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B-P’s Archery Unit

August 14, 2019

Oh my god. The reason why I brought the archery
program here is because a lot of students might not excel at team sports. Group two. Target two. Quiver three. And I feel like with the archery unit it gives
everyone, an individual, an opportunity to excel in something that’s not team-sport
related. Bows on toes. Straddle the shooting line. One foot in front downrange. One foot behind the shooting line. And I remember, I think was two or
three years ago, Mr. Casey at one of our first faculty meetings in September
asked us to be daring and to step outside of our comfort zone. So I figured
that this would be an opportunity to do just that. Wait for your single whistle command. Hold it nice and steady. And release. You can see that the discipline
and the structure and the the ability to focus. See that white tab? Wait til you hear
the click. Bow hand – set draw hand. Release.

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