ATTACK ON TITAN GAME (Teens React: Gaming)

September 10, 2019

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – “Attack on Titan”? Isn’t that a show? – Oh, Attack on Titan.
I’ve seen this game. It’s kinda like the show, and then you go all around and slice Titans up. – It was, like, the hugest thing.
Do you remember that? There was such a big
Attack on Titan frenzy. – That was, like, my favorite
anime of all time back in, like– I can still hear the beginning
of the theme song playing in my head. – It’s one of the best animes
I’ve ever seen. I love it. It’s like a society
that lives inside walls, because there’s these giant
Titan creatures outside the walls that attack them and eat people. – (FBE) This game follows the events
of season one of the anime, where humanity is
on the brink of extinction due to the human-eating Titans. So first, you’re gonna be training to be a soldier against the Titans.
– I don’t know. I don’t know how I’d face off
against the Titans. In real life, I’d probably
die pretty quickly. But in the game, we’ll see.
Maybe I’ll do a little better. – Let’s do it! – (speaking Japanese) – I really like the art style here. Like, it works well with
the actual style in the anime. – “Are you ready?” – He already knows
I’m gonna be bad at this. – This boy wants to… I guess, kill people
and master his equipment. – “The basics of omni-directional
mobility start with movement.” Okay, so already doing great. – I’m running. Got the anime run down. – He’s doing the Naruto run. – “Use square to fire an anchor”? Okay, “success.” I like that. – “Fire an anchor.” (laughing) – Oh, that was cool. – Okay, so square is to fire.
Okay, that’s good. – Where am I going? This way? I got this. – Oh my god. I want one in real life. – Over the wall, okay. Over the wall. – Boom. Easy. – The actual jumping and firing the anchor and the boosting feels pretty good. – Now what? – Oh. Got to hit the Titans now. – “Small one first.” – “Press R1 when a Titan is near
to switch to combat mode.” – “Pressing the square will fire an anchor into a Titan’s body part.” – “During omni-directional
mobility combat, you can rush toward
the Titan by not using L.” – “You can attack a Titan’s
body part by rushing close to it,” but not clicking anything. I’m pressing triangle right
before there’s a collision. – It’s teaching me to kill Titans
by jumping on the Titans, which frankly isn’t a great strategy, ’cause I’d try and get
as far away from them as possible. – Press R1 to enter– oh. Okay, so R1 just targets the Titan. – Square. And triangle. Dang it. Oh, there. I understand. – Is that good? Yeah, nice. – Okay, so I don’t– okay,
and then triangle. Okay, got it. – Yes! I did it. (loud impact)
– Woo! I mean, I don’t know what 285 is out of, but that seemed like a powerful attack. (loud impact)
– Ooh! Easy. Easy. Is he dead? I killed him. That was easy. Easy.
Bring on the real Titans now. – “Successfully attacked
Titan training dummy.” Yay. – I’m digging the combat
and the movements so far. – (FBE) All right, now
that you’re trained, let’s see how you do against the Titans.
– Oh boy. – Oh god, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die. – I feel like the giant monster creatures that are destroying their city, I shouldn’t have to face
them on my first day. That’s not a fair test. – Let’s go. Attack some Titans. – “Hey, Armin, do you think
this is a good opportunity?” – “Once we participate in our
first battle, we’ll be recruits.” – Everything they say is really dramatic. Look at that. Hardcore parkour. – Ooh, I like how it’s
kinda still anime style. – All right, let’s go. Let’s move
on out. Let’s hit the road. – Ooh. Oh yeah. I’ve always
wanted to do this. – “Head to Armin.” Okay. I’m assuming he’s the exclamation point. – I think I need to go over here. – “Head to Armin.” What’s up? – Armin! Gotcha! Wee! I win. So we don’t have
to fight the Titans, right? – All right, Eren. Titans
are already in town. – “…and stop the Titan invasion.” Okay. – I’m gonna die, man. – All right, let’s do this. – (chuckles) Okay. Ready?
I’m ready for this. – Let’s go! Woo! (Titan barks)
– Oh my god. – Let’s go. Let’s go. First Titan. Oh god. – Woohoo! He is terrifying,
even in video game form. All right, let’s do this. – I think I’m getting it. Hold on. Boom, boom, boom-boom-boom-boom. Dang it. (gasps)
Oh, I almost got it eaten. – I should go around,
’cause I can’t go for his– if I go through his head,
he’s gonna eat me. – Okay. Okay, that’s bad. What are you saying, damn it, cadet? I’m the one who almost got eaten. – Wait, okay. R1. Right, up, up. That’s where I want. Yeah! Bye. Next Titan. – Touch. I did it! – Oh! I killed it! Yes! Oh, I feel great about myself. – Oooh… noice. Ooh, that’s a lot of fun.
That was pretty cool. – There we go. Boom. Dead. Already got one. Let’s go find some more Titans. – I feel like Spider-Man. – Going through the city
just feels fast and right. Oh, this guy. This guy’s
not even that– oh god. – R1, square. (mumbles) Got him. Yes! I’m gonna have bloodstains there. Oh my god! Look at me, dude. – Wow! I am covered in blood. Oh man. He needs a shower. – Ooh, this guy. Let’s go. “Complete subjugation.” All right, let’s go. Let’s go. This is pretty fun, actually.
I’m digging it. But I just hope it gets a little harder. – Yo, let’s go. (loud impact, blood spraying) Okay. Yo, I’m wiping
this town out right now. – Oh gosh. That’s probably
the most important thing. All right. I have to head this way. – Whee! I wish bungee jumping was like this.
That’d be much more fun. – Okay, I’m here. What’s up? Did they all just– Oh, they wanted
to just take out the Titans. Okay, all right. – Let’s go. Come on. (loud impact)
Yeah. Easy. This is– pff. If the show this easy, it wouldn’t be as
interesting, I don’t think. – (giggles) His dance. I can’t– (characters shouting) And your dancing days are over, bruh. ♪ (electronic action music) ♪ – Got to get around him. (Eren shouts)
Ooh, that distraction! Did not see that coming. (Eren shouting) (blade rings, squelching) – Mm! So satisfying when they die. – Oh, sheshus. “Superior subjugation.” (loud impact)
– Nice. One hit. Not too bad. Bye. ♪ (stirring action music) ♪
(Titan stomping) – Okay. Final guy, let’s go. – Is this the big one? – Oh, this guy’s screwed.
Am I gonna come save him? Run away. – That’s so creepy. – I can do it. I got this far. – Oh no. “More large Titans
have appeared.” – Ah-ha-ha. Oh-ho!
Why does he have lightning? – Ooh. Why is he glowing like that? – He’s on fire. For my mother! – Oh gosh. (Titan growls)
– Oh, sheshus. I need to bounce. Hold up. I need to go, I need to go, I need to go. – Okay. No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no. Bam. You don’t screw with me. – I’ll have to go for those points first. “Completing side-missions
and destroying Titan parts during battle will cause your Decisive Battle
Signal Meter to rise.” – “When it is filled, press R2 to activate Decisive Battle Signal.” – All right. Ready? I’m setting it off. (flare blasts) Let’s go. – Go.
(Eren shouts) Boom. Come on, guys! Whoa! – Woo! Well, now that I have 15 people that can teleport behind me,
I’m pretty enthusiastic. (Eren grunts loudly)
Ooh. That seemed successful. ♪ (music intensifying) ♪ Still going around. ♪ (music slows) ♪
Oh! Trippy. All right, all right. We’re getting there. (grunting and shouting)
– Oh gosh. (loud impacts)
I did it! Two failed attacks, though. Success. – Did I just kill him? Ah! Look at that! Oh my gosh. (Eren shouts fiercely) – Ohhh!! “Efficient subjugation”! – Subjugate. Oh, so this one’s a little bit
more powerful– nope. Nope, okay. – Boom. Did I kill him yet? I killed him. All right, we’re good. We’re fine. Look, I’m all glowy
and cool now too. – Go team. Mission completed. I need a nap. – (FBE) Congratulations!
You’ve successfully defended the city! – Oh, that was it? Wait, that was it? – It was fun. It was really easy,
but it was still fun. – Oh my gosh. I made it. I did it, Mom. – That was so fun. – Even though it was really easy and I was kind of just pressing
the same combos over and over, it was still really fun, ’cause it was like a different
gaming experience. – That was really awesome
and eventful and stressful and dizzying and so many adjectives
that are all positive. I’m a fan. I’m a fan of all
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