Awkward Meghan Markle Moments That Were Captured By Millions
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Awkward Meghan Markle Moments That Were Captured By Millions

October 9, 2019

We’ve all experienced awkward moments, but
for those in the public eye, one awkward moment could be witnessed by millions. Of course, Meghan Markle is no stranger to
having all eyes on her. As a former commoner learning the ropes of
royal behavior, the new duchess has already experienced quite a few awkward moments for
all the world to see. Meghan Markle is usually on her best behavior,
but the duchess was once captured having a giggle fit in church, of all places. In March 2018, at the Commonwealth Day service
in Westminster Abbey, One Direction singer Liam Payne took to the stage to perform John
Mayer’s hit song, “Waiting on the World to Change.” As his performance came to an end, the Duke
and Duchess of Sussex were captured sharing a knowing glance as the rest of the audience
applauded, with Harry raising his eyebrows and Meghan erupting in laughter. Were they laughing because they disliked the
performance? It’s impossible to say. Nevertheless, the two were literally caught
giggling in church. It may have been an awkward moment, but it
was a pretty funny one, too. During Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince
Harry, the soon-to-be royal was tasked with presenting awards at the Endeavour Fund ceremony. The organization, founded by Prince Harry
in 2012, provides support for sick, wounded, and injured members of the military, and recognizes
outstanding servicemen and women with awards each year. And while this event usually goes off without
a hitch, the 2018 ceremony experienced a few hiccups. While the duchess stood on stage with a co-presenter,
there appeared to be a mix-up with the notes. After rifling through his papers for what
seemed like forever, the poor guy tried to salvage the awkward situation with a joke. “We’ve … we’ve got different notes.” Although her stage partner was visibly flustered
by the whole ordeal, Meghan swooped in and tried to deflect some of the tension with
a few laughs, encouraging the audience to do the same. As a public figure, and especially as a member
of British royalty, Meghan’s public displays of affection have been thoroughly analyzed. The new duchess can’t give her husband a
peck on the cheek or even hold his hand without her actions being called into question. So when Meghan was seen with her hand on Prince
Harry’s back during an royal outing, the court of public opinion had plenty of — well,
opinions. In October 2018, Cosmopolitan reported on
an “awkward PDA moment” in which Meghan momentarily placed her hand on her husband’s
back while greeting crowds in Brighton. While the publication declared the touch “too
much,” royal reporter Rebecca English dubbed it “an affectionate rub.” However, many others shared Cosmo’s take. One person tweeted the gesture was quote: “Not ‘affectionate’ at all but rather a constant
reminder he should know she is around and ‘deserves’ his full attention.” Another person tweeted in response to the
clip: “Very embarrassing coming from a 40-year-old
woman.” While the moment itself wasn’t entirely
awkward, the backlash that followed was definitely uncomfortable. After a video from the royal family’s Christmas
outing surfaced on Instagram in 2018, viewers began to suspect some tension between Prince
William and Meghan. While the duchess appeared to be talking to
her brother-in-law in the clip, William didn’t seem at all interested in what she was saying. According to Cosmopolitan, Prince William: “… seemingly ignored her to spend approximately
one million years adjusting his scarf.” Body language expert Judi James gave Cosmopolitan
her expert opinion of the exchange, saying: “After the tragic dramas of his parent’s marriage,
William has always appeared keen to avoid any public emotional displays that might draw
too much ongoing attention from the press and it could easily be this, rather than Meghan
herself, that he’s keen to avoid.” Alternatively, Meghan may not have even been
talking to Prince William. As James told Cosmopolitan: “[Meghan] could have been smiling at Kate
rather than William, meaning he might genuinely have been out of the conversational loop at
that particular point.” Imagine, if you will, being called “a fat
lady” while you’re seven months pregnant. Unfortunately for Meghan Markle, she doesn’t
have to imagine — because she experienced this truly cringe-worthy moment live and in
living color. While meeting with volunteers, beneficiaries,
and staff members at Mayhew Animal Home, a Jamaican-born woman named Peggy McEachron
told Meghan: “What a lovely lady you are. May God bless you.” Sweet, right? However, McEachron’s compliment quickly
took an awkward turn when she addressed Meghan’s baby bump by saying: “And you’re a fat lady!” *Laughter* Oof. Fortunately, Meghan has a sense of humor and
got a laugh out of the awkward moment. However, McEachron likely meant no harm with
her comment. As one Twitter user explained: “I am a Jamaican. This is a Jamaican lady. This is how we Jamaican[s] say, ‘You are very
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  1. Excuse me they are not teenagers for one , he is minor royal , and they are not the only people supposably in love , you don't see everyone jumping on their partner's , Me again looks just like what she is a gold digger , and boy howdy does she know how to work them men , ☮️?

  2. No the problem was in her wedding she play that song we all need someone to lean on, she need to stop making Harry look like a RETARD, DOPE HEAD ON CAMARAS

  3. Megan thinks nobody can get what she gets.but don't forget she is as dumb as a nail.why is her giving birth a big deal.who is there and which hospital.maybe her vagina is so black and ugly she is shy to show.people just leave this geriatric mother alone.its only time before Harry walk away from this ugly black woman

  4. She's as useless as Harry. The only thing she does is try to act like his mommy & spend the taxpayers money. She's the only "pregnant" woman whose belly has varied in size, going from 8 mo's in the morning to deflating after she sat down. D-list actress was hitting up every wealthy eligible single British man who made the mistake of following her on Twitter, while living with Chef Cory Vitello & only Harry was dumb enough to fall for her act. What a stupid sod!

  5. This is nothing but foolishness, no matter what Meghan does she can never bring the Royals down . They have been there done that. Thing of all the Royals before her Margret for example.

  6. That fat lady thing wasn’t what your making it ! People say that about pregnant women. Stupid ! It’s a joke !

  7. The very first thing about these articles are that she is an a list actress most people in the US had to google her name to find out who and what was even supposed to do then we found out she was on some 100 rated show on a 20 rated tv channel and over 90% of Americans had never of her she is a want to be even here

  8. Meghan is a complete lowlife. She loathes Christianity, refused to church church on Easter for both years she has been with Harry, FINALLY THIS YEAR HE WENT ALONE. NO, she was not in labor, even when over 300 Christians were slaughtered this year they made no mention of it, but they flew to NZ to comfort the survivors of the muslim attack. She despises his family, and Harry is a tool.

  9. It is not possible to have a smirking smily grin on your face all the time unless you are mentally unwell or a pretender , an actror….
    Normal people do not have this…

  10. OMG………… what a total waste of time. why did 160,000 people watch this… totally worthless……… if you follow this kind of stuff, you need to make some better life choices!! Let's forget about the royal family and move on!!

  11. She doesnt have any emotion in her body. She should does disappear into infinitum. She wants all the media attention to only be on her. Goodbye Meghan ……

  12. That old Jamaican lady was probably jailed on order of Meghan.
    Meghan strikes me as the kind of person that would use her position to be vengeful.
    Maybe I'm wrong but in my opinion she's a cunt.

  13. So you don’t show the backrub that you spent a third of the video talking about. And you did your best to cut out most of the awkward moments you highlighted. And you missed one of the most important which is Megan hitting the back of Harry’s hand while in a dark theater to try to provoke him to hold her hand. I think the comment below by a Twitter user is right on the mark. She demands constant care and feeding.

  14. For Harry's sake,I hope this works out for him..Megan will find out,the Queen will not tolerate her nonsense..

  15. I really can't stand when people act naive!! She was obviously not talking to Kate…her head was obviously turned to William who was to the back of her and Kate was allll the way to her right…ughhhhh

  16. I tell ya Megan should steer clear of the Alma Tunnel They ruin these women Grow up protocol or not and think it sucked totallyqueen not at babys christening Cmon

  17. These comments make me laugh ? Delusional people making stuff up in their head and believing them ? that’s the power of my girl Meghan making haters go psycho hahaha I love it ❤️

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  25. Meghan is Ghettowood, not Hollywood – she was a third rate actress for a small cable TV channel as well as being divorced twice – basically manipulative gold-digging trailer TRASH!

  26. There was this moment also where she was laughing her heart out when a group of boys sang the mosquito song. Tears came out of her eyes. That was so fake.

  27. What about the time she walked away from the group thinking everyone was following her only to turn around and see she was standing by herself like a great big fool.

  28. i bet she missis the kardashians lifestyle life like ????? its hard to be a dutches when you have to behave in the eyes of the public hahahahah.. and to be prim and proper all the friggin time now thats hard. ????

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