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BACKWARDS SLIME CHALLENGE – Holiday Edition / JustJordan33

August 11, 2019

– Hi guys. It’s Jordan, and
today I’m here with my sister. – Audrey from AllAroundAudrey. – And we’re gonna be doing the Backwards Slime
Challenge Holiday Edition. So, how do you do this? Is you basically make
slime, but in reverse. So you’re gonna add in the Borax first, and then everything else, rather than adding in the glue first. We’re also gonna be
making Christmas slime. So, we have a theme. I’m gonna go with icy, or,
like, winter cold snow. What’s your theme? – Traditional. I’m currently wearing red
sweatpants, a green shirt. And so I’m gonna be making green slime. By the way, I don’t know how
to make slime in order, so– (Jordan laughs) how am I supposed to make it backwards? – So let’s get started.
Okay. So the first step… The last step of usually making
slime is to add in Borax, so I’m gonna add in my Borax first. I don’t know how much I want. I do not like over activated slime, but under activated is so sticky. I’m gonna go with that much. Okay. So we basically
used all of our Borax. That’s what it looks like. What’s next? What do we usually make? Decorations. So, this is when I add in– – Water. This is when I add in my… Oh, no! I was supposed to
add in Model Magic first. (Jordan laughs) Oh, well. I’ll do Model Magic second. – I’m adding my glitter in. – So I have this blue and
sparkly Model Magic clay. I have to add in this to my slim so far, and this doesn’t mix. I usually don’t mix. – Ew.
– I mix with my hands, but I’m not gonna mix
it all in ’til the end. – Ew. – That’s just gonna be
chilling in there. Ooh. What do I add in next?
All the decorations. So probably my… What do I do now? Oh, scents. Scents. – I probably add in… – Spearmint. – My scents, yeah. So you have Spearmint,
I have Caribbean. Ooh. – Okay. Now I think I mix my Gelli Baff, because I usually do that in the end, so I’ll do that now. I don’t really know what I’m doing. – Okay. Then I’m gonna add in some water. – I’ll mix, like, half the bag.
– (mumbles) – Too much? Who knows. – I add in a lot of water normally. – Wow! That transformed fast! – Whoa! It looks like a Slurpee. I’m going to add in fake snow. This is what it looks
like. (tongue rattling) We’re gonna add in some fake
snow because fake snow is fun, and for winter slime that’s what you need. – I added way too much. – Okay. So next I would say I would add in the mystery item that’s in my present. – I need more water. – Inside here I have
some little foam beads, and I usually add this
in right after the glue, otherwise it doesn’t stick in the slime. I’m gonna add in, like, a handful of this. – I have a full bowl of Gelli Baff and I only used half the bag. – Wow. – Stuff makes a lot. So, yeah. (Audrey screams) Time to mix. – This just doesn’t look nice. – So, then I add this into this, right? I don’t even have water or anything. Here you go into the Borax Gelli Baff. Ooh. – The clay just does not mix with water. Like, it’s not looking too pretty. – I’m adding in my Gelli Baff. – Ooh, you’re adding in so much. How much glue are you gonna add in? – Uh-oh. – Audrey. Okay. My last step is the glue. So, I’m gonna make it semi-transparent. So it’s gonna be mostly clear glue and then some of the white glue, and it will be semi-transparent, but that way it’ll stretch, because clear glue always
rips for me, I don’t know why. – Now it’s time to add in water. – Yeah. – More water. The water just keeps getting absorbed. – Okay. Now it’s time
for the Elmer’s glue. I added in a ton of clear
glue because I can’t see it. That’s not how much I normally
add, but I can’t see it, and that means that it’s–
– I’m adding in mine. – Last step for me. – Last step for me. I
just need some of yours. – No! I forgot the
shaving cream! Too late! And the soap. – Wow. You’re not going in out of order.
– Okay. – No. I just forgot about it. I promise.
– I didn’t mess up at all. – I need one of these. – Surprise, surprise. – Oh, no. What have I done?
– Is this supposed to work? – I don’t have enough activator. (laughs) (Audrey laughs) – You don’t have enough activator? – I don’t know what happened. – You can add in more.
Oh, wait, you can’t. – No, you can’t. You
can’t add anything in, except for your hands to mix. – I don’t like my slime. – I like it, but I just
wish I had more activator. – I wish I changed things, like not add as much Gelli Baff. – You added in a lot of
Gelli Baff, I gotta say. – Yeah. – Mine is like really nice,
and I feel like I added in correct proportions for everything. Except for the activator, because I didn’t wanna over activate it. And now it’s so under activated. Ugh. It’s so sticky. – At least yours is slime. (Jordan laughs) – You can add in water. – This much water. – That’s the only thing–
– I mean, that’s not much. – That’s the only thing you can add in. – I didn’t add in much. – Wait a second. This might actually work. It’s coming off of my hands, guys. It’s starting to come off my hands. I have a little bit too much
of fake snow, but look at that. It was so under–
– Lots more. – Activated and then I
played with it a lot, then now it’s… Needs more water. Audrey’s gonna try and save hers. – Try. It’s just a mess. – Ew. It’s flinging everywhere. – It’s a mess. (laughs) – It’s going everywhere. – Can I have more water? (laughs) Look at this. This is not slime. – Okay. – It’s just sticky junk. – I feel really bad for you,
so I’m gonna allow more water. – I already fail when I
make slime the right way. – Okay, guys. This is what our slime
looks like before we fix it. (Jordan laughs) I think mine is doing pretty good, but I feel like mine could still be better so I’m gonna run mine through
water and Audrey is, too. And then we’ll come back and show you– – I don’t think I can run
it through water. (laughs) – Yeah. You’re gonna add in water, and then we’ll show you the end result. – I added in some shaving cream, some soap, and more glue to try to help it. And then we’re gonna get some water. Save this crazy slime of mine. (laughs) Water. (laughs) I think
I did something wrong. You don’t wanna feel it though, it feels like cottage cheese. Like the water feels like cottage cheese. – All right. So we are back
and we’ve fixed our slimes now. So let’s show it. Audrey, you go first. – Jordan fixed mine, actually. I got close, but she
had to, like, finish it. So here’s mine. It’s
Gelli, Spearmint slime. – Cloud-like slime. – Yeah. Well, it doesn’t really look like a cloud from my video, but– – Yeah. – It’s, like, bumpy. – You need more Gelli Baff, but I don’t know.
– I have lots of Gelli Baff. – Yeah. I don’t know how I feel about it. – I don’t know how… Yeah. I don’t know. It’s okay. Here’s a clicky. (clicking) – Not super clicky.
– It’s not really loud. – This is my slime. It is a nice little winter blue, and it has some sparkles it there, and some of the little
foam beads, plus fake snow. Let’s make into an Instagram swirl. – You just flung it into my hair. – Oh. Okay. Let’s make it
into an Instagram swirl, and I’ll click it. And swirly, swirly time. – Make mine into an Instaswirl, too. Ooh, that didn’t work. – Ta-da. And now we click. (clicking) It’s not the clickiest slime ever, but it’s still pretty clicky. I mean… (clicking) That’s pretty good. Ta-Dd. It’s super stretchy, which I love. Look at those bubbles. – Mine’s not that good for it. – Instagram swirls. All right, guys. So thank
you all so much for watching. Make sure you vote whose
slime you like better. The Winter Wonderland or the… – Yes. – Yes. – Yes slime. – The Yes slime. Make sure you hit the bell icon so you can get notifications
every time I post a video. We will see you all next time. Bye.
– Bye. (patting)

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