Awesome Video Games – Episode 6 – Awesome Santa Claus!
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Awesome Video Games – Episode 6 – Awesome Santa Claus!

September 11, 2019

Woo! Hey dudes and dudettes, welcome back to Awesome Video Games! I’m Ace -and I’m Chet! Today on -Whoa! -No way! Today on Awesome Video Games, we have a surprise guest! That’s right! The bringer of gifts -the Kringle of Chris! The jolliest guy in all the world! Santa Claus! Ho, ho, oh my! I can’t believe you’re actually here, Santa! Aren’t you busy at the North Pole making all of the gifts? Well I… The double checker of lists, Santa Claus! Oh man, this is awesome! Santa’s actually here! He’s brought me so many awesome gifts in the past! Well, you’re very… Santa’s awesome! -I know! Oh man, I wanna see if he likes Nintendo! -I’d ask him if he was here! He is here! Whoa! Well boys, how about… Santa! Santa’s the best! -I know! What would you like for Christmas, boys? What would we like for Christmas? Ummm…. Awesome video games! Yeah! Video games are awesome! Ho, ho ho! Don’t you worry boys, I believe how awesome those video games can be. No way! Let me prove it! Whoa! Whoa! No way! Whoa! Wow! That was awesome! When it comes to Nintendo playing, -Santa’s the best! I wonder if he’s got any early Christmas presents for us? Ace! Don’t worry, Chet, I do have something for such well behaved boys. I wonder what it could be? Something awesome, I bet. Ho, ho, ho! Whoa! Awesome! Ho, ho, ho! That’s right, boys! The three premier issues of Nintendo Power magazine. Get the power, Nintendo Power. Ho, ho ho! Far out, dudes and dudettes! Looks like this holiday is shaping up to be an awesome one! You got that right, bro! Ha ha, yeah! One more thing, boys! Another present? Awesome! Yes, I think I’ve got one more thing here for you. Ho, ho, ho! Take out the trash!

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  1. these videos piss me off, they don't even talk about the games and when they do its more a stupid introduction to it and no review, garbage glad you guys aren't popular

  2. thats Dad ok see black mustash Dad has a black mustash santa can have a mustash that is white and blends in with beard

    P.S santa never makes you throw out the TRASH!


  3. @PopcornCoolie once the screen started flashing, I realized I was experiencing a fit of epiclepsy due to this video.

  4. That recurring joke about taking the thrash is fucking awesome.
    Oh shit wait father is Santa Claus??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. The twist is…

    …Dad is actually better than both Ace and Chet at video games and he doesnโ€™t even realize it

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