Australia fires: nation braces for ‘catastrophic’ bushfire week
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Australia fires: nation braces for ‘catastrophic’ bushfire week

November 18, 2019

We know the weather forecast
for tomorrow is at catastrophic levels and based on that, plus the conditions
we’ve experienced in the last few days, I’ve accepted the advice
of Commissioner Fitzsimmons and declared a state of emergency
across New South Wales. – We’ve got to keep
reminding ourselves that catastrophic is off
the conventional scale. We are talking about indices
that go well beyond the old scale of 100. Homes that are specifically
designed and built to withstand bushfires are not done so
for catastrophic conditions. Catastrophic conditions are where
lives are lost, it’s where people die. The risk is absolutely real. – This is one o’clock in the morning
out at Bobin. Gotta two-storey house
fully involved. Poor buggers, lost everything. We are literally ringed by fire. Everywhere you look,
there’s just fire. Fire, fire bloody everywhere, fire. – We’ve also identified
and brought on our third large air tanker
over the weekend. It’s now up and operational
and available for deployment. So we’ll have three here
in New South Wales at the moment. – I also want to assure
the community that Commissioner Fitzsimmons
and all of our agencies have authority to undertake
and utilise any resource they need. I’ve said to them as the premier:
“You do what you need to do and we’ll sort out the details later.” Tomorrow is about protecting life. – This fire has been so intense. Never seen anything like it. – Under catastrophic conditions,
the safest thing you can do is not be in an at-risk area. [Under] catastrophic conditions,
the focus is principally and foremost on life safety. Life is at risk when it comes
to catastrophic conditions. – If you’re told to evacuate,
please do so. If you’re told to take certain
actions, please do so. And, for heaven’s sake,
stay away from bushland tomorrow.

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  1. We need training programs and policies to teach & allow regular civilians & private companies to safely & effectively mitigate land, We're never going to do it with the governmental resources alone. Nor while playing politics.

  2. Governments fault! try cutting trees around your property! any land clearing will create more revenue raising, ask the government how much money do they receive from fire levy on our rates notice ! and what they do with it!

  3. People in the Media should stop making so many people afraid! As for Gladys – she is behaving like Munchausen! Stay calm folks! Panic does not help! Fire is not consuming the whole of NSW!

    If a fire occurs near you, then follow the direction of the Emergency Services. Watch out for arsonists deliberately lighting fires!

  4. Australian suburbs and farmlands extend deep into the bush vulnerable to fires historically?
    In England they build homes on flood plains and homes get flooded. In Florida they build homes encroaching upon the swamps and everglades and people get eaten by alligators.. May have have to rethink how they live?

  5. It appears that the time has indeed come where we need to change where and how we live, although there are many reasons for these now normal crisis we were warned and are still warned of future problems. Unfortunately in this instance, if it was me, I would be looking at relocating my family to a safer part of my state / country as I would not want to live in fear of this happening every year of rest of my life.

  6. I hope and prey for the aborigines, all non whites and especially the wildlife but white people can just burn… hate white Australians… most racist white people I’ve ever encountered.

  7. We learned nothing after the Victorian bushfires of 2009 and the last major statewide drought that finished in 2007-2008. After this emergency is over the LNP will again ignore climate change and preparations for bigger and worse droughts and fires. The LNP will go straight back to rewarding their donors and big business with tax cuts.

  8. CLIMATE CHANGE, this whole video is proof and the whole of Australia and California is proof. I am praying for the people in Australia and in Cali ?? We are putting ourselves in danger with the extreme amount of CO2 emissions, there is no other answer or reasoning for these catastrophic events (including all the hurricanes and typhoons). People have said it “we have never seen anything like this”. ENVIRONMENT OVER CONVENIENCE! I know it is convenient to keep pumping fossil fuels into our cars, but you know what is easier? Using the sun, wind, water, or the earth’s extreme internal heat to power the world and give your children a safe world to live in and everyone is at peace with safety.

  9. Stand with you all people fighting against fire in Australia. Climate change needs to be seriously considered by this world. Praying from Chinese people.

  10. I'm in one of the regions thats currently of now in catastrophic threat of bushfire. Thankfully there hasn't been one here

  11. I think too much information given by fire authority unnecessarily. Arsen's will be encouraged if again and again media broadcast, Catastrophic condition, high wind & any fire will take hold easily. They could just evacuate without giving all those details.

  12. This is horrific and i have to say,the heroes to me have to be Fire Fighters huge respect,of outstanding bravery!!!!

  13. In sydney we are lucky we have lots of lakes and rivers, however i am still concerned so i got the firesnearme app and it’s creepy seeing fires come closer and stuff but they usually all die out after like 17km away

  14. NSW and Queensland fires: Berejiklian declares state of emergency amid 'catastrophic' bushfire conditions – live ►

  15. Oh poor people and animals in Auatralia. What a nightmare. I'm from Holland and don't understand why countries like Spain, Greece and France don't send their planes to you. We think of you and hope you all get over this.

  16. Has there been any research into whether the sale of groundwater to large corporations for bottling and export has contributed to this disaster?

  17. OML WHY WILL ADULTS DO THINGS IN PURPOSE SO RIDICULOUS . The firefighter tried hard to put that away I hope u guys will get a lot of water. In the morning I thought it was foggy but it was actually smoke

  18. World gonna end and it's one of the example ??
    And feeling bad for all animals that they lost their home n for people too…pray for it???

  19. Blame the Greens for the scope of damage. In their idiocy they dont allow home owners to make fire breaks during winter. Voters reap what you sow.

  20. Wether this fire was man made or not, if we keep having forest fires we could lead to extinction. This is a crisis, and it’s horror.

  21. The state of Victoria is heading for a wildfire disaster, and they can't blame the climate. In Victoria, we had cool weather and plenty of rainfall, so there aren't any shortages of wildfire fuel due to the volume of rain Victoria has received, all that is required now is the right conditions for the arsonists to light Victoria up.

  22. 218 suspicious fires have been investigated in Queensland since September 2019, with 86 investigations finalised – 48 of those have led to policing action, with 66 people being dealt with by police! This does not sound like the Catastrophe is caused by Climate Change/Global Warming. It is something far more sinister!

  23. This is a direct result of the fossil fuel industry not giving a s*** about Australians. Profit over people has to end or every place becomes Australia

  24. Feel sorry for the people. Now understand why Austrlian government keep all the asylum seekers out of Australia in near by small islands.

  25. 0:57: "Fire, fire bloody everywhere, fire."

    "The first angel sounded: And hail and fire followed, mingled with blood, and they were thrown to the earth. And a third of the trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up." (Revelation 8:7)

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