AZ Archery Mule Deer Hunt: Part 2 – Dec 2017
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AZ Archery Mule Deer Hunt: Part 2 – Dec 2017

August 15, 2019

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  1. Great job guys, Need to get you all some FINAL STEP COVER SCENT to use on these hunts. Look us up on Facebook also

  2. Were you not able to see the buck to film it? Just curious why we see constant footage of the hunter and zero of the buck during the stalk.
    Seems like a re-enactment.

  3. Do you know about how big your bucks were? Like how many P&Y inches? 170 or so? Just curious. I chase about the same size deer, and have never harvested one. So I'm curious.

  4. always try to captured the kill shot or else it's pretty much worthless …would've been so much sweeter seeing the footage of the arrow impact that muley.

  5. I hunt the south desert in mid to late January in the rut. I’ve been trying to find units where the bucks would be rutting in December. 18A?

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