of various channel in social media just this year i
dialogue an error deport a other sports gym on film the terror respeto airport a
miss Kay and club behind the negative coverage of some of the club’s biggest
name the scandal is hugly embracing for birthday meal and his book already under
pressure for the second of our nest of alfred day in january as well as the
claims made by sporting director eric Aveda
death the dressing room was responsibly for power day being fired and Bunnell
attempts to say never last summer of valencia for what
rodrigo this january once was a victim of the legged Samir campaign has already
taken to social media to sega’s he will be taking legal action again the board
the create ideas report on monday claimed that the company i3 venturous
hired by Barcelona manager for social media
come on Twitter and Facebook where negative story about me see his wife
Antonella BK who are viola sassy Salas wheel and former president John La Porta
have apparent the reports claimed that the social media account set up by IT
differentials published story that create a negative image of their subject
one Twitter con called just the CI a dialog and L deportable and held a port
a twenty- about PK de Pisgah informant and another account and title other spot
person message about what you’re helping quest for cars
even if Bert Emil is able to argue that the company have not been instructed by
the club to publish negative story about certain individuals
the president will still be under pressure to explain himself
if the link between the company and the negative coverage of messy PK and other
leading figures which are on the Barska arrow
according to kwai tai jaggus barcelona have been using the surface of I to
differentials science 217 and sick different employees have been
well totaling almost 1 million euro story about Missy have Center up him
delaying the signing of his new contract this relevation wheel drive and even
greater wedge between the ball and the player who is free to leave the club at
the end of the season Berta mu Tanner as Barcelona president
ends in 221 she cannot stand again and his continuity candidate Emilia result
is a very versatile motion from Victor phone and possibly John La Porta but are
also target of the league champion phone has the backing of former playing
including seve a piston in election which now look almost certain to be
broke forward to be summer regardless of how Barcelona season end of the pitch
one has accent from immediate explanation from the board offer a
station which he described as extremely serious phone message when on this cabin of
defamation stain Berta and embraces use as a member
another potential candidate in the next election has gone as far as threatening
legal action August II Benedicto it with suggestion he will no fire love shoot
again bottom you adding the words for sure

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