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August 11, 2019

No reason why I can’t understand it Open your mind We can understand it Please let me know If you know this is the end of the world Let me know If you know the truth Looking for our hope Looking for our dream We’re gonna find a way to change This is our song This is our dream Please take us to the land of dreams We are THE ONE Together We are the only one You are THE ONE Forever You are the only one We are THE ONE Together We are the only one You are THE ONE Forever You are the only one I feel it now The time has come for us Believe it now It’s time to get ready Tell me why You know that this is the end of the world Tell me why You know it’s the truth We stand in a circle pit Side by side We stand in a circle pit Raise your hands This is our song This is our dream Please take us to the land of dreams Faraway We are THE ONE Together We are the only one You are THE ONE Forever You are the only one We are THE ONE Whenever We are on your side You are THE ONE Remember Always on your side We are THE ONE Together We are the only one You are THE ONE Forever

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  1. My little wish!! It should be the official theme of some TV stations at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!!

  2. This is truly amazing, I never knew about babymetal untill yesterday and now my soul is craving to hear their music all the time ❤

  3. I’m pretty sure they sold their souls to the Devil just look at all this Illuminati symbolism.

  4. Once upon a time there were three true rock stars from Japan. They swept the world with their talent, skills, dance and lovely voices. They are three young girls that turned the metal world into nothing but smiles and fun. Two still remain. One can always say " I was a rock star". The other two are carrying on with the show and are still rock stars. Wonderful, powerful, sweet metal music. It may be different but that is"BABYMETAL".

  5. And always remember that in the 700+ Chapters or "Alternative" Japanese "Mythology" did He in the entire manga/history series ever kill anyone. Remember, the Fox God is always watching, whoever He may be. Or whatever the fuck he is. He could be a loser that dresses in dirty all-black clothes smoking a cigarette and drinking Bud Lite, laughing and giggling beneath a tree.. He only dreams in some alternate dimension, in some extremely distant galaxys, octillions of miles away, that women of this caliber could be with Him in a physical, spiritual and intellectual capacity. Whether man, myth or a legend of a forgotten memory and broken dream dismally damaged by much heartache, much failure, much disappointment, much loss, much sadness, much loneliness, much pain, much estacy, much joy, much…He may may be closer than you think. Nevertheless, I have infinite compassion, warmth and understanding for these three Goddesses. I only wish they could find the joy in life (if they havent) that these girls, no woman have instilled me into having a completely fucking dark world filled with unforgiving assholes, force to suffer in solitude and despair. I hope all their dreams, fantasies and goals in life are achieved magnanimously.

  6. I cant drive and listen to this song… Either I hit 120mph.. or I got to pull over and wipe my tears… fuck.

  7. RIP to that guitarist, he carried that whole band, they should have put out more such songs, amazing guitar skills, alas we lost him so quickly

  8. Awesome coooooool tune!!!!!!! THE ONE BABYMETAL アコギ 弾き語り カバー  @YouTubeさんから #theone #babymetal

  9. These girls are like the girl singer from Robotech where is her singing was so good it brought peace to the galaxy now this girl is 3 and for real …good luck getting the reference Robotech 1983

  10. This was the video and song that got me into Baby Metal…
    The first few video's and songs my brain was kind of twerked or tweaked…. it couldn't comprehend what I was experiencing…
    And this video / song my brain goes, "Ok, Baby Metal Good!" A few songs later my brain said, "Oh! Baby Metal!!!!" 🦊🐹💕

  11. Wow can't believe I back re watching this MV.. I've been a hardcore fan since 2015 but stop when they were changed in 2018. You may not believe how stress I am when they were so slow to release a new music or album, yui leave, mikio dead, and the concept is changed. I felt angry and want to punch koba and amuse staff for what they did
    I'm sorry for my bad eng

  12. The saddest part of this video is when they show the other performances and you think about the fact that Yui-metal is gone. 😢 she is missed dearly and I hope she is doing better now.

  13. What a moment that would have been to see live. The girls look really warm also – I would imagine this was an encore.

    This song makes me want to grow wings and blast off into space!

  14. I watched their Gladstonbury concert yesterday on TV. Never seen them before. WOW FANTASTIC. I have bought tickets for their London concert. I have to see these live. Can't wait.

  15. The wife loves pop music. I love metal. We can now go see a band together that we both love. Long live the legend that is babymetal.

  16. こんなん泣くわ…

  17. I don't know why but this sounds for me like some last song in game.

    Bravo you win this game so listen this song to be happy.

  18. Im just an average guy in Washington in the United states. but is really a wish to at least see You all once before I die.
    One thing I really want to do. among a few others yes, but this is towards the top
    The way top

  19. オリンピックの閉会式はこれでしょう!ウェンブリーの時のように観客席で世界中の国旗が掲げられるのを見てみたい!

  20. Я один заметил что девочки показывают символ иллюминатов, пирамиду?!😁

  21. De fábrica k hijueputa vidio más chimba la mejor versión k he visto hasta el momento
    De Colombia se les kiere

  22. Watching close Babymetal has more in common that they think with Metallica:

    Both bands were criticized at start about his songs and now the people love them.

    Both bands lost a virtuous young member.

    Both bands has members who left the band.

    Both bands are very good in live and u cant get bored.

    Both bands has members who are carismatic on interviews.

    And both bands had the detail to compose a song for his death member.

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