‘Average Andy’ Takes On the Great Outdoors
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‘Average Andy’ Takes On the Great Outdoors

August 10, 2019

[music playing] [theme song] (SINGING) He’s an executive
producer on the “Ellen Show.” He works hard every day. He’s super duper
awesome at what he does, but he’s average
in every other way. Hi I’m Erin LaVoie. I’m a lumberjack world champion,
and these are some my friends who also love the outdoors. And I’m Andy, and
I’m very outdoorsy. And what are we
going to learn today? We all have our own talents
that we brought to the game. I’m going to chop some wood. The kids are going to
shoot some bows and arrows. I have bird calls and
some tent setting up. [inaudible] That’s great. I brought some talents
to the game too, so that’s going to be good. OK. So this is your bow. Right. And right now– oh, OK
we’re not going to do that. What? You don’t want to do that? No. That is dry firing the bow. We don’t want to dry fire. No. No. I want you to tuck
your hips under. Can you do that? A little bit. It’s going to be like
you’re holding a grape in between your butt cheeks. So I want you to relax. Draw it towards your face. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. OK, and then what? Nice. Nice. Nice. And release when you’re ready. Nice. Cool. Good. We do have a bit to work on. How am I not in competitions
if that’s my first one? It’s beautiful. OK, nice. I was aiming for lower left. Where did hit? Lower left. OK, good. Relax. You look really tense when
you’re pulling the arrow back. Yeah. That’s unusual– I want you to relax. –because I’m not
usually a tense person so that seems not right. Nice. Are you kidding me? Nice. That was actually really good. This, honestly, is the
least Jewish activity I have ever participated
in, and yet pretty natural. OK. I’m glad you were part of it. Yeah. You’re not agreeing
with the part where I said I was a natural. You have some work to do, but
you’re off to a great start. You have some work to do. Safety first, Andy. Yes. These are chopping
guards for your legs. I don’t really need this, but
I’m sure there’s kids watching and I want them to be safe. Yup. Up and down. Yup. Easy. OK? Mm hm. Like that? Up, and then as hard as you can. Ah. It works better if you– I didn’t hit the axe, yeah. Yeah. And what you want to do there– I’m just resting the axe. I wasn’t looking to break that. Yeah, that was a warm up? Yeah. No. Just a place to
keep the axe now. I’m going to go like that. Oh. Yeah. Do you want me to
get it for you? Mm hm. Ah. That’s good. Yeah, because
sometimes you just want to get a sliver as opposed– you see, here’s
the honest truth, and I’ll tell you
why I’m hesitant. If I miss the wood, the
axe follows through, comes down here. Ready? Here we go. Mm. Are you kidding me? Yeah. [inaudible] down. How am I not in competition? Right. Let’s see what you do. It just keeps– I worry about your feet but
you know how to do this. Yeah. OK. Oh, god. That’s what I’m talking about. Yeah. You want to finish? Yeah. Yup. And chip. You want to come
into it at an angle. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, straight in is
not gonna move any wood. That’s what she said. Well obviously– you know, I
don’t want to show up a lady, you know. Hey, so we’re going to set
up some tents, all right? OK. Great. I’m setting up this one. Yup. And you’re going
to set up that one. OK. Great. All right? Have you always
loved the outdoors? Oh yeah. It’s a lifestyle. Same. Same. What’s the coldest weather
you ever been in Robert? You know, I spent a couple
of weeks in the Himalayas– Yeah. –up at 17,000 feet. That was a cold cold week. Yeah. Cold week. Here’s the honest truth. Yeah. I feel like we
could share a tent– two guys out in the woods. So are we going
to stake this out? Right. Stake it out, because
of the wind, right? Yeah. This is an L.L. Bean
tent, and it’s just– this is really what
you want to use, and looks like you did
a good job with it. That’s uh– that’s going to– nailed that. Eh? What you want is–
because when a wind comes you want to be able
to move with it. If it’s staked down–
this is important– if it’s staked down, the
tent is going to hurt you. This way you move with the wind. Would you like to learn
to some bird calls today? There’s literally nothing
I would want more than to, because it’s important– it is. –out here in the
outdoors, and yeah. Yeah. We got to connect with nature. I thought I’d start by
doing the acorn woodpecker. Hit it. (BIRD CALL) Would
you like to try? (INCOHERENT YELLING)
What did you say? OK, make this noise
first– (HONKING) (HONKING) Very good. Now you are going
to say “yeah er, yeah her, yeah her, yeah her.” Yeah her, yeah her, yeah her (BIRD CALL) (POOR BIRD CALL) (BIRD CALL) (POOR BIRD CALL) (BIRD CALL) (EMPHATIC POOR BIRD CALL) That’s very good. There’s a bird called the Kagu. Sure. (DIFFICULT BIRD CALL) (INCOHERENT CAWING) How about a crow? OK. (CAWING CALL) (CAWING CALL) Very good. You did great. That’s awesome. You want to come
back to camp with me? Yeah. Let’s go. [banjo music playing] We learned a lot
today, right kids? Smores? Yeah! I showed you guys– I showed you guys
how to shoot arrows. We did some bird
mating stuff together. [laughter] Chopped some wood together. Pitched a great tent. I’ve met people here
today who actually can make a living doing
that, which is great. You’re out in nature,
instead of in a TV studio with a blonde woman who makes
you do things you don’t always want to do. Are you talking about Ellen? I’m not using names. I’m just saying there’s
other jobs that people can have that are enjoyable,
where you don’t get scared all the time or made fun of. You know? What song do you guys know? “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” Ready? At the count of three. 1, 2, 3. (SINGING) Row, row, row your
boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily,
merrily, life is but a dream. Well done. –eam. Thank you guys. Caw! [music playing]

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  1. Andy is awesome. Came here to say I don't like the video where Ellen scares Andy when he is lying down. He seems really fed up, which seems unfair as Ellen is his boss not coworker, so wtf can he do? I love Ellen but I think she misjudged that scare and shouldn't have posted.

  2. "There are other jobs that people can have that are enjoyable where you don't get scared all the time or made fun of " … I don't know why but that was a bit sad

  3. The experts guys tent was a pop up one. He didn’t have to put any poles together! No wonder it took half the time it took Andy ?? (you can see the red button at 4:25

  4. Every year I go to a place called Camp Dakota which does camping with outdoorsie activities like zip lining, rock climbing, archery, tomohawking, etc. After a few days I was able to shoot my set of 5 arrows in the center in a row. Tomo hawking or axe throwing is a bit more difficult but I was able to get 4 out of a set of 5. I really recommend this place, it's so fun!

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