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Aztecs Overview AoE2

August 10, 2019

Hey guys, spirit of the law here. This civ overview is going to cover the last of the Age of Conquerors civilizations that I haven’t done yet, and that’s the Aztecs. They’re considered one of the most aggressive early civilizations, with bonuses that help you jump quickly into the game and get your military out before your Opponent which I think is a big part of the reason why they’re a bit of a pro player favorite on Arabia [I] know lots of people have been waiting to take a look at them. So let’s check them out The team bonus is that their relics generate 33% more gold Now normally relics give 30 gold per minute, so for aztecs and their allies that means it’s 40 gold per minute. To get a sense of it on bigger scales, that’s an extra 100 gold every 10 minutes or 600 for every hour of gameplay. That’s just for a single relic too – as a team bonus that means if your team together manages to grab all 5 relics on a map collectively, you’d be getting 3000 more gold per hour than you normally would It’s probably most significant though in one versus one games, since you won’t have access to trade partners and late-game gold is otherwise pretty hard to come by Now to take a look at their personal civilization bonuses, the first is that the Villagers carry an extra 5 resources before they have to drop them off. To figure out the impact of this bonus in the early game I ran some tests of how their collection rate compares to a generic civilization in the Dark age. The first thing that jumps out is the farming rate, which is much better. It’s pretty much on the same level, as getting wheelbarrow which I’ve noted for the Aztecs Before in a video on farming rates. In fact, the conclusion of that video was that Aztecs are by far the best farmers before the new HD expansion civilizations. Looking at the wood collection It doesn’t seem to be affected very much at all. Of course This is assuming the lumber Camp is right up against the wood line which isn’t always going to be the case. If the wood line Is further away, We see a larger effect of the Aztecs extra carry capacity. Just to prevent any Misconceptions here, this doesn’t mean they’re collecting faster when the camp is further from the wood line, it Just means the penalty to their collection rate isn’t as bad [as] it is for other civilizations [so] they’re less hurt by it. On the other hand civilizations with faster collection rates are disproportionately affected by longer walking distances and maybe surprisingly Celts with their 15% faster wood cutting bonus, only collect wood about 6 percent faster than Aztecs when the Trees have [3] tiles between them and the lumber camp. The gold and stone collection rates are also improved a little bit but since the walking distance tends to be fairly small most so that’s probably coming from a bit of reduced bumping and Traffic back and forth. I also saw a pretty notable effect size for this bonus when hunting deer aways away from the mill mostly because three aztec Villagers can take all [of] the food from a deer Instead of having to make a trip back and leaving a bit of food to rot. We’d expect No effect if [you] hunt deer with groups of four Villagers Since then the Aztecs wouldn’t get to use their extra carry capacity at all so it’s fair to [say] for this bonus that it depends On how you’re taking the food from the deer the only downsides the bonus I ran into is that the more carry Capacity also means they aren’t dropping off with their gathering as quickly and in general I find I have to do Significantly more manual drop offs from sheep early on just to keep villagers coming out some people might be in the habit of force dropping Off resources anyway, but if you aren’t in that habit yet It’s something to keep an eye on to prevent idle Town [center] time especially when you’re playing [as] the aztecs the next bonus is that their military units are created 15% faster personally, I’d have worded it as 17.6% faster or 15% less time but it’s really not a big deal the bonus itself is actually pretty awesome because it’s not That far off having the goth Britain and kelp team bonuses all wrapped up in one as well as a few new ones for monks and warships Plus they can still benefit from those other civilizations team bonuses to make for even faster recruiting times I find It’s really easy to underestimate this sort of bonus that applies to a variety of different strategies [you] don’t necessarily notice it But it’s probably helping you out in every game the difference in recruiting times for individual units may only be a few seconds each But that adds up [pretty] quickly especially in the early game when you only have a few military buildings or docks and Slight military Advantages have a tendency to snowball this bonus also contributes to a small Exploit that lets you create units from super speed barracks if Aztecs convert a goth post imperial barracks It retains its speed boost from [their] perfusion technology and team bonus plus it also gets the Aztecs extra 15% millage recruitment bonus on top of that and forgotten empires if you have an Italian ally that lets you create [qaulity] arrows in 2.8 seconds each though that’s more of a fun trivia fact than anything to base a strategy around The next bonus is that they’re monks get [+5] hit points for every monastery Technology research with 10 texts in total that’s a lot of hp especially when one of them adds 15 Hp as its effect anyway after all of the text possible aztec monks end up with 95 Hp overall that’s more than three times the baseline and more than double of any other Civilizations monks the real question though is what does that mean in game? Well it means fully upgraded aztec monks can take a direct [siege] on [a] jur hit whereas every other civilizations monks die just to a regular old audigier shot an Aztec monk even has a roughly even chance of converting an auditor before it can kill him and nine times out of ten an aztec Mount can convert a close-range manganiello remember though that’s after all the text so in a castle [a] two monk rush They’d only be slightly above average depending on how much you prioritize your monastery Technologies in terms of converting some other units against persian paladin starting nine tiles away Mongol persian viking and berber monks convert them about 10% of the time whereas civilizations with the sanctity [tech] giving them an extra 50% Hp Convert about double that to around 20% of the time aztecs are just less than double that hp but this time it jumps [to] a [60%] conversion rate in that scenario of course that kind of effectiveness Doesn’t scale up in bigger fights since it’s much harder to micromanage monks than other military units But the point still stands that charging monks converting your units is generally a bad [idea] Against the Aztecs their last [have] bonus is that the villagers get loom for free now? This is a great bonus for two reasons first [of] all there’s the save town center work time So you never have to interrupt Villager creation to get loom if you’re not confident about a boar lure since it takes the same [amount] of time at the town center to research as it does to create a Villager that means you’re theoretically a villager ahead soon as your opponent picks up bloom which adds up Surprisingly quickly if they get loom early on besides that there’s also the saved cost of loom which Superficially is just [fifty] gold So what’s the big deal? But it means in Dark age you can create five Militia instead of two with your starting gold other civilizations have to pick up ten gold in order to do a Standard three Militia rush in the Dark age so the Aztecs end up being the top Dark age rushing civilization Especially once we also factor And they’re 18 percent faster working barracks Extra collection rate and the fact that their eagle scout is better at scouting in the Dark age which I talked about in the last Video, so I won’t dwell on that here So that’s all other bonuses and now let’s move on and take a look at their unique unit the Jaguar warrior or if you’re American the Jaguar Warrior They cost 60 food and 30 gold which is a pretty typical price for an infantry [unit] and like most infantry they have a decent Attack pretty low Hp and move relatively slowly to line them up compared to other infantry units They leg a bit behind in Hp and pierce armor which makes them particularly vulnerable to archers So you want to pair them with something like Eagle warriors or skirmishers in order to make up for that? To pull back the curtain on some of the more hidden stuff They also have an attack bonus of +10 against infantry Which if you can get your opponent into that matchup means most infantry don’t have a chance they also get a slight +2 bonus against buildings and Seem to do an extra 2 damage against Eagle warriors though lots of other infantry units have a bonus against one or both of those Things they’re also created in 17 seconds from the castle Which is about the same as swordsmen units from the barracks taking a look at the elite upgrade it cost [1,000] food and 500 gold which is enough for about 17 units it pays off pretty quickly though And it’s definitely worth grabbing since it gives them 50% more hp Along with +2 attack and +1 Melee armor a question that’s popped up a few times in comments is people wondering about how they do against Samurai and teutonic knights Samurai are of course infantry so Jaguar warriors do [+10] bonus damage against them but samurai also have their own attack bonus against unique units like the Jaguar Warrior a comparison is pretty straightforward since they cost the same to create and with their bonuses perfectly balanced the [stat] suggests the Jaguar warrior has the Advantage as it turns out hidden Shenanigans are afoot and samurai attacks significantly faster than the Jaguar warrior So this ends up being a good trade [for] the japanese as for the teutonic knight It wins against the Jaguar warrior one-on-one But on the other hand it’s a more expensive Unit if we give them both equal gold worth of units the Aztecs Completely dominate and if we balance them based on total resources spent the Aztecs still end up winning with about half [the] Jaguar warriors left So I’d say the aztecs have the edge even [if] their units are technically losing one So jumping back to the role of the unit and [anti-infantry] Infantry might seem like a bit of a weird niche but it’s surprising how often that comes in Handy One of the most common ways other players deal with your eagle warriors is to make Swordsmen Line units which Jaguar warriors are really specialized to handle Eagle warriors for their part also had the speed and pierce armor to take out any archers and get a bit of bonus damage against cavalry So the two units tend to work nicely together and handle lots of different units the big thing you’re really going to struggle to deal With is hand Cannon ears though which unfortunately have a bonus against both of them moving on now We’ll take a look at their unique tech which gives their infantry +4 attack it costs a pretty reasonable 450 food and a whopping 750 gold which [I] think is [interesting] because it seems to mirror the cost of the halberd erupt grade That’s part of what I think the most interesting aspect of this bonus is Asking whether or not it makes up for the aztecs not having halberdiers the answer is it kind of depends on what you’re fighting [stech] Pikemen are able to take out generic fully upgraded halberdiers So in terms of a late-game trash unit fight the unique tag ends up giving you some pretty good value They can even stand up fairly well against Japanese Halberdiers And it’s easy to see why they’re doing two more damage with every attack and only have 5 less Hp normally though you think of the role of pikes as being a counter to Cavalry and that’s where the +4 attack certainly doesn’t make up for the missing [halberd] [your] upgrade Pikemen have a plus 22 attack bonus against cavalry while Halberdiers have plus 32 Aztec Pikemen still do [ok] against paladins and other cavalry and there’s certainly cost effective But they’re not equivalent to halberdiers So that’s the unique unit And you need tech and now let’s take a look at the hD expansion changes The first update is a bit of a nerf and that [their] free loom bonus changes to simply plus 50 gold at the start now Loom costs 50 gold so that might sound like it balances out, but this weakens the bonus because you lose that saved researched I’m putting you back on even Villagers with other civilizations You still have the potential for extra lycia in your rush? But you will have to remember to pick up loom at some point The second change dimension is the aztecs get a new unique tech that gives us skirmishers [+1] attack and range it’s pretty cheap at 400 food and 350 gold and ends up making the aztecs pretty decent at Late-game Trash battles since as we just saw there pikemen also performed quite well against halberdiers Another big change is the introduction of the Eagle scout so that’s an extra 400 resources and 50 seconds of research time plus. It’s just one more technology you have to remember essentially the Eagle warrior in the original conquerors Expansion is now the eagle scout and available in the feudal age with a really slow Creation time and the New Eagle Warrior is a castle age variation with stats Halfway between the [scout] and the Elite Eagle warrior The last change [dimension] is that the Jaguar? Warriors now get an extra +1 pierce armor I kind of like that and I did find that in the base game They felt a little bit too weak to archers which are already a good counter to champions and other infantry So making the Jaguar warrior even weaker against range units and defensive buildings feels overly punitive Sometimes in that matchup [and] this just helps bring them up to where other infantry are already at So now that we’ve seen the changes Let’s take a quick stroll through the tech tree and give out some grades starting with the archers the archer rush is solid on account of the early economy boost and Faster archery range work speed in the Castle age you’ll be missing the thumb ring and cavalry archers of course but in the imperial age you do have the are [blessed] in order to upgrade any left over crossbows as Things go on you’ll find you’re missing the last armor upgrade and hand cannon ear so their late-game archer options are definitely below average I’d say it’s a B-minus overall though It’s probably best captured to say it’s an [a] early on [NSC] in the late game next up is infantry And the big blemish [here] is the lack of halberd ear which as we’ve seen against cavalry isn’t entirely offset by the extra four attack on their pikemen so they can get Overwhelmed Aside from that though they have great champions ego warriors Jaguar and all the Blacksmith upgrades I’d say it’s [an] A-Minus And it really comes down to how well you can work around the missing halberd ear and take advantage of having access [to] the evil? Warrior next up is the cavalry which isn’t really applicable here, but one thing I found interesting is in the expansions They do now have stables made for the mesoamerican civilizations if you play with Alt x which is pretty cool Moving on though next up is the siege now the only real bonus here Is that they’re created faster though the extra gold from relics is going to help out subtly as well There’s no bombard Cannon, but they do have the siege ram and siege audigier to me They’re an above-Average B+ but not a top-tier siege civilization next up is the navy I’d say that the aztecs have the steepest drop off of all the Civilizations on the water as the game progresses early on they’re fairly strong though Maybe not as strong [as] they [are] on land maps because a big piece of their fuel economy strength comes from their farming [rate] bonus And you [probably] won’t be doing a lot [of] farming early on if you’re going for water and fishing ships Thanks to the faster Galley creation time though you’ll certainly have an edge over some of the other Civilizations, so on water maps. It’s [maybe] a B-plus early on on the other hand in the late game They’re the only civilization without the galleon and managed to miss out on Demo ships and Cannon galleons entirely in the imperial age you’re basically left with Castle age war galleys and fast fire ships I’d say it’s an f on the water in the late game because they really aren’t Viable at that point for an overall C on the water taking a quick look at the monks now Aztecs are [hands-down] the best monk Civilization all of the monk Tech’s are present and they all give your monks an extra 5 Hp as well you also have the relic Bonus to give you an extra incentive to create monks and to top it all off. They’re created faster than anyone elses. It’s true They’re missing an early gold bonus, but I’m still going to give them an a+ for monks moving on now to defenses There’s not too much here to really love they max out at guard Towers and have no bombard Towers hoardings and not Even masonry which is usually an easy pickup for some cheap extra building armor they do have fortified walls and a few other Defensive texts, but overall I’d [say] it’s a c-class There’s certainly a much better fit for an aggressive style of player Finishing up now on economy as we saw at the early carry capacity and free loom setup the Aztecs [were] one of the best economies heading into the feudal age of any civilization In the late game they have a bit of help from the extra gold from relics as well And the carry capacity effect is still going to be present I’d say overall it’s an a for economy the one weakness I’ve found is that they’re pretty gold dependent through their siege Eagle Warrior and monk heavy armies, so it’s easy to burn through a lot of gold But at the same time the skirmishers are solid especially [in] the expansions and the Pikemen actually hold up Surprisingly well in trash fights against other halberdiers so just to end on a few concluding thoughts I find the aztecs are really strong in the dark and feudal ages thanks to a great economy and a strategy of either going for a Militia rush or Archers both tend to work pretty well [as] [techs] Do you take a bit of adjustment in the Castle age I found because of the lack of knights [I] think that’s part of a bigger problem for Aztecs in the castle age And there’s a window where you’re stuck without any cavalry and your monks and infantry are still Average and I find it can be tough [to] come up with something strong to do in the castle age besides Maybe crossbows, but even those are missing thumb ring and don’t have any bonuses besides Just being made a little bit faster when you hit the imperial age you can get a bit of momentum Back and the Eagle [Warriors] have Load a [rating] potential They’re monks HP starts to accumulate by that point you get the [+4] attack on your infantry and your siege options all start to open Up so you get a flood of solid units that you can choose from depending on what you’re up against? Ideally it’s nice to go for a few of those powerful units mixed in Gather But those are my thoughts on the aztecs. Thanks for watching guys. I’ll see you [next] time

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  1. I don´t know man… seeing all those civilization bonuses, I am really starting to think that the Aztecs are a little bit OP. In fact, I think I am starting to tonice a trend: always the expansion gives the games their most powerful units/techs/civs, be it Age of Empires II, Company of Heroes, etc…

  2. Isn't condettiero a good choice for the aztecs because it's kind unanticipated and gunpowder is something that a castle age peak civ would need to counter?

  3. will this be updated for the rajas and also this line. well 2.

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    2. and then the Spanish inquisition arrives.

  4. Eagle Warrior rushes are surprisingly good on the Castle Age. Most people, on the Castle Age, tend to go for one of the following kinds of units: Knights, Crossobowman, or Monks. Eagle Warriors do a incredible job out of countering the last two, and though they are not -That-Good against Knights, during the Castle Age, their very low Food cost, small anti-cavalry bonus and still all-around decent stats make then food-effective against then. This is more important then it seems because, during the Castle Age, one of your priorities will be researching technologies and gathering the resources to go to the Imperial Age, so if you invest too much food in your army, you may lag behind technologically. I am still unsure if they are quite as good as Knights on the Castle Age, but they can cut it.

  5. Hmm. Aztecs would be good against Persians because of tough monks converting war elephants. And Aztecs would be good vs goths because of jaguar warriors vs infantry. Just a thought. Sure navy forces is going to be a weakness in imperial age and not sure how they would go up against cavalry.

  6. 7:00 loom for free is a great bonus for three reason, the third is that you can wall more safely without losing vills bc of wolfs

  7. Man. Aztecs get some really good Expansion additions. Jags get a buff, but Teutonic knighs stay Cannonfodder for Siege and ranged units? The Siege extra armor upgrade should have a speedbuff or armorbuff for TKs to make them great again. Teutons were to good in AoE without expansions…

  8. I can't find the video where he takes some group of foot archers and snipes a castle with them. Anyone wanna help me out? 😀

  9. You said in your tuetonic video that aztecs are the best infantry and better than tuetonic which get a A, then you give aztecs a A-

  10. 13:31 – Besides, the silly fact of carrying a shield and having no pierce armor kinda drives me nuts.

    May I recomend to do a quick video with the changes up to the Rajas expansions. Then, you can just put a link withing your old civ overviews and make it up for all at once.

    Good video, c ya!

  11. Yeah, the free loom in the old version was much nicer as it means you can pump out a villie instead of researching loom…also made it easier to wall up middle of BF map quicker and safer than other players because of wolves. Alot of players used to put off loom until castle to focus on villager production & economy first…For Aztecs it was N/A. Now it becomes a consideration, or spend that extra 50 gold to build 10 militia for dark age rush or waller escorts against wolves & enemy wallers. 😉

  12. You forgot that Aztec seige can be greatly boosted by monks converting enemy bombard cannons once that tech is researched 😉

  13. If they ever added "Evangelism" tech to monastery giving monks ability to auto attempt convert any unit within range(instead of only converting on command or when attacked) it would be sick, as it would mean less micromanaging when you attack with a group of 20 monks…omg.

  14. +4 Attack halbadierwould be kind of OP, but I would really want your comments on +4 attack champions vs other infantry. (Nice work! Love the videos! keep going!)

  15. La mejor infantería del juego, me gusta hacer ataques en masa acompañados de asedio con esta civilización.

  16. Garland Wars give ALL INFANTRY +4. This means ALL infantry including eagle and jaguar warriors. I guess with that bonuses it can take both samurai and teutonic in 1v1.

  17. Well, now with berbers aztecs can create genitours, wich it's kinda op since as skirmisher archers they got almost all the upgrades (including armor)

  18. Just played a militia rush for the first time – with Aztecs of course, and against the AI. Pretty great. I now wonder how to counter that in a pvp game… sorry for this basic question, I'm just in these days getting ahead of casual gaming.

  19. japanese samurai fighting aztec jagwire warriors
    in arabia
    accurate portrayal of historic events since 1999

  20. 0:48, The King running faster than the Horse, haha. And I thought Aztecs were Shitty kk

  21. I like those kind of vids, well done.

    WIll you add the missing civs as well? (e.g. not seeing Vietnamese in the list)

  22. Hey Spirit, just wanted to take the time out of my day of watching your videos, to thank you for reigniting my AoE2 drive, been really inactive for several weeks, (probs more akin to months, haha) on the game that p much started my childhood of gaming. Been really interested in making a scenario/campaign series, and a lot of your math videos have partially influenced how I'm going about with them. If you get the chance, is it better to say having plenty of resources on the map, like a normal game, or would the insane "9999999" or whatever you can assign in the custom scenario for resources be better? Thanks for reading, and thank you for bringing me back to AoE2!

  23. You'd think that the mesoamerican nations wouldn't have such steep gold intensive units considering irl they had so much gold they didn't give it any significant value like Eurasians and Africans did

  24. Aztecs, when used properly, are probably the best civ in the game, provided you aren't playing against civs with excessive gunpowder units. They can counter pretty much everything else. My biggest problem with them however is their lack of university upgrades, which leads to their buildings crumbling extremely easily.

  25. Are you going to do review of the vietnamese civ? Seen all of yours now and that seems to be the last one left?

  26. Why is it 17.6%? The base rate is the average civ's one not the aztecs' one. So if the average civ takes 10 sec. for smth the aztecs take 8.5 sec. hence 15% faster. If the 8.5 sec. aren't true then i see where the 17.6% come from. But 1.5/8.5=17.6.

  27. Time to clear up some misconceptions about the Aztec spear line.

    Against Cavalry: Halberdiers>Viking Pikemen>Aztec Pikemen
    Halberdiers enjoy a much higher damage bonus against cavalry than the other 2, and will kill cavalry faster as a result. Viking Pikes can also work well depending on the enemy cavalry they encounter. Their extra HP usually allows them to survive one extra attack unless against Elite Cataphracts, the longer they live, the longer their attack bonus comes into play. Aztec pikes aren't much better than generic pikes against cavalry because the flat bonus damage they get to cavalry overshadows the +4 attack from Garland Wars.

    Against other units: Aztec Pikemen>Halberdiers>Viking Pikemen
    This is where the +4 attack from Aztecs' UT shine. Aztec pikes deal 2 more damage than generic Halberdiers, and this really shines in a trash war. Viking pikemen, although the most durable, don't deal enough damage to be effective. They make better meat shields, but better meat shields is misleading information. If you are using the spear line to tank, you are using them wrong.

    Aztec pikemen are stronger against non-cavalry units at the cost of anti-cavalry capability, whereas Viking pikemen are straight up outclassed by Halberdiers.

  28. The Spanish should have a team bonus: whenever they play against the Aztecs, their town center automatically gets destroyed at the beginning of the game and their villagers get infected with smallpox, which can spread the disease to other non-European civilization units.

  29. I think the Aztecs needs to have the Galleon and maybe the Demolition Ship for at least battling a bit more on water maps

  30. You did not mention skirmishers bonus in hd expansion when giving mark to archers.
    With that i would give a B- (without any direct bonus, final armor upgrade, no archer line, no handcannoners and only economic and creation times bonus I can t gove more than B-…. maybe maybe a B with britons allies and ideally a B+ with also vietnamise allies)

  31. 6:45 if you look closely 1 last paladin is converted by the monks before the clip ends therefore 28/40 actually meaning they're even BETTER than you said the monks are.

  32. Aztecs should be in Age of Empires 1.
    When the spanish arrived they were still living in the neo-lithic age.

  33. Who would win? guy wearing animal pelt, armed with a wooden club with some glass stuck into it
    A man in a steel fucking full plate, helmet and armed with longsword that probably cuts flesh like butter?
    the awnser may surprise you

  34. wish they have the unique technology “Chinampas” it will allow you to create crops on lake surfaces, and allows to build town center on lakes xD, yeah just godlike stuff xD

  35. 8:05 Spirit: "Now lets move on and take a look at the Aztec's unique unit the Jaguar Warrior, or if you are American the Jagwhyer Warrior."

    Me: OR, if you are from the Hundred Acre Wood, the Jagular Warrior

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