AUTOMEGA MEGA MAP UPDATE!!! Atomega Game on Steam PC Gameplay
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AUTOMEGA MEGA MAP UPDATE!!! Atomega Game on Steam PC Gameplay

October 7, 2019

look at this guy oh I’m taking quite a
lot off him no that’s not me surely it’s not me am i doing that that’s no way
that’s gonna be someone else right That’s taking loads of… no no no sorry
dude gotta go Hey Up Troops welcome back to the Litanah Army Channel. I’m Litanah and today we’re back with Automega one that I played a
while ago on the channel I won that I want to try out again because as you can
see from this footage here now it’s got some cool new maps and this is the
temple so this is one of the newer ones and it looks amazing so far so I wanted
to show off the game and just what it can do and I don’t know if it’s the same
map just reskin y’know cus it does look quite a similar you know I don’t know if
you’ve got the bridge at the back and everything else but well soon gonna see
so let’s see if we can do any better than what we did last time we get on
these ramps all these other players out let’s go this way
now it’s a little bit like if you’ve played games like slow the Rio Dario and
that kind of game you’ll be quite familiar with this one because what this
does is arm stuck and I’ve missed every block on the way there what this game
does is it’s it rewards you for collecting these like purple blocks so
you get these purple blocks and if you look on the right hand side there there
is actually a bar that is moving up all the time
and as you can see now I’m some sort a little swimming tadpole think I don’t
know what the official term for that is I think it’s a Zola I don’t know what
Zola is you know it’s not I’m not a creature we have in the UK but yeah what
this sword does next it turns up to a toy like a dinosaur next and that’s the
next step yeah look the bridge is still there so I think it’s just re skinned so
it’s the same level but re skin by the look of it but this apparently is the
temple so let’s get all these here I’ve not seen anybody yet I mean I saw
someone jump in with us at the start but actually oh look at my shadow look my
dinosaur shadow alright cool now let’s move in and we
need to keep moving up here and we’re quite vulnerable because these glass
bridges here can get shut out from underneath you so we need to be very
very careful but we have got rush if we press E if you look in the centre down
at the bottom there I can use eat which is rush alright and these things are
like block wells they just spew out all these delicious little blocks look oh
and now we are a prime so we’re somewhat we’re a force to be reckoned with now I
just caught I’ve just not seen anybody else yet is anybody else on them up
okay let’s go and have a look around do see anyone then we need to start
shooting but I can’t see anybody here now rush doesn’t really work for us
right now what’s that shadow I’ve always thought
up there look it’s not off that we’re getting paranoid
oh we’re gonna sharp we’re taking hits we’re taking X oh we got destroyed okay
so what happens now is we lose a lot of our blocks
looks like riding station took us out and then we can become small again so
we’ve got to like grow get back up to where we were
okay let’s go hi let’s go high up and see what we can do here alright nothing
from here I don’t think that was a bad choice I think wants to gone the wrong
way ah okay cool okay so what self now oh
we’ve got it going on we are a cell so when you first fill out you just got a
little orb thing and nothing can get you and then you become a south now at first
look it moves up quite quickly and now you what you want to do is get in these
like troughs all other people are joining in look I should be way more
powerful in one am can’t believe we’ll like that but guy take us out so now we
are a we’re still azama okay II to grow noble sized also we’re still the same
one which is bigger okay I do like the bridge I tend to go to the
bridge Alexis just quit blocks look and quits obsession like this are an hour of
Zola okay we’re a Giants although because we’ve been made bigger because
we’ve used that grow bonus that we got these yellow ones here these yellow
blocks but so they’ve give us blink so they give us like a boost
alright let’s go now we’re a Dinobot now we should be able to live a little bit I
was over there look did you see him I see him so what we did there we use blink and
just blinked out the way because we don’t want to die just yet
oh these are big blocks I don’t know where he’s gone now so
we’re doing quite well to be high up all all oh maybe we can destroy this guy I
saw him go around there he was like us but if we can get the
jump on him Oh get away get away no I don’t want to
grow yeah okay we need to get away he’s deaf that was chasing us I know he’s
chasing us so we’ve just got to run I’ve got nothing to really like grow
more miles off growing just yet all right I hope it doesn’t try and cut us
off let’s just go this way he’ll never find us in here
oh we’ve got extra damage what we can do now oh I can hear him I can’t really
hear him he’s like giant footsteps coming so we do mono No
really dude why would you even do that all right he’s dead anyway
that was silly oh oh we’ve got extra damage though we’ve got eat come on Oh
how did he get us okay now we can press Q and what that does is it means you can
like dive out of the fire early and you give up some blocks but not all of your
blocks god damn it Hugh to teleport Wow all right we were third we’re doing well
Elton was still third well that’s a good start
let’s keep high up no one’s gonna spot us up here right ah look at all these
blocks I could just hide around this well and just wait for it all to light
oh no no no okay she’d have liked a speed grow something that makes us grow
quicker yeah I can’t see anybody you can jump
quite far with this guy who is this oh this is the this is all whoa dude yeah I
was gonna try and tackle him but then I thought what am i doing
he’s up there look you all right what I don’t want him to do now is turn around
which he probably will do and come and get it so let’s just move out of the way
ah and this is where stealth is the option we’ll call them things on the
bridge let’s go oh there’s too many to give up here oh now what now we’re big
and exposed now’s not what we want nope nope nope nope nope no no no a
shield on oh no no no no hail No all right he’s probably gonna be all the
takers right we cure our Denny quick enough I didn’t hit it quick enough so I
think we got right back down to the start now I tried to hit Q so we could
like sacrifice some energy there I see you look at this guy
oh I’m sick of quite a lot of him no that’s not me surely it’s not me how am
i doing that that’s no way that’s gotta be someone else right
what sticking loads of no no no so dude gotta go
I think someone else was shooting at him and I just felt like I was taking loads
off him because there’s no way that a cell is gonna take that much off
something that big so let’s just get out of I work on it through there
all right we have to find it another way in so we can see what’s in there I guess
in that’s what you call a window oh okay how could all these these are perfect
let’s get them off oh the thing is when you get biggie like
you exposed but then if there’s something like an old sow maker or a
prime around you’re pretty dead so I’m kind of just
trying to skim the edges of the map who’s that nope oh we’re surrounded on
all sides here Q C naught Q this time I don’t go all the way back down to the
bottom because no no so because I hate Q there I don’t go right down to the
bottom of the map I actually just go to Amazon now instead of just going turning
into a cell oh okay big blocks will just take come on thank
you thank you so ah so coming through oh we’re saw now Wow but here is so hard it
walks it off to the side and you think that getting these blocks would give you
energy as well because that’d be good well they don’t ultra
what’s an ultra oh wow it’s useless that’s what it is how is he solar how is
he so powerful every time we reach him even if we’re bigger than any kind of
big sis maybe we just suck sometimes you just
got to accept that you suck all right fellows nice so that’s quite a quick way
to grow I need to work on tactics here so let’s get back in here this is quite
a cool game like I said if you’re into like you slow the Rio and you’re in your
yo games if you’re like you know you bigger grow and destroy games then this
is absolutely perfect which I love anyway so this is probably
why I’m biased towards a game like this I do like all them county games oh oh
the dinosaur we can take him what did we do
why won’t you die butts of nothing often goddamn you were deformed nice I’m sure
that’s not the politically correct way to say it about me you know you could
put that more soul ah I’m taking these blocks now oh my God
look at the size of that guy alright he’s pretty mean all right we gotta get out of there and
pretty fast oh it’s over he’s over we could have
done better if it is no good for us so next game starts in 30 seconds fifth or
sixth is terrible all right we are gonna redeem ourselves
I’m not accepting that no I wanted my videos do you know okay then troops what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go back in and we’re gonna try again and we’re
gonna try and maybe use some sort of tactics this time so what we’ll do we’ll
skim the edge of the map yeah and then what we’ll do is then we’ll get some
shooting done if you look as well-worn around for these guys are like rank 26
ranking team so well are the lowest ranking here
oh so this is Nova I like the fact that the maps have all been reskin but it’s
the same map and what’s good about that is you kinda learn where all the little
like nooks and crannies are and all the little secret places are I mean I
haven’t learnt them all yet but it’s like League of Legends you can you’re
gonna be able to learn where these things are so awesome mega let’s see
what we can do let’s see if we can become a prime or maybe even or one of
those big ultimate thingy dudes and see what it can do so forcing players to
teleport away firms in assistance call all right
we got this this time guys this one’s going to be different all we’ve got to
do is finish your buff it and I’m gonna see this as a success and we’re gonna go
this way into this giant building thing here here
we go this looks like he’s gonna be good all right okay not a single block
magical ha so this is one of these block well things it is nothing in it just yet
let’s make our way to the bridge I usually tend to always changgil for the
bridge that bursts on most of the time alright so we said the tactic was to
stick near the edge just until we get a little bit bigger I see you I saw you I
went down there look always got like extra damage on him we
need to be careful of him no no cute oh god damn I didn’t heal again and we what
was still fit all right when I have to fifth
that’s all I want to be I’ll take fall you know I will happily take fall
um okay that is space we don’t want to jump down there really okay so all right
we’ve grown already it’s getting these tunnels and see what we cannot become
other than a learn something like we what have we been getting to the
dinosaur all the time we’ve got steel shooting Steel’s mass
from targets okay Oh someone’s been here was ills and
someone’s been down here I think someone else is working the tunnels but we’re
still a mass for me now whatever he went why we’re chasing it while we’re chasing
the guy that’s bigger than us let’s just do the right thing this time and what’s
build and grow build and grow that’s the altimeter way right look at the size of
that guy okay I don’t want to fight him okay we need to keep to what kind of
stay in our zone kind of thing see what we can get coastal fit down here yes I
can all round this goes on for quite a way I think oh well the dinosaur again
was after us what did you go come on go yes we got someone nope that
is not that mean bro that is not happening definitely did not want to
come out here cuz this is where he was oh it makes you go faster this one how
do we get our health back I wants to think for that I can hear someone alright this might be attempting it
cuber I don’t want to do it too illa first queue to teleport no stop aha
we’re away we’re away in the tunnels okay yeah you’re six don’t even worse
than I was Wow No oh my god why was he so difficult
to kill alright so where’s your honor let’s just come up in the chat asking
where my honor is I don’t do honor I just fight to win need to find more
space to grow oh okay now our prime now I’m somebody alright and how it’s game
on oh stop I don’t know what you are
oh you can’t really hide as a prime that is a downside but a Campbell Inc away if
needs be okay where are you guys come out got a little surprise for ya oh who
the hell was that we’re all big and soft when were hiding
behind walls right oh my god no I’m sorry Wang cute cute oh gosh
who so what still a prime we got away oh god I can just hear Wang’s dialogue
because wines and Omega it can’t hide like it’s that thing comes up there oh
this guy’s second we are not gonna beat him so let’s move need to grow much much
bigger he’s definitely gonna chase us so we just gotta move right Wang’s kinda
this way as well so let’s just be careful is he gonna have come after us
would you do that no I don’t think he has any way all right where’s one will
not keep remaining oh they’re fighting it out look perfect maybe I can help oh is it a car no no no
no no no no stop oh I’m so close so close to becoming the
Omega oh well that is not cool is it what is that Aleut I know I remember
when I was like you once and now you’re dead ah oh oh right now we’re a superior
that’s right you run a little dude go on get out of here sling your I’m come in
and I’m ginormous so I could see pretty much anywhere um
it’s that other guy con something’s down there right
always wank ha oh my God look at him up there well what
the really dude why would you even take me on like that and that’s how you down look those those
ridiculous who’s shooting at me ooh oh look kind of walk through like
these tree things good it turns out I can get him get a run time to go
I need that recharged in again whatever it was I feel like I’m getting target Oh
Dino Dino Dino nobody get much for killing people it’s not hardly worth it
we really got come on now we’re just racking up the kills now well all taking
little potshots impacts what does that do oh no we went to the bottom we were
so powerful oh who was it that took us out was it you I’m sickness ha ha all
right let’s get higher up just let’s face it safety and height you dead oh these a lot LaDonna I was on killing
Elia nope nope nope nope that’s not how we do things around here
we don’t want to die so how do I get my health back up I was back up look let’s
just see something jump whoo I knew I did all right where’s he gone I want
that guy down there oh I gave up points for this new I’m just not strong enough
it’s kind of like scrappy-doo you know I can weaken him and I think it was me let’s go up in all these blocks uh-oh my
daddy saw aa stealth Dino stare Fano run in the eye take that come on come back
the other way come back the other way I’m already waiting for you all right
where’d you go where’d he go where’d he go okay
worst stealth Dino ever oh there’s a guy over there though always got recharge no
don’t you pop up to me I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry okay okay it’s from this
way let’s run this way dinos only doors these are Dino only doors so you don’t
even know where I went that’s the perks go go go go go we’re gonna take it Oh got an assist yes I did
hello oh no no our NICU I’ve got to get used to hitting cue a little bit quicker
all right we can do this all right I need to get down light in the
underground again cause that tends to go better
Oh 20 seconds left no Sloane enough time okay let’s see what we can do oh no I’m
sorry ten to go I like these little
underground tunnels you can get away in it kind of just works you know it kind
of the big dudes like Kong it down here so as long as you can find a tunnel
nearby and you tend to do okay and you can level all quite quick because of
these speed things where did we finish come on did we beat thick our fourth all
right what getting better you know we’re getting better with each one all right
thing guys I’m gonna leave it there for now
you know so far this game has been absolutely fantastic only were more
players in that one so that was a harder own victory than that. Wang won it. I
hate you Wang I hate you win all right then guys well thanks for watching like
I said if you’re enjoying these videos and all to make up make sure you let me
know down below I love it when you guys do comment and if you’re not part of the
Litanah army already and you’ve not subscribed already make sure you do
so and I will catch you guys on the next one thanks for watching guys you

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