Bad Sex W/Good People – Episode 9 – Online Game
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Bad Sex W/Good People – Episode 9 – Online Game

October 8, 2019

So what am I supposed to do? Just be yourself. I’m really glad we could make this happen. Well when Jules called me I thought that she
wanted to like, hang out. So this is for a school project? My doctoral thesis in sociology. And you wanna know about me and Jules? Let’s start at the beginning. How did you meet Norah? We actually met online. Nice place you have here. Thank you. My roommate is out on a guys night, so I thought
I would invite you over, relax a little bit, and I will cook you dinner. Wow, a guy that can cook, why are you on Match
again? I date online because that’s where the ladies
are. The average woman spends 10 hours a day her
phone. Online game is just direct to audience marketing. My mom and I used to cook together all the
time. And as for Match I don’t know, I guess I just
haven’t met the right girl yet. Is that cliche? No that’s so sweet. My mom is an amazing woman. She and I are really close. Your profile says you’re from Colorado. Do you get back there to see them often? I’m not from Colorado. Never been. But online game isn’t about the truth. It’s about fantasy fulfillment, and it starts
with your profile. Use a picture that exhibits masculinity and
sophistication. You wanna show you’re confident, edgy but safe
enough to poke….or wink depending on your app Yeah, I’m actually flying back there soon. My little sister’s getting married in a couple
months. I hope chicken’s okay. Chicken is perfect. So your sister’s getting married. That’s exciting. I love weddings. Do you like her fiance? Oh yeah, he’s great. My sister has such a big heart. Chick’s attention spans are short, you have
to hook them from the first line and keep them on the line until you close. I use about 10 different twitter sized factoids
about myself in my profile. I tell them about the hiking accident, or
finishing that marathon but, I leave out key details so they want to know more. Remember confidence is king of the cyber jungle. Dating is really tough. Trust me, I know. Especially now. It’s hard to find someone who is interested
in your heart. But I am holding out hope for someone who
gets me. No more secrets. No more games. Just me. And you.

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