Awesome PS4 Cooling Stand / Multi-function Gaming Dock / Play, Charge & Cool
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Awesome PS4 Cooling Stand / Multi-function Gaming Dock / Play, Charge & Cool

October 9, 2019

what’s up guys Chigz here from Chigz tech reviews and today I’ve got my hands on a very useful gaming accessory for the ps4 so this is a multi-function charging stand for the ps4 it’s got built in fans you’ve got to fans built into this so it will keep your system cool you’ve also got a USB hub on there so I think it will give you three additional USB ports and it’s got a built-in dock for your controllers so a charge your controllers as well sounds promising let’s get the Box open and see what it looks like so this is everything you gain the box we begin with the instruction manuals and a customer service guy by tens wall okay so you’ve actually this actually comes with a few extra controller buttons I wasn’t expecting that so you know it for your controller so I believe these would go there so you can attach these onto your controller they’re extra grips so that’s quite interesting they come off and you can put on one easily and they come in black oops dropped one they come in black and white and you get eight of these okay and the actual stand itself here is I got this stand because you can charge your controllers you can keep your ps4 cool that was one of the main reasons I got this because my ps4 runs loud okay I’ve had it for a while and it just runs so loud and this is going to be a very good cooling option I don’t know if you can see that but you got two phones about that big inside there one and two and this is powered by USB and it will basically power everything the firm’s the charging of the controllers and at the front so at the front you can see three USB ports that’s the button for the fans so you can turn the phone on enough and we will hear how the fans sound so whether it’s loud or not and you got a non-slip bottom there so what this is is this comes off so when you when you flip this on you be able to use the ps4 slim rs4 it’s an adapter for the slim but when you take this out you can use it on the ps4 fat the old version I actually have the ps4 fat let me put the ps4 in and show you how it looks so I’ve just set my ps4 up and it fitted it so easily I’ll just show you guys it just lifts off and that’s it it’s easy as that you’ve got one USB cable you plug that into the front of your ps4 and that’s it now you’ve got one USB available still and you’ve got three at the bottom now via the hub so if we just turn and you can see the controller on this side has fitted perfectly if I this turn this around controller okay and there’s the USB port the controller just fits upside down this way nice and that will charge your charger as well I really like that makes things more wireless and easy to manage so just a girl so I did add the two black thumb that thumb caps are very easy to remove the made from silicon and it definitely feels comfortable when you’re playing in more grippy okay so let’s turn on the ps4 so my ps4 does get quite overheated during prolonged gameplay especially when I’m playing multiplayer online so I did need some sort of cooling system so I’m got on the phones on now okay so I can you can hear the fans but I don’t mind that because my ps4 sounds like 45 times louder than those fans so hopefully this will keep the ps4 cool so there you have it guys this is the multifunction ps4 stand with a cooling system so this works on all versions of the ps4 i’m using you on the ps4 fat if you had a ps4 slim then just put this adapter underneath and it works perfectly fine with the ps4 slim so what I’ll do is I’ll leave the links in the description in case you guys want to pick one up for yourselves my ps4 does get very loud especially when I’m playing online multiplayer it sounds like a helicopter take it off I’ve used this for a few hours and with the fans on I have definitely no it’s a huge improvement in my ps4 my PS was running much cooler much silent and effectively it feels much smoother in the gameplay as well so this device may have just prolonged the life of my ps4 so I hope you guys found this video useful do check out the links in the description thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day you

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  1. hey i want to sell my xbox one and buy a PS4 fat will you send me a link that can email me a PS4 to my home without credit card? because i don't have one and i want them to deliver it to algeria (where i'm living) and when they come i will pay them
    if you know a site that can do this please reply it to me

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