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Bal Ganesh (English) – Kids Animated Movies – HD

October 21, 2019

Our story begins at the highest peak of the Himalayan range, Mount Kailash. Here lives Ganesh’s father Lord Shiv Shankar and his mother Parvati along with Lord Shiva’s most trusted servants (companions) Nandi and his formidable army. And here begins the story of our darling little Bal Ganesh. Nandi I’m going in to the palace to bathe. Do not let anyone into the palace……until I give you further instructions. As you wish mother. Greetings Bholenath let me pass. I need to enter the palace. Forgive me my Lord. But mother Parvati has forbidden me from allowing anyone into the palace. Don’t be foolish. That instruction is for other people. U know I am her lawful husband. Let me pass. Paravati! How…how did you manage to enter? Didn’t Nandi stop you? My dear…he is my trusted devotee. He wouldn’t have the courage to try and stop me. But I have told him to stand guard outside. He should not have disobeyed my instructions in this manner my lord. But Paravti, I am your husband. What’s the point in stopping me? What you are saying is right my Lord. But for Nandi to disregard me so blatantly….is absolutely unacceptable! Do not be angry my dear! You must forgive me he is a little dull in the head. No what Nandi has done is not right. But what could he have done anyway? He loves his master he wouldn’t dare try and stop him entering his own house. I need an someone who’s intelligent, brave and strong and will obey my orders without exception. I shall have to create an this person myself. Mother! Listen we shall have to be extremely cautious! He could be hiding anywhere. yes your right Keep a strict watch out for him. He’ll pop out of nowhere all of a sudden, without you even knowing. Are you alright? Come…come come… Ganesh, Ganesh my son! Yes mother! Dear Ganesh What is it mother? Listen my son, it’s time for my bathe and I’m going inside to bathe I want you to stand by the door, and until I give you instructions, you must not let anyone enter. As you wish mother! I shall not let anyone enter the house. You can have a bath in peace. You won’t start playing and forget what I said, right? No mother, don’t you worry at all! Forgive me my lord, but I cannot allow you to enter. My dear boy, who are you by d way? And why do you prevent me from entering place ? I’m Gauri’s son Ganesh And I am following my mother’s strict orders. She has told me that unless she tells me I am not to allow anyone at all to enter the house. Gauri’s son? Then those instructions are not applicable for me…. Because I am Gauri’s husband Shiv Shankar. Now step aside let me pass…. certainly not! Unless I receive orders from my mother, I cannot let anyone pass through. Don’t be adamant my dear boy! Move out of the way! That is not possible! Look, you have no idea how angry I can get. Move Out of the way…or the consequences won’t be good. No matter what the consequences…. You see the sun may rise in the west, The moon may change its direction, but I will follow my dharma and not move from here! Foolish boy! Stay calm…stay calm my Lord! He’s just a little boy, let me try and make him understand the situation If he still doesn’t understand forcefully remove him. Ganesh my boy! You haven’t experienced the wrath of my master I don’t try to frighten me If you have the guts, then move me from here Do not provoke me boy! You’re nothing but a coward! Is that what you think? Then let’s see you fight me. He thrashed me….he broke all my bones. Commander Immediately take your men along with you and go and teach that boy a lesson! As you command my Lord! Let’s go! There he is! Absolute disaster! Lord shankar has been blinded by his wrath….and is causing an absolute calamity! Instead of trying to make little Ganesh understand with love, He has sent an army of soldiers to fight and defeat him. I shall certainly have to intervene. Stop! What is this foolishness? One harmless little boy versus so many seasoned soldiers!? Go away Ganesh my boy….you too should be not be so very stubborn! Isn’t me but father who’s being stubborn! You must obey your father. my child. Now move out of the way! If I obey my father’s orders, Then what about my mother’s orders? Lord Brahma And what mother tells me to do….I will never disobey. Do not be stubborn. You should respect your elders! Now step aside from the door. My mother holds the most important place in my heart. I will not move. I shall have to use other tactics to get him to move! Or else….if Lord Shankar loses his temper there will be disaster! Look here my son, If you listen to me I shall reward you handsomely. Are you trying to pacify me by tempting me with a reward? That doesn’t suit you Lord Brahma ! Don’t try and teach me Step aside…or else So now you’re threatening me? But I’m not in the least bit afraid of you ! I shall have to use force to get him under control! You will have to be punished! Using the Brahmastra on this child won’t be wise! A terrible disaster is about to take place! What do you mean my Lord? Why do you seem upset? I hope all is well!? My dear Lord Shankar is at the peak of his anger And he is dancing the dance of death. Shiv Shankar is dancing the dance of death? Oh no! Then there is certainly going to be a terrible calamity! Indeed! we will have to go to mount Kailash immediately. To calm him down. My Lord, I too would like to go with you! That way….I will get to meet my sister Parvati. Noooo! My husband has killed my beloved son! Ganesh! My son! Oh Ganesh What is this you have done my Lord? Consumed with anger, you killed your own son!? And all you pantheon of Gods, stood by without intervening…..and watched him commit this crime? None of you felt pity for this innocent child? Was it so important to your ego To prove your mettle against a mere child? And gather all the Gods to witness it? Speak up! Haven’t you got anything to say? Has your anger been quenched? By taking the life of a young innocent boy? If it hasn’t then go ahead and kill me as well! I want my son back! Alive! You will have to bring him back to life! my lord ! Or else, I too shall give up my life right here and now! Do you realized what you are saying paravti I’m only seeking justice! My son…was innocent! He was merely following my orders. Forgive me my dear But that is impossible! Then it is impossible for me too to stay alive! If my son… not brought back to life This very instant….then I too shall sacrifice my life! Consumed with anger you took the life of your own son Bholenath? Now you shall have to comply with Parvati’s demands And bring the young Ganesh back to life at once. If not the fire of her anger will destroy the entire universe! Actually Parvati’s persistence is not without good reason. In anger you have committed a very inappropriate And this is the only way to make up for it Bholenath! You must abandon your ego and concede to the wish of goddess Parvati Bholenath! That is not possible! The head that has been separated from the body by the blow from my weapon cannot be joined back to the body again! Then there is only one way out! You will have to find the head of another child. That has not been struck by your weapon And attach it to the body of the Bal Ganesh. Do not waste any more time thinking about it! Give the orders to your men at once! Go! And bring back the head of another child… Whose face points towards the north And whose mother is sleeping with her back towards him. Now leave As you command my lord! Do not waste time! If we delay any further he will never come back to life! It will be done, let’s go You silly fools! What is this you have brought? My lord! As per the instructions you gave us, This is the only head of a child we could find! that is why we brought it along with us! An elephant head!!??? We do not have the time for any more discussion ! Attach this head to the body of the child and bring him back to life! Mother! Bal Ganesh! I thought I had lost you! Forever My dear son There my dear! Your son is back! You have indeed brought him back to life my lord But when people see his appearance They are going to laugh make fun of him! Don’t worry my dear! nothing like that will happen to him I shall Besto him with my blessings That people may worship him for generations to come. This unique child will look after the welfare of the people. I too shall give him my blessings That whenever there is an auspicious occasion, The first thing people will do is offer prayers to Lord Ganesh. This child shall be the giver of knowledge and wisdom. His image will be put up in every home and temple. People will give him offerings of sweet modhak . Our son will be extremely strong and intelligent. From this day onwards I appoint him chief of my warrior army. Mother, I’m starving! May I have something to eat ? Here you go son! Have some fruit. I don’t want to eat fruit. I want some modhak . Naughty little Ganesh! How many modhaks are you going to eat? Here you go! Just two! This will be mere starters! Oh very well…here’s two more! Enough? And what about my Mooshak? I can’t let him just stare at me while I eat. Does the mouse like modhak too? Yes yes! Ok…take this ! No Mooshak You should eat fruit. If you eat too many sweets you’ll turn fat and wont be able to run around! Ya Ok! Yes Yes I Know! We must watch out for him which were he doesn’t wander off too far yes we cannot let him come to any harm. Nandi my friend, I’ve heard you are very clever. That I am! I have a question for you! Sure sure, go ahead. But if you cannot answer my question. You will mount me on your back and give me a joyride. I doubt that will happen. Alright so tell me… you see that mouse on the red waistcoat . how many hair….does he have on his body? On his body. I don’t think I know the answer. Can you tell me how many? Of course I know how many. He’s got ten thousand million hairs on his body. Really? You don’t believe me, do you? Then why don’t you count? Count the hair He’s right actually! Come take me for ride… Come on, Come on take me for joy ride… Come on nandi you can do this. I think you should get off Nandi’s back Ganeshji. Apart from your father lord shiva he doesn’t allow anyone else to mount him at all. Bal Ganesh! Little Ganesh! Narad muni has just brought your mother Parvati a whole bunch of modhaks. Really? Yes!!! But your mother Paravti told me That she was going to hide them from you. Or you would finish them off in one go! Lets go find them ! Get up you fool! My Lord, do you see what I see? Ladoos / Modhaks are there Doesn’t look like I can reach up there! Why don’t I climb on your back and give it a try? Ok …… Climb up…. A little higher please!. Ta da! Modhak… Ganesh, Ganesh !!!! What was that noise I heard Ganesh? Oh ! No…. I didn’t do it mother! All this Modhaks for drop by Mooshak He was the one who climbed up there. How could I do it? My hand would never reach so high. The two of you always up to mischief. I managed to get two at least. You naughty little fellow!! What’s this? I couldn’t help it mother. You know by now…Don’t you..How I just love modhak. I Know!! I should have guest. Ganesh, what’s going on here? Don’t make such a racket, your father is trying to focus on his meditation You will distract him unnecessarily. As you say mother! And please do not play with his things, He will get very angry with you. Alak niranjan! Alak niranjan! Greetings holy one! Blessings be upon you! I have come to pay respects to your father Lord shiva. Forgive me holy one, He is in deep meditation, meeting him right now is not possible. I have traveled a long way with an urgent message for him. It’s extremely important that I see him. If he is disturbed during meditation he gets very angry. Please come some other time. You are insulting a guest my boy! Whatever happens I will meet bholenath without fail. That is impossible oh holy one! You foolish little child! It seems you have not heard of the wrath of Parshuram! I am not afraid of your threats ! I think it would be best that if you leave at once. This is Gross insult! Until now not even the Gods have had the audacity to be disrespectful towards me! But I have the courage to face up to you Try me! Don’t take another step! So you think you’re invincible, do you? Now lets see you face this weapon! Bal Ganesh focused on Lord Shiva’s face and was struck on the teeth by the Parshuram’s weapon. Mother! Mother! Ganesh! are you alright! Parshuram! Forgive me Bholenath ! Forgive me ! I got carried away with my anger and made a big mistake! So much anger. You meditate don’t you? Is this what your meditation teaches you…… That you attack little innocent children? Mother Parvati, please have pity on me! I admit that I have made a great mistake! Forgive me mother, forgive me! Please! Offering me your forgiveness Parshuram is not going to fix my son’s tooth back, is it? It may not get fixed back mother, but this broken tooth will not go to waste either! And since then, Bal Ganesh was also nicknamed Ekdanth! The tales of Ganesh’s is intelligence, astuteness and fearless courage are filled in the pages of the holy books and scriptures! among those many tales is….the birth of the river Kaveri! Here going to love watching this one! One day a demon named Surkhdaman pleased Lord Shiva with his intense meditation. I am pleased with your meditation Surkhdaman! Go on…..what blessing would you like me to give you? Long live Bholenath! I am fortunate…to be graced by your presence! I request you to bless me…and make me invincible! No one should be able to defeat me! So, shall it be! I am invincible! No one will be able to withstand my strength! Now not even the gods….will dare to stop me! Unfortunately the Gods began to suffer as a result of Lord Shiva’s boon! Surkhdaman attacked the gods and took them as prisoner! Indradev was lucky to escape with his life. O king of demons! We have captured all the Gods! Only Indradev has managed to escape! It is believed that he is hiding somewhere in the southern mountains. Find him and take him captive too! I am going towards Mount Kailash to meet my mentor Lord Shiva. Where do you think you’re going Varundev ? If you value your life at all, you will stop right there! I am not going to make you my prisoner. Really! If you do not wish to be my slave like all the other Gods, Then you have to do me a favour. Favour? What do you mean? Fearing the impact of my fury, Indradev has fled to the mountains in the South. The citizens of the South by offering him refuge. Have betrayed me. They will have to pay for this! You must not allow a single cloud….to go in that direction. They are not to receive even a single drop of rain. When they start dying of thirst, I will get the custody of Lord Indra Do exactly as I have told you……without delay…or else you too……. I am helpless. I shall have to obey the orders of this demon! Varundev sucked the clouds Out of the air and as a result there was drought all over south India. Sage Awasthi’s heart was filled with sadness when he saw the situation….so to appease Lord Brahma he decided to offer a sacrifice. Who is chanting my name? Your sacrifice has been successful munivar! Go ahead….what is it you desire? Greetings Lord Brahma! My Lord, have you seen the pitiful state we are in? There isn’t a single drop of water, humans, animals, birds, plants and fruits are all being destroyed. Go immediately to Mount Kailash Munivar. And seek out Lord Shankar. The Ganga flows out of the locks of his hair. He is the one who can help you in this matter. As you command my Lord. Hey Mooshak, you’ve got a nice pink moustache! I’ll catch a cold if i get wet! Please don’t do that my Lord! Hey! Isn’t that Sage Agasthya? Yes…he is very intelligent and knows everything I know Grant me your leave my Lord! And now munivar will take that water and go the south India. Why don’t we go too? U know mooshak I never been to South India before. You better ask him first….whether he will take us along with him. If we ask him he is bound to say no. We’ll just follow him very quietly from behind. But I’ll get exhausted if I have to walk all the way there my lord. What a lazy lump you are! Come on it will be exciting! Here we are! Quiet… all clear! Oh no Out there the animals and birds are dying of thirst. And here munivar has sat down to rest. I think I need some rest too, I’m tired with all that walking. Munivar seems tired too. But if he falls asleep we’d run out of time Mooshak. That’s True. But what can we do about it my lord ? Got it…….I know what we can do. You wait here and watch the fun. My lord, you became bird! Quiet! Oh no! Silly bird! What have you done? You’ve thrown all my efforts down the drain! You demon in disguise! I am going to curse you. Oh Ganeshji it’s you! Forgive me oh holy one. Time was running out…and so I thought I’d make things easier for you. Take a look! Blessings be upon you! I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you! I Please forgive me Ganesh Ji! No munivar! Please don’t applogies You have undertaken a mammoth task for the people of the earth! The Kaveri river shall flow like this for generations to come…. Its waters shall bring prosperity to all. We have searched everywhere, his mother is absolutely distraught. Listen up listen up friends! I will go right away. I’ve got some amazing news! I’ve got a baby brother. Congratulations! Is that why you’re distributing sweets? I’m not distributing them! I’m eating them myself. If you want some go and ask my mother. And bring some more for me too! He’s going to eat all of it. Ganeshji absolutely adored and love his younger brother Kartikey. But of course there was always a bit of brotherly squabbling between them as well. Ganeshji enjoyed leafing through the pages of the holy scriptures and he’d spend hours reading them. But Kartikey enjoyed more physical pursuits. Ohhhhh laddoos! Hmmmmmm….these laddoos are delicious! Come brother! Let’s go and bathe in the waterfall! You carry on Kartik. I think I’ve eaten a little too much. I’m feeling sleepy. All that eating is making you really lazy brother! What are you talking about? I’m far more energetic and active than you you understand! No way! my dear brother you can never compete with me. You have no clue how strong and powerful I am Kartikey! Narayan! Narayan! Who is more powerful between the two brothers can only be decided by having a competition! What kind of competition munivar? Both of you must encircle the globe three times and return Whoever returns first and seeks the blessings of his mother and father. Will be declared as the winner! Narayan Narayan! Three times around the whole world!??? I think I am going to pass out my lord! I accept the challenge! I too accept the challenge! Let the race begin!! Hey munivar I’ve encircled the globe three times already! What do you mean? You haven’t even budged from here!? You should know the answer munivar My mother and father mean the hole world to me! So if I circle them thrice I have encircled the globe thrice! Brother….. you’re still here? you really are very very lazy! He has completed the task long before you did my boy! And he has already been declared the winner! Narayan Narayan! No way! I’m very sure he has played some kind of trick! No tricks at all…just intelligence! Narayan Narayan! Very well brother, so if you really did go around the world three times, do tell me what are did you see! The seven continents, the four great rivers, The highest peaks of the Himalayan range, And the longest river in the world the neil! Should I go on? Enough enough! You win for sure! But brother how did you manage it? By one teeny trick should I say? But today I have discovered…that my younger brother is no less a winner than me! And actually……. The real winner in today’s competition is you! Now one day Ganeshji had a bit of an encounter with the moon. It was nighttime. All around the ice covered mountains were glowing in the moonlight! Come on…Faster faster Mooshak! Stupid mousey! Why did you trip me over? It wasn’t my fault really….that snake suddenly came in the way my lord. A thousand pardons my lord. I was in a bit of a hurry. You dropped all my laddoos Silly creature! Mr. Snake Now you look after this for me…….. Now where will you run? My Lord My Lord….please please….that hurts….not so rough please…..owww My Lord My Lord….please please Chubby Ganesh stuffed his belly with laddoos and rolled over! How dare you laugh at me Chandra ? I hope that shiny face of yours, that you are so proud of, gets destroyed. My Lord! You will never be able to shine your light again! And whoever gazes upon you will also get scarred! No…. Noooo! Forgive me my lord, I had no untoward intentions towards you! I was merely joking! Do forgive me. How will I be able to face the world with dark face ? You are known far and wide for your mercy, I throw myself at your feet my lord ! Please return my light to shine again. I am truly sorry my Lord, please forgive me! Pardon me my Lord, forgive me. Rise Chandra. You yourself are a God. Making fun of someone’s physical attributes does not become you at all. You are absolutely right Lord Ganesh. I shall never make a mistake like this in future. I am truly sorry. Indeed my Lord. What is the use of night without this magical moonlight? Please my lord ! God chandra the curse that I placed upon you. can not be taken back completely But I grant you a blessing that… The light on your face shall disappear gradually and reappear gradually ! The people of this earth shall not be deprived of your brilliant light. Thank you my lord! I ever grateful to you! Check out my new bungalow and my new car! When you’ve got money in your pockets, then you can’t have showing off! Kuber, the god of money and wealth did something similar to what I am saying ! What do I mean? Come along….I show you. Har har mahadev! Your disciple is at your service my Lord! Mother Parvati and Little Ganesh, greetings to you as well! My Lord….I have brought an invitation …that I’d like to present to you! What invitation? It would give me the greatest pleasure if you would all visit my palace and dine with me! Hmmm……. under the pretext of inviting us to dine with him, he merely wishes to show off his wealth to us! Please accept my humble invitation my Lord! Do forgive me my dear King Kuber…but it is impossible to leave Mount Kailash and visit you! And without my husband King Kuber, it would not be proper for me to come either. You mean…..I shall have to go back disappointed from the house of God? Certainly not oh king….since you have so lovingly invited us, we must accept your invitation with gratitude. You may take little Ganesh along. He enjoys eating all kinds of delicious food. As you command lord Shiva. Lets go Bal Ganesh. I take your leave father! Come on Mooshak. Do come inside Bal Ganesh! This way Bal Ganesh! More food… Quick quick! Amazing! Delicious! I am still hungery. Where will I get more food from? You’ve walloped all the food in the entire village! I am your guest. I am still very hungry and so. It is your responsibility to satisfy my hunger. If there’s no more food…then I shall eat you right mooshak! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…………… He’s run away? What do I do you eat now? Help me my lord, help me! I am at your mercy my lord , please protect me! What is the matter king Kuber? Why do you seem so disturbed? My Lord, I have nothing to hide from you….but your son Ganesh’s hunger just cannot be satisfied! He is threatening to eat me my lord! Come now….you are the god of money and wealth. How come you can’t appease the hunger of a mere child? I ask your pardon my Lord. To show off my wealth I came to give you an invitation , But Lord Ganesh crushed my pride into pieces. An all for very good reason! I think you have learnt a good lesson king Kuber. A man who is blessed with wealth and prosperity, should be like a tree laden with fruit, but always humble and grateful! Greetings Lord Ganesh! My Lord, I have brought you a blow of rice! Please help yourself! This measley blow of rice will not be enough But I eated. That rice was delicious! I think I’m full now! I am grateful to you my Lord. I think my hospitality towards my guest! was not good enough! Please forgive me! Don’t apologies, You can invite me again for dinner ! No! Forgive me my Lord, forgive me! My Lord, Tarkasur has attack mount kailash in order to challenge and defeat Kartikey in battle. Lord Shiva is also not around. What are we to do? Don’t you worry This Tarkasur shall be destroyed by the hands of our very own Kartikey. During this battle we shall stay in Kailash and offer all our support to my brother Kartikey. Time has come for us to free the people of this earth from the tyranny of Tarkasur. As you command ! Don’t you worry brother about a thing! I shall now punish this man and shall free the world from his grievous sins! Oh no! What’s this? How can this boy challenge me? The great Tarkasur. He is so tiny, I can crushed him with my finger tips. Any one of my trusted soldiers can like vanquish him. Laugh all you like you fool! Laugh as much as you want before you face your death. Because after today, you won’t be there not your laughter! How dare you insult me you deluded kid? Now you and your handful of soldiers will by the die a! Attaaaccckkkkk! There are many more wonderful stories from Lord Ganesh’s childhood days. But for those….you shall have to wait!

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    Best Ramleela dekhne liye abhi is link ko open Karo… Or hmare channel ko subscribe Karo.. or videos achii Lage to like or shere jarur Karo…

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