Awesome Pennsylvania Big Buck Archery Hunt
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Awesome Pennsylvania Big Buck Archery Hunt

August 20, 2019

– Alright, it’s October
12th, we’re out here huntin’ big bucks in PA, and Wired
Outdoors starts right now. – Jason Say we got some
awesome footage coming your way. (dramatic music) – Hello and welcome to Wired Outdoors. We have a great show for
you today as we’re going to be joining the field
staffers, John and Brian Kane in north west Pennsylvania. And I have to give it up for these guys. Year in, year out they are
getting it done on good bucks in Pennsylvania. And anybody who’s from PA
knows that not only is it tough to shoot a good buck in PA, it’s really hard to put
one on film and they get it done year in and year out. And the best thing about
these guys is they have a ton of fun doing it. They include their friends,
their family, they get out and they get after it. So let’s get right to this
hunt and see if John Kane can get it done with his
brother, Brian behind the camera. (electric guitar music) (electric guitar music continued) – (whispering) Alright, well
Brian and I just got into a place we call Deep Hills. We’ve been hunting here twice,
I think, this year so far, and just kind of waiting for night stuff. We’ve got good wind here,
we have a couple good bucks on camera. Wind’s blowing straight in
our face back to a field. The deer like to walk right
down trail right in front of us so, hopefully we’ll find
either that good aim point or get in a good ten point we have on camera come walkin’ by. (electric guitar music) (deer call sound) (whispers) (electric guitar music) (deer call sound) Brian, Brian, here comes that buck, here comes that buck dude. (whispers) (whispers) (whispers) (shot) (music) Shhhh There he goes, there he goes. (music) Oh my god, oh my god. (whispers) Alright, yes we got it done tonight guys. We had this nice eight point
come in about an hour ago at 150 yards, we tried
grunting the mini but he wouldn’t come in. Then here at the end of the
night we grunted in a little tiny buck that you saw, he
walked by us at 30 yards, and then at the very last
15 minutes of camera light I grunted one more time and two big bucks just came walking in. We had that nice eight
point that we have on camera with that ten point that’s
on trail camera as well. I couldn’t get a shot of
that ten point, that eight point I like better. He’s got nice G2’s and he’s really wide. He’s an older deer as well that ten point still has a couple years to grow. But man, we are excited
the new elite got it done. BK’s out here man, I love him. Thank you brother. I’m so pumped! – Yeah – It’s been three years
since I killed a deer and this boy right here helped me out. – Yeah! – Yes! – Great shot John, it was
easy to see that nocturnal lighted knock and Rage broad head zipped right through that guy. He didn’t go far so
lets call up our friends and go get them. (leaves rustling) (mumbled voices) – That’s my biggest one yet. Oh man, them two’s are nice. – That is a nice buck, that
reminds me of twin towers. – Yeah, lets get him situated. Boy, he didn’t go anywhere. Oh my gosh. That’s awesome. Alright, it’s October 12th. Brian and I came out here
tonight, saw this deer right around 5:30. We knew it was him, he
had him on trail camera for the past couple months. Tried grunting at him and
he didn’t come in right away and then right before
sundown we grunted again about 15 minutes left of camera time and we seen him coming in
with another ten point. We took a good shot on this one. Double lunged him with
the rage and the elite. Man I couldn’t be happier this is awesome. This is my best buck to date. – (laughing) Congratulations Johnny – Thanks dude, thanks for coming. – Absolutely – Congrats John, great shot. And Brian, awesome job
putting it all on film. And like I said in the
beginning of the show these guys have impressed me so much because year in and year
out they’re putting good PA bucks on the ground, and you know what? They’re having a lot of fun doing it. So congrats again guys and
thank you again for joining us on Wired Outdoors. (dramatic music)

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  1. Awesome all the way around guys. Great buck, two brothers hunting together and the camera work was perfect. Congrats to you both.

  2. I also hunt PA, and i know how hard it can be. I like your actual Hunting shots but you have to much FLUFF and that distract and takes away from your video. Keeping it real Just Hunt

  3. Awesome video guys!! just subscribed if you wanna do the same!! bunch of PA boys starting to get some hunting footage!!

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