Average Joe Hunter – Episode 4 – Ohio
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Average Joe Hunter – Episode 4 – Ohio

August 12, 2019

Alright guys, heading to Ohio Ohio baby on the road
here temperature right now is 44 degrees we are heading 75 north up towards
Lexington right now sided packed and ready to go the awesome thing is we got
a little cold snap to come in today so we’re going to get some cool weather I
think is gonna be the first cold weather they’ve had up there so I’m really
anticipating some some good buck activity so eating my palm cookies my
family made for my annual pilgrimage so I’m feeling good so up here in Kentucky
near Lexington and a lot of farm country here but one thing about Kentucky you’ll
notice when you eat in this part of Kentucky is you’ve got a lot of black
barns that are out here you see them everywhere once you start getting maybe
like 50 miles south of Lexington head north you start seeing these black barns
everywhere and basically I guess they started to be tobacco barns and people
would get suit at the barns we use tar and oil kind of thing there’s more over
here I’d like one of the left over here and basically they were for tobacco
they’d make the barn warmer to help cure the tobacco and then over time people
started just painting in black because that was a more of a fashion statement
in barns so so yeah there’s a little fashion with barns Napa so anyway but
they’re they’re all over here still heading to Ohio we don’t have too much
longer to go the weather is awesome outside right now so really looking
forward to getting down there today and get this response to put our stands up
and hopefully we’ll connect this week if not I’ll get some hope with some good
footage for you alright guys we made it here to Ohio so we’re just getting
changed over so unloading stuff you know tree stands for the truck or fixing guts
at a property which is about a mile from here but I just kind of let you look
behind me here the kind of territory we’re in see behind me tell them nice
cornfields back there yeah baby that’s what I’m talking about so we’re here in
Ohio 2017 we’re gonna do it weather is cold first cold spell they’ve had should
have some good activity so we’re gonna do it all right so yesterday morning single
thing getting cold yesterday was five with saint’s name able to spend a title
after after more time trying to scout the area concentration on this Oak Ridge
not a lot but haven’t seen a lot of honeybees why this found an area rich
it’s not a pasture father’s this morning out the link amp so bad I guess 15 20
mile I went now it just blow on us all the place all over the place down try
spend some time scout the area now it’s tough when you have some guy named Jeff
not a new piece of property and take a couple days to come up yeah got it
outside this inside got for some time in the first couple days figured things out
some thing I’m fixing you dad he’s my time wise and other plants with our
spots all one coyote is more came out in the field start running up farmers cows
all over the place it’s out of range I’ve shot the same but so anyway we’re
gonna try my defense of it all right it is day three in Ohio
sitting up on the edge of the South polished 50 acre clover field up here I
got my decoy there buddy set up down here he’s 20 yards away from me
I’ve got along my edges long woodland we got hardwood flap behind us here and
it’s day 3 listen I’ve had a bad rainstorm come in it’s 37 degrees out
right now and over here there’s a standing corn right over there
and I’m gonna say that it’s private property we don’t have access to but
there’s just tons of scrapes coming out of there like trees torn up little
saplings torn up and pretty much all the way down this word line there scrapes
and yes the deer come in these hardwoods feeding the clover at night
I said rained all night just got rain a little bit ago it’s 2 o’clock in the
afternoon is day 3 of our hunt haven’t seen a whole lot yet but you gotta
sacrifice first couple days learning some things so so anyway I’m uh sitting
here getting ready to do a little roll in here open things coming out cornfield
and oh there was some activity with the decoy at the time he’s right there a lot
of fun so hopefully we’ll get some footage alright guys day 4 I got to tell you so
I wonder this morning understand Cindy I’ve seen a deer not running
we got soybean fields I hear we got corn bean field corn bean corn fields out
here soybean we got clover fields not seeing the I saw one doe this morning
understand that’s it we’re not even seeing moving around during the day here
we’re driving around you don’t get lunch of stuff but I mean we got signed like
this it’s kind of gives you an idea how big this tree is you see my hand here I
mean they’re huge scrapes here I rubs here we got a lot of sign we just not
seen anything moving at all so uh change set it for tonight
I’ll see you happy all right guys it’s been a tough week
you know when you hung out of state and had a place in there hunter before it’s
totally self-guided we just basically you know rinse the farmland fella I’ve
never been on this property before man it’s got great sauna you just look at
this I mean you see my hand next to how big these trees are this doesn’t happen
in South Carolina I mean if we saw a chile it’s in South Carolina rub we just
be all over this is normal here in Ohio shame is still on the ground we’ve got
sign like this Oh I mean we’ve probably found ten
different places where there’s multiples in these funky look together just rub
lines everywhere scrapes everywhere there’s absolutely zero deer movement
we’ve hunted Oak Flats acres on the ground we funded in the bottom of
hollows we funded on field edges we’ve hunted in some ravines we’ve hunted off
myriad types of locations and the whole week I saw two dough’s that was it
one yesterday morning and one last night that is all I’ve seen that is just so
unpowered of the ordinary for Ohio now it is the last week of October we’re up
here and it’s not the best week just scheduling messed up usually comes first
or second week in November of which this point forward will always be the first
second weekend November but this farm has a lot of sign on it but man we just
were going home empty but like that’s why I told is however Joe hunter man
everybody doesn’t come up and kill big bucks all the time it just doesn’t
happen so we just had a bad week bad weather it wind it’s like 50 mile an
hour going on crazy so we’re gonna pack it up we’re gonna head home to call for
more high winds set the noon and rain so we’re going home empty had a good time
though so got to enjoy up saw a beautiful sunrise this morning so make
the best up working ahead home

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