BACKYARD IS LAVA!! watch out for hidden dog presents while you play!
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BACKYARD IS LAVA!! watch out for hidden dog presents while you play!

August 27, 2019

– [Adley] You got to catch the vlog! – Oh, you want me to catch it? – [Adley] Yep! – Oh, you’ve never thrown the vlog before! Okay, can’t throw it! (booming) (Adley giggling) Adley’s first camera throw! – Ah! – [Shaun] Is that good? – Yeah. – Me and Adley are having
yogurt shakes for breakfast. I’m going with Belle.
– Hey, I got Tangled. – [Shaun] And look how cute
Adley looks for school. She’s got a bow, and her
tutu, and purple pants, her favorite socks, and glitter sandals. You look amazing. And do I look cool? – No, but mommy doesn’t like that jacket! – Yeah, mommy doesn’t
like this jacket! (laughs) I’m wearing the, here, you vlog. I’m wearing the LV jacket from Dubai. Oh thanks, oh, this old thing? – Nice, hey, oh, that old thing? Turn around, do a 360! – “Adley, should I wear this today? It’s fancy,” And she felt it and it
was soft, and she’s like, “Yeah dad, wear that but
shhh, Mom doesn’t like it!” Which, I think it’s okay that Jenna doesn’t like this jacket. It was way too expensive. Cheers for the best day ever? (glasses clinking) Cheers. Gonna drop Adley off at school,
got some important meetings. Knock ’em out, come home, have some fun. (glasses clinking) – [Adley] Watch this!
– [Shaun] Cheers. (slurping) – No slurping. (trumpeting)
– (Shaun) Did you just turn into an elephant? – No! (laughing) – [Shaun] Okay, make
your best elephant noise. (trumpeting) Make your best bird noise. (squawking) (laughs) That was pretty good! Make your best cow noise. (mooing) What about a horse? (neighing) What about a fish? (mouth popping)
(laughing) what about a dog? (barking) What about Olaf? (bubbling) What about tall chicken? What does he say? – Nothing. (gasping)
(laughing) – [Shaun] Shut up, that’s
the fakest reaction ever. What about dad, what do I say? – Space Station Gaming.
(laughing) – [Shaun] What does Mom say? – Um, Niko Bear! – Niko Bear, do do do do! – [Shaun] What about a dolphin? (squeaking) What about a snake? (hissing) Ooh! (gasps) Guys, Adley found
a snake over the weekend! – It was at Grandpa Joe’s house! – [Shaun] Yeah, and did
you try to pick it up? – No! It’s a stinky snake,
so I didn’t pick it up. – [Shaun] Yeah, don’t
pick up stinky snakes. – No, then you’ll get
your hands all dirty! – Yeah! (upbeat dance music) I’ll cook some pancakes for dinner. Made a pancake! – That is not a pancake! – Yeah, it is! – But it has a hole in it! – Oh, my pancake has a hole. (upbeat dance music) – You can put her down. – Okay. – It’s ready now. – Oh, she’s asleep. – Okay, here we go! – Goodnight baby! Nice night night.
(kiss smacking) (upbeat dance music) – Okay Daddy, ready? – Yep. There’s a strawberry and your fish. – Cool, look at these! We made these! – Oh, and I just cooked this doughnut. That’s a strawberry doughnut. – No, it’s a pink doughnut. – Oh, it’s a pink doughnut. (upbeat dance music) – This letter’s F! – T, T, T! Trampoline! – Whoa, she said trampoline! – Good job, baby! – What does A start with? – Ah, ah! – Apple? – Apple! – Yeah. – Adley, Teacher Adley! That one’s a V. – What does V start with? – V, V for Vendetta! – You call me V. – What? (laughing) – Good job, baby! You’re so smart! – Hi Teacher! – We’ve been playing family, and school, and making food, and she’s gotta go to
school in five minutes. Been vlogging it. – You can go make us dinner. – Bye vlog! Look at Niko’s teeth you guys. Show ’em your teeth! – He doesn’t wanna show! – He doesn’t wanna show his teeth! Whoa, you look like a shark! – Six teeth! Adley didn’t get her 1st tooth til she was eleven months old. (Adley giggling) He got ’em when he was six.
– watch this Mom! Dink!
(laughing) (gurgling) – Adley told e she had a
dream she swam with sharks, but she was in a cage. – She told me that same thing yesterday! (laughing) Really?
– Yeah. – Hey, what’d you dream about? – A shark! (banging) Guys, come watch this! – [Shaun] Oh yeah, she can do hand stands. Whoa, that was a good one! Do that again! Whoo, that’s amazing! Look how good he can
crawl now, watch this. Set him down. Unleash the beast! Do you want one of these, Niko? He’s crawling! – He’s been trying to stand up now. – He does, watch this. He can stand up really good. (baby cooing) Watch buddy! Show me you can stand up. – Like a dog? – Whoa! – Let’s walk back. (bustling about) He’s so excited. – You gonna go get it? Are you gonna crawl or walk? – Crawl. – He’s looking for the down. – He could ride Koopa there. Uh! (gurgling) No!! (Adley mumbling) Let’s go get the treat! – No, he’s just– – He’s ready to sit down still. Come crawl. – Wooh!
– I don’t like that trick. – I like that trick. – Look at that, he can
ride Koopa all by himself! (laughing) That was like eight
seconds Niko, good job. – Crawl, he’s crawling to it! – He’s crawling. Go get the candy! – That’s not candy! – Go get the treat. – It’s a yogurt! – Go get the sugar cube! – It’s just yogurt, guys. – He got it!! (clapping and cheering) (laughing) – Hey, goodbye Niko! – Who picked out your outfit today? – She did, it’s beautiful. Do a twirl for the camera. Oh yeah! – Let’s go see it’s raining outdie or sunny outside so I can wear these. – Let’s do a skate park check. It’s sunny! You can wear your glitter sandals! (rattling) – Sunny! – Here, you can play video
games while we’re gone. Hurry, you’re late! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! (panting) (grunting) Everyone’s already in there. – I wanted to be the last one. – [Shaun] You are the last one. Bye! One more hug! Argh, I love you! – Bye! – Ugh, she’s the cutest! Oh baby, we got some visitors
at the space station! Look at these good looking visitors! How are you, gGandpa? Get in here! Grandma, how are ya? – I’m doing good. How’s Lyle Pat doin’? – I used to every day. – Yes, do you hear that? That’s amazing! Alright, we’re giving
Grandpa and Grandma the tour. First time here, right? – No, I was here Christmas. – You weren’t here Christmas. Grandpa’s first time here. (people talking) We’re just gonna go around,
do a little Space Station. Probably get a couple shots, you know. I’m so excited you’re here, Grandpa. Let me give you guys the tour. Are you ready? We’ll start–
– Negative, right? ‘Cause that’s where you’re staying. – Don’t grab something to (mumbles). Hittin’ it and drying him around. – Yes, right here! – [Man] Do it! (mumbles) – Oh boy! (upbeat music) – This is a real cool conference table. So you could roll it on the coffee table. Yo, Foley, you make really good tables. Favorite signature on the wall ever. (upbeat music) Hey Grandpa. – Ooh, boy. – Thank you for coming
to my Space Station. – I was happy to do it. – I’m glad. – I will see you tonight. Can you believe that’s my brother? Look how big he is! – It’s like two of you.
(woman cackling) He must’ve picked on you too much. – Don’t get her started on that. (laughing) – He used to throw beanbags at us. and knock the silver.
– I think she liked it. – And I heard this story was brix. – No, he’s being big. – See you guys. – Goodbye. That was fun. Thank you for bringing him. – Aw! You know what?
– That was fun. He needs to get out more often, – so that was nice.
– Yeah. Yah! Hi girls, what are you doing?! Ooh, is that a picnic table? – Yes. – [Adley] Yeah.
– [Shaun] Holy cow. – It doesn’t have your favorite. This is girl snacks. – [Shaun] Oh, that is girl snacks? Not for boys? Oh, that sounds like a good snack. Koopa, don’t eat the food! Crazy, go out there and poop! (gasps) Adley, did you tell
her what happened to the grass? – Dog poop. – Dog poop, guys, look. Dogs pooped all over the place, everywhere in the whole grass. (dinging) Adley, you can’t step in it, huh. Gotta be careful. How do you guys get to the trampoline? Careful, don’t step in the poop. Careful! (Adley laughing) Careful, ew, ow! You almost stepped in it! Careful, don’t step in it. It’s like the floor’s
lava but with dog poop. Careful. Ew! – (laughs) My turn. – [Shaun] Oh, careful, don’t step in it. Adley, that’s gross! Oh, ew. – [Adley] I did it. – [Shaun] Careful. Ew! – I did it! – [Shaun] So much dog poop! How do you think the dogs popped so much? – I don’t know! (Shaun laughing) – Guys, this was the cutest thing. I wish it would’ve been filming. A couple days ago, Adley
came outside and she said, “Dad, the dogs pooped everywhere!” She was so worried about it. – The dogs pooped in the cage. – And they popped in their cage? – I know what we can use. – [Shaun] What? Hey don’t step in it, gross! Oh, the pooper scooper? – Yeah, the pooper scooper. – [Shaun] I don’t know where it is. – How are we gonna get to? I run to the splash pad too. – The splash pad? What about the dog poop? Uh, this is Adley’s friend. She’s our neighbor. Hi. Trying to get all the way to
the splash (gasps), Koopa! Sorry, Adley. Those are just girls’
treats Koopa, you’re a boy. Okay, do you guys wanna try
to get to the splash pad without stepping in dog poop? – Yeah.
– [Shaun] Good luck. Careful, careful. Don’t step in the dog poop. Don’t step in it. Careful. (Adley giggling) Ew, ew! Huh, you guys made it! Now you can have the best day ever. – Mom too. – [Shaun] I’m not mom! (Adley giggling) – We’re gonna eat our snacks. – Okay, you guys eat your snacks. I’m gonna go skateboard, Dill. – Dad, we go get
– [Shaun] See ya later. more two, more two granola bars? – [Shaun] Granola bars? – Yeah, two more. – [Shaun] That’ll cost two high-fives. One, two, three.
(clapping) You want three?! – Uh-huh, I get three now. (Shaun giggling) – Okay, I have to cross the dog poop. – It’s okay, dad. That will fill mill. – You’ll fill me, crossing the dog poop? – [Adley] Yep! (Shaun grunting)
(dog barking) You got to catch a vlog! – Oh, do you want me to catch it? – [Adley] Yep. – Oh, I, you’ve never
thrown the vlog before. I can’t throw it. (grunts) Adley’s first camera throw! Good job, girlfriend! One, two, three.
(crinkling) – Ha, ha, ha. – And maybe this one, ’cause I don’t know what kind
of granola bar she likes. Oh, do you wanna come outside? Just don’t poop all over the grass. Is that the cutest thing you ever saw? In case you guys haven’t
noticed, it’s not dog poop. It’s, what’s that called when they like make a bunch of holes in your yard. Aeration, aerated yard? It’s just dirt, it’s not dog poop. – I’m gonna do a bonk it! – Don’t bonk it, oh! (Adley giggling) Delivery! – Thank you! – [Girl] Bonk! – [Shaun] Bonk. You girls have fun. I’m gonna go skateboard, Dill. Best end to the best day ever ever. (groans) Oh, I love you. Did you miss me today? Hey, I want a big hug. Mwah! Did you have a fun day? – Yep, we jumped on a trampoline. – [Shaun] That’s fun. – And we runned around, and she killed her sp–, my spider. – Yeah, so there was a spider right there, and then I got my shoe, and I tried to throw it at the spider, then I killed it. – [Shaun] Whoa, spider killers! You guys are tough girls. – It was big, like this big. It was that big?
– [Girl] Yeah. – I’ll show you what it looks like. – [Shaun] That’s what it looked like? – [Girls] Yeah. – [Shaun] Like a lion spider? That kind of looks like a
lion, I’m not gonna lie. (girls murmuring) Oh, where’d it go? – [Girls] Wee! – [Adley] It’s in the crack, like here. – [Shaun] Ew! – [Adley] It’s in a crack, look at it. – [Shaun] That’s a huge spider, creepy! Thank you for killin’ it, spider killer. Good job, girls! (Adley murmuring) – I can climb those out, no hands. – [Shaun] Let’s see it. (tapping) Holy cow, no hands! Do you wanna climb it? Here, I’ll help ya. One, two, three, go! Woo-hoo, good job! – I’m gonna slide down. Wee! – [Shaun] Wee (giggles). How’d that happen to my shoes? Alright, you guys go play. I wanna end the vlog by skateboarding. Quit being cute. You. – I got fly. – Quit being cute, – I got fly.
– [Shaun] go play. Hey wait, why are you holding a fly? Don’t, no, no, don’t play
with a fly, no, kaka. – [Adley] It’s a dead one. – Yeah, even more of a reason
you shouldn’t play with it. Only play with the live bugs. – I just wanna show her. – Okay, Adley gonna play with a dead fly, and I’m gonna skateboard to end the vlog. Let’s tread. (upbeat music) (swooshing) Thank you for watchin’ another Best Day Ever. See you guys next time. (Harry Potter theme music)

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  3. Hi you guys are so nice and inspiring Niko is getting so old and yesterday I was watching old blogs and when Niko was born and I can't believe how heathy and grown up he is now so hope Niko is going to be a great crawler just like Adley but she was a professional jumper but Niko is a professional crawler! Love ya BABA

  4. Dog presents. So nice of Olive and Koopa! I loved Shaun and Adleys outfit but Shaun yours is pricey and she did have GLITTER!!

  5. Hey Shaun! Adley always has fun with these lava games, no matter who the lava monster is. She is already throwing the camera. Niko is getting cuter each day. Love from Carmen

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    Also, I’m going to be real: the look and the color of the LV jacket is cool, I especially love the color; but the fact that it has “Louis Vuitton” across the back makes it kinda lame.

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