Atlas: Treasure hunting, sailing, and ship-to-ship combat
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Atlas: Treasure hunting, sailing, and ship-to-ship combat

August 27, 2019

okay I am ready to go alright well I hit
the button and so let’s see if we’re showing up live on the internet live on
the Internet yes let’s see let’s see we can only cross our fingers and wait
and hope and pray and look there it is it looks like we are live on the
Internet hello Internet hello PC world Adam zero with the life and we have a
couple special get a couple special pirates on the are on the ship once you
introduce yourselves I am okay so yeah we have okay I am life Johnson mackerel
especially for PC world yes we have Joseph Bradford Joe actually reviewed
this for IgM but he was I was been part of his crew this whole time so say hello
Joseph Bradford and then on the other Joe we have Joe Joseph M I don’t think
he likes to Sarah’s last name says oh hello Joe iam and okay Joseph Marton yes
that’s him so we have two Joe’s in the corner I could refer to them as the
Joe’s and my mouth so so yeah we we occasionally call him Ralph to
differentiate the two well that’s because you are Joe and say
and yes and they are very close friends so he’s gonna check something you’re
talking about this game and not simply because we’re PC gamers right okay how
do I cancel placings oh that’s right right quick died in the
process let’s see my they can’t actually see what I’m looking at on my Microsoft
edge browser here candy I don’t forget to make the climb on you Joe sorry
technical difficulties hold on yeah there we go now we’re showing up on
YouTube yeah we go stuff things pre-prepared alright that’s fine
so making for climbing fix and for vinick’s two for each of you guys yet
sorry on the shape okay okay so this is this is our base which is totally almost
entirely built by joseph marr tune you’re here and there and as you can see
his know they can see it yes i just switched over his aesthetics are kind of
lightning but wait is that supposed to be a building yes it is okay you know
what I’ll take an elephant you know you know in order to build this this is what
you do all day you spend it doing stuff like bashing on rocks all day so that’s
how we built all this stuff I mean that’s that’s realistic that’s real life
let’s do our yeah yeah so no maybe with a cooler accent so over here the ship
over here is that we’re stupid snake what you do snake on fire two main ships
over here the over den when you build ships we’ve had all kind of ships the
ships are at the bottom of Davy Jones locker no great and but we actually had
a Brigantine which was maybe twice as large as they over it in here server
fodder there was a point when they allowed you to build a little ramshackle
sloop which allowed you to leave to look at trade is multiplying they allowed you
to build a ramshackle slope that allows you to leave the server areas which was
fairly easy but the problem is was that regular servers were disappearing I mean
excuse me that regular hell is saying it’s
buddy harvesting okay it’s just like whoa what is this madness so what is
this game believe it or not Joseph Martin over here is building this
galleon entirely on his own and I hope some what you do you put a few words if
you catch those okay well I don’t think I can probably place them I just can’t
make them early in the inventory here it’s it’s on the smithy in the base okay
well yeah but I can show you some of the the annoyances of actually building a
ship but I like how he swims he just kind of like stays he stays vertical in
the water and then just pushes his legs around oh yeah it’s raining so be sure
to fill up your your water skins watch out for cyclones because if there’s one
a we’re not taking off yet right yeah we because if we take off with one into bay
it’s going to ruin this is my wonderful character delicioso taco trench yes
so can you prep later on this trip yes if you wanted to could you take that
half built ship out like no we could not no you can’t even what sink dude it’s
there’s no but I mean you know I will find you yes this is all very
time-intensive building these ships this is yes that’s a lot of time yes but so
the Oh bird in how long did it take to do that one and what kind of ship is
that I don’t know that’s a schooner schooners yeah and the smaller one is a
sloop the server father is a sloop which he coming but the thing we were afraid
that it was going to crash because people were taking a ranch natural OOP
and when you get to the edges of the server you know that basically make sure
you let me show you into a different form of the grid so yeah so like why
doesn’t it sure routes where we’ve gone on here anyway
did they reset that well anyway there are I can assure you actual maybe it
ah there it is but the thing is you used to be able to see everywhere that we get
traveled and stuff but it’s doing that we but each of these is a different
server and so when you would cross the line of the ramshackle sloop what you
would get from the starter zone to like you know a lawless area where we are
right now it would fall apart he would be ears ship would record see it was a
total waste of time so we made this server this sloop a regular sloop in
order to see if we could cross the server without and we were all like in
jet it was like that’s just a technical limitation of the game no way it was it
was a bug I was a bug there’s so many bugs in this game yeah so we employed so
we decided to make it make a regular sloop to see if it would also survive it
so that was a shit we built solely for that purpose
uh-huh and it is lasted longer than most ships that we have okay so let me get
some large panels for the galleon here just to show you what the process of
building a ship is like and to give you an idea of how intensive time intensive
this is oh goodness so hello these are all the cows that do
got this kind of reminds me of like Minecraft when I just like put some
animals in a little you know square cage and so this large oh dang okay so they
said that weighed me down okay let me let me see if getting this okay the wood
getting rid of the wood weighed me down so yeah that’s the other thing is you
have limited inventory space so you have to carry all you know if you get
overdone yeah I see you’ve already harvested the metal here we’re lucky to
have a little harvested metal now but okay so this is one of the things you’ve
probably heard if you’ve been following this game that all the land has been
taking up on the server’s where you can actually claim land it is really
difficult to find land we actually lost our own claim we had a little garbage
desert island PCWorld stuff we actually lost it so
here’s here’s an example this is oh good job guys this is ours but you have
people you know taking little you know post and that’s the way that you claim
it on lawless lands because what it is if we stop logging in to this island for
four days we will lose all of the stuff that we have built and so we won’t lose
the ships but we win but we will lose the everything that we’ve built and so
we could definitely see a storm coming here so this is bad this I’m gonna go
out on a limb here is this game doesn’t sound good is it good it has its moments
but in if you ask I’m gonna recommend it to you to buy it it is not good yeah
so that okay so say this okay so boom that’s it and how it’s easy yeah it’s
easy because he took the time building all the resource oh this part of takes
two what about 600 wood maybe 500 fat that in depth I might be on the low side
and the core that for fair plank yes for the large wooden planks it is 1540
fibers 24 metal 1320 thatch 1540 wood and that’s what these are like you would
not want to watch this gathering net stuff and so that’s it that’s all I can
do so okay we have how many more so now we can sail it now we can take it out
look at this yeah so you just saw those three that I put now look at the rest of
the ship the decks are not do you have do you have to build the the scaffolding
here oh yeah the scaffolding is relatively easy but it takes a long time
to get the resources ability but yeah we don’t actually have to like put every
single plank in but this oh it looks bad we should sail in this this sounds like
a cool storm luckily it looks like it’s clearing it
so yes but this is when this galleon gets done this gives you an idea for
reference will it ever get done do you think you’re getting enough we’re
invested in this game and the thing is when you have a crew like us like we are
you will see us individually Manning the sails and one of us will steer you have
to individually mane the cannons you can you can buy NPC crew members but they’re
buggy you can and you know but you know you can hire them I should say yeah
that’s that’s what I mean it’s expensive you have to you have to pay them one
gold piece an hour and yes maybe if captain I think what’s the day I thought
it was an hour that’s a little bit better but yeah but it gives you an idea
of here’s all the skills no it’s per hour
it’s hour yeah expensive it’s hard the only way to get a lot of gold is to go
on this treasure hunts what we’re about to get or take down the ships otherwise
it’s digging in the dirt which you’ll find a piece of gold like what every
once every five hours or something like that and so anyway so let’s get onto the
good ship over it in yeah Oh bird in medium planks in there I’ve made a few
just in case we do run into some trouble this overburden was probably the real
ship in the game purple yeah you know I only wanted it for the sails but we had
enough purple dye that we were like let’s be fabulous darling let’s make
this oh ship it actually kind of looks like like crushed velvet like you know
it looks like if I were to reach out and touch it it would be like really soft so
if you go below deck so yeah you know yeah I even have it you know all
fabulous down here where the where the bathrooms where it already goes oh
that’s about well you know that that’s the way that
you’re supposed to be able to kill yourself as a narc you you take a dump
and then you eat it and that’s but you can do that in this game I’ve got a
suicide command Oh in our that’s the recommending a suicide command is if you
take it down because you would turn that that feces into fertilizer for
fertilizing crops but since they don’t have a suicide command you would take
that dump and eat it and immediately die waste so right now you could take a dump
and eat it I don’t think I have enough food and not yes when you take it you
just stand right on the deck that’s like saying you don’t even jump your pants
when we first started it we were you know you have to watch your vitamins
that’s what you’re seeing up in the upper right hand corner so you got my
vitamins are very low right now so I have to eat before we I have to so let
me is this how it was in pirate day without you know they’re trying to
capture like you know having scurry and vitamin deficiency of Pisces so yeah we
were constantly dying at the beginning because at first I didn’t like this game
now I like yeah so yeah so we were just sitting there dying you’re starving to
death and eventually just died but you know you you’re having like dysentery
and diary so let me see where’s the defecate command the plus button the
plus button okay let me see if I can get where Adam can see me I don’t think I’ve
eaten enough okay so plus did I take it out it should
now hear yourself do it or it’ll flash at the top of the screen that plus isn’t
my key I think it’s end whatever the heck end is and okay let’s say turn up
the volume a little bit I want to hear this side okay well I haven’t actually
done it okay so Master Orion you’ve never done
it in this game oh I’ve never done it without command probably defecate add
button so let me see here what’s something I’m gonna do star multiply
okay so apply so here we go are you excited
oh I’m man I’m ready and didn’t do anything okay so that was exactly Oh not
ready to knock yet yes so I had to write that line not ready to defecate yeah
yeah I haven’t eaten I haven’t and by the way I’m using cosmetics right now so
you know I’m looking you know I have this cool you know pirate thing but
believe it or not in while it’s freaking hot out here I am wearing a full set of
plate armor so that’s that’s yeah you can see I still have the gloves and
stuff so that’s one reason why she’s hot so I think at the end of this stream you
should definitely look as the ship’s going down just just totally crap
yourself we’re gonna try to take down some shit I thought we were taking the
ship down I thought we were gonna but we’re gonna do our best to make this
second because this ship has lasted longer than any ship that we’ve had
except from the Jeff the stupid raft over they for a long time I think this
is lasted longer than we’ve had Jeff replacement Jeff Jeff again the
Magnificent the Vickie lot twice we don’t have a I guess yeah I need some
plants guys I need some veggies okay so there’s only one bed for four three
that’s where you spawn oh I thought so most things you can I’ll go up real
tight yeah so ships are the only places you can spawn so yeah so yeah that’s
that’s then you can’t spawn it like your house you have to spawn in the show I
like that shield wait and why why is that pirate naked Oh Joe always runs
around yeah so that’s the thing so you can see
the corner on you know dying of thirst here basically but okay say me naked was
so hard there man you know it’s alright so yes so okay so see I’m gonna eat my
yes so you can eat a lot of this stuff and it’s yeah so different servers so
people can see well I got one for 85 and then one for this server so we can hit
the one this server I think go to 85 we could go to b5 but we don’t want to
go a nod that 5s was a different okay see I overate yeah and so I start losing
health and as you can see in the bottle I was just trying to get some vitamins
uh now you have too much food and you can’t poop yeah oh I might let’s try
okay maybe no let me wait let me bring up the
sound alright quiet quiet quite on set all right well let’s let’s give it some
time okay you know what bowels had take time to do their magic so are we ready
to set sail guys yep okay so see what we did here is we put a we remember I said
stuff decay these guys stopped playing and so they have their ships and looks
their ships are starting to rot which is kind of cool but they stealin well they
used to unfortunately we don’t leave we’re gonna we’re not on a pvp server it
doesn’t work that way we could try to claim the ship if we weren’t in a
lawless region yes this region we can’t place a claim flag
anywhere and that lawless meant that we can build anywhere we want but the thing
is that it will decay anything that we have built like our docks here well if
we don’t login for four days yeah yeah and so it was nice because there’s used
to be blocking us but it’s not there anymore so
yeah you don’t have to worry about it that sea turtle is scary let me go ahead
and go knock these they’re actually okay here so yeah one B so here’s a manta ray
and I hope I have enough stamina my I am spec for two-handed weapons it’s just
fun the others combat looks okay so yeah so we have enough fish to kill that man
or a he was the one that came over here and was like I like how you’re carrying
on there that’s actually pretty cool so so now we can yes fish meat is tough
enough getting the fish meat delicious on the next island that we go to you so
yeah about these rocks will hit us so I’m gonna get them out of the way there
in this fun Adam I’m sorry I’m curious why are we why used to guys still play
in this game this is crazy that you fun once you build these ships and you start
exploring I mean there is that bit of fun I didn’t actually get 21 metal out
of that guys so I’m gonna bring it back to the show oh you have no words god no
I am gonna is so low because I but even though so I can’t actually reach the
thing so let me see if I can get on top of this rock here oh god please please
don’t please get up here oh oh so yeah here’s my slow stamina going rekha yeah
welcome to Atlas guys this is are we communicating have fun this game wait so
what did this developer make any other games are
Ark okay they’re a sister studio but what it is is basically it’s still you
know what is it shot games but what is the name of the parents do you a wild
card wild card yes Studio Watson so this actually started out as a expansion for
Ark but they kind of saw it that it could be much more that and so they
broke off grapeshot games to basically make a second game the thing is if
you’ve played our quit any amount of time you will instantly see this for
what it is it’s a reskin of our hmm Ark with boats necessarily a bad thing this
Ark is a front of you make Joe and I have probably combined six hundred hours
in art but yeah there’s a lot of people who love art by the way when you review
this for IGN what score did you give it to there are a lot of things that make
me question my entire career path with this game yeah and I said because you
know when I wrote it for PC world you know that was Joe he was the the Joe
that I was referring to and yeah that was the thank you so when we get out in
the open sea here what you can see here by the way we should leave while it is
pretty yeah and the blandest and we see that’s the thing you also have to watch
the wind to set the sails so we have favorable winds okay so yeah we’re
moving out careful okay I’m gonna go ahead and open
the sails here okay what I’ve been trying to say you are not this is
basically a for a galleon or a Brigantine we have a large sail on this
ship but the thing is it makes us go really fast yeah they’re Holland yeah
that’s the thing because we have this gigantic ass sale of hang medium-sized
it also means work garbage at combat yes it’s just way too large okay so where
are we going first see is that the southern island
this is the southern island yes okay so you want to try to see what a shooter
stood enough yeah let’s just shoot its a few times let’s let’s start this out
with a bang literally yeah okay so get down here I will stay on the sail then
you have no joke cannons but maybe not destroy it but at least shoot it a few
times all right going down cannons got it yep
yep yep this is gonna be okay so no left yes all right so it was like just last
week well why does that have a green stuff on it was it looks like this it’s
the damn what is that an NPC years yes that’s an improbably behind you could you grab that sail and
just kind of turn it into the wind I’m okay oh you can do it under below deck okay there I returned it and the front
one needs to be sell to who I got it okay
okay we’re gonna left laughs position you get to be on the left again okay
it’s firing on us oh shit oh oh oh nice we’re gonna get hit again okay so yeah
the heart can you see the damage I mean I’m gonna say you should go ahead and
help good are we doing yes I can’t really turn yeah let’s get let’s get out
of here I’m trying to give you some faces now I
need to go it’s because I’m handling the snails like a boss okay so okay well
shoot we are just out running the balls of that thing yeah he’s like yeah that’s
scary a ship yeah like greenest one of the lower ones yeah those kind of
a mid tier in red or like the super strong ones so if if if Ark was so
beloved how come if this is just a reskin it’s not as good I don’t know
anything about Ark so it’s not just a reskin and just leaving at that is
probably not the best comparison because this does a lot of different things than
Ark I think the main reason is Mark didn’t have like you had the base
building but you didn’t have all of the super time-consuming crafts that this
game was predicated on for two seconds yeah to do anything in this game you
have to have a boat which means you have to spend a ton of time grinding I do
which means you have to have land to build build on which means you have to
have a base I’m turning to my left a little bit the way the land claims are
going in this game it’s hard to get land you have to sail in order to build to
build it or sail huh and then when you’re out on the water there’s no
guarantee you’re gonna last 15 minutes will bear just place the last 10 hours
Wow which has happened to us multiple times
Wow so it’s a huge time investment watch me reload my guns
and sometime sink and with with ARC you at least had you know the whole dinosaur
taming that was various central to the game and it made it really interesting
this is we really had a lot of advanced technology you had a lot of bosses that
she could be rather fighting I mean you had Joe I think we had a few caves that
we had super high-level monsters had to fire potential attained what’s right south side of the island
yeah okay that’s kind of why we look at the
compass yeah that’s the thing you gotta look at to look at the compass okay he’s
heading that way so this is better or worse than sea of thieves because I
played a good amount of seafood fest like that this there’s sailing and see a
thieves is better because it’s more active in this game as I’m sure you’ve
seen when you turn the sails you kind of access a mundane and oftentimes not
really responsive radial menu mm-hmm guys and see a fuse you physically turn
the sail yeah it’s just it’s more active do you want me to bring down the sails a
little bit yeah slow down all right let me rotate them for you
the other main reason why I think this game suffers compared to arc is even
though arc when it launched had a lot of bugs it was really poor performance
careful is a rocket ship oh look at the galleon wow yeah have the
massive time sink you have in this game in this game is very easy to lose hours
and hours and hours with your worth of work in five seconds I was walling off
the server went there last time we were here
well if these guys have two galleons they certainly have the crew duh I think
this is Spartan badness that that group oh yeah they’re they’re chatty Bunch
how do I child the gun tutorial and never left
well are you parking here yeah this is rose I can’t lower the anchor yet yeah
so it’s kind of turning into inwards all right we need a little bit of speed
let’s see this is this is what our sail is he supposed to go on I was like a
galleon when we did that for speed it’s the Spartan madness of midget
madness how many people do you need for the galleon it’s I at least comfortably
he would need about five but you know it’s like like the Brigantine that we
used to have was technically a 16 person ship but we were able to drawn it with
three people were able to sail it with three people yeah yes all the cannons
with the galleon it’s by default will hold about 59 people you still can’t put
the this is how you see it right here is lower anchor yeah okay yeah but you’re
gonna run it to the Black Pearl lesser oh I’m not you’re trying to get right
alongside it because it’s also a skinner so yes you get an idea second anchor
he’s probably as close as he can get is it something else like the sails are low
enough for something what the sails at full we don’t have a dinghy you know
which is a boat that you would take into the don’t talk about your teeny I should
probably use the map because pick it up well okay okay
so treasure map oh that’s right the grenades is he we got our butt kicked
when we were trying to fight these guys normally the
see it in my review video yeah you can look at his review video and yet but the
thing is we learned that if you use grenades it’s really easy to just like
blow them into smithereens these because when we go for the treasure this army of
the Dead will jump and I also I need to get my mace out because I’m good with a
mace yeah in a blender bust as everyone have pistol I got my pistols I got two
two pistols and I’ve got my fire arrows and my sword which is useless so you can
see us cooking here so delicious fish yeah that’s what asked is is that safe
to light a fire that big on a ship oh it’s funny because we actually have a
grill a normal grill but yeah when you have the regular ship it’s like just a
campfire but as you’ll see in this video we actually went to the far north the
tundra it makes me sad that you can’t see this gives you an idea how big the
game is yeah but huge we went all the way up to here we actually own land up
in a1 and it was icy and bleak and cold we had to have we’d be wearing fur and
and everything and yeah it was it was pretty darn bleak but we’ve basically
been all over the place so let me see here dishes fish okay I’m gonna put this
fish in the salt yeah yeah we have preserving bags over here so we can I
have yes but I’m cooking fish I’m just making sure you have it that’s all you
can see the glow from the fire yes alright I’m gonna put this fish in there
the jaw look like this light a lamp for something I have several yes what a make
a lantern I want to try something if you don’t mind happening oh yeah that’s
fabulous darling yes we have the most fabulous ship from atlas okay so he hit
you down here we turn there you know why but for some reason
they for rate are you ready to poop yet let’s find out okay right I can’t the
volume still how to get it is your body needs to figure it out no shit my body
is not ready are you ready you got you oh that’s right he’s making an extra alright so split one there already I’m
dropping not dropping what happened once way to draw it but I am raw wait so what
are we gonna go treasure die we were gonna go to an island but he’s trying to
die his lantern so it admits a you know fabulous purple lock oh darling that’s
pretty cool okay that’s pretty cool Vegas Vegas so just give you all an idea
for where we are you will want to go basically east northeast yes but
basically see where the the essence galleon is or whatever it is the go man
yeah we just follow me yes I remember because the thing is if we drop all of
this gear and we have to go run back to it this is a lot of time this is metal
tools this is guns so you don’t want to lose this yeah
sounds like well come on guys we don’t me to get a pair I really like this
purple light it’s okay okay it looks like it’s right over this hill guys past
these palm trees so I don’t think we can get up here but let’s try it we can
climb over oh I didn’t bring any I didn’t bring any hood okay I have a
grappling hook but it’s almost gone we need some climbing pics then back to the
ship come here because I’ve got one I can give you I went right up I like the
purple light is just scaling the wall okay come up here to use climbing hooks
so I only have one one more that’s halfway gone okay that will be fine yeah
you have one marked into for me yes he’s already halfway up oh don’t go up there
it’s right over here guys right there it’s so over here where these palm trees
are right y’all you up there just drop over the side yeah okay just follow us
okay so dang this is the this climbing
animations intense honestly the climbing is one of the more fun activities I
found in this game okay it’s right past here the lights here I’m walking along
these walls I’m gonna get my guns ready I’m gonna get to a vantage point and
start pointing fire arrows that’s someone all right okay wait wait okay
see you in front of me yeah see the rocks in front of me it’s basically
right over that rock see they can’t see that light that I can see because I have
the treasure map on me okay once again this is reloading a gun this is just
tells you the process you got to put the powder and you see there’s a lot of
things in this game where you got to play a little mini game like this oh so
I missed it the thing is it still loads it just takes a big deep drop powder
then let’s see dropped your bullet let’s see so okay let me see so yeah and so
here’s another case of the mini game oh I can’t a day for water here but
normally yeah if I was in a place where I could actually drink for you can dig
for water and you have to play that same minigame alright okay so once your
grenade and I’ll start searching for oh okay see it’s it’s over here you coming
down man come come with me right I saw you and I thought it was the dang
okay they’re literally right in front of you right in front of you you ready okay oh hi hi okay let’s get that oh yeah oh
yeah okay dang y’all got a show so what’s the Firestar I’m about to drop it and even though
yeah go ahead say I’ve got one too yeah you guys made
that look easy we it took us a while of learning this
is this is one of the benefits of this stream you can see hell three hands and
learned how they because this would be a lot more miserable if you were seeing us
within our first week wait what can I quit that’s right because I have my
two-handed weapon I can’t do it he’s gotta quit with the ten seconds for it
to be equipped which is something that I forgot to mention in my review oh it’s a
second oh okay okay let’s see what we got yeah how about dude there we go it
down it’s not doing anything yeah I do there’s something all right stop yeah
okay what’d you get 24 gold it’s a blueprints okay so yeah I got you
so remember gold at 24 and remember every hour okay so some garbage that’s a
boy yeah so we each get 24 so that’s really cool and so that’s how we went
and bought our cosmetic stuff and everything so there’s that so but yeah
you go back to a Freeport and get it so yeah that’s we made that loop really
easily just like so said this is the island want that really pretty waterfall
if you want to show it off if it’s friggin daylight see all right the
purple strobe light Hey look at there there’s somebody else that put a large a
large mast on a schooner it’s really good you get bored in this game as you
can see all right well the thing is every time we’ve been on an island for
us we’ve had to dig for our freshwater and stuff so this often do you need
water you need it because the thing is look at the stats we have a lot of point
we all have a lot of points in fortitude if you don’t have a lot of points in
fortitude and if you don’t have a lot of points in you know vitamin depletion
rate you you end up dying and you start you know the sun’s coming up and there’s
fine line but it also has to do with your environment to use like we were
losing there’s a giant snake out here by the way started losing thirst we do here
are you ready got it well I want fire reload taken out by a
snake keep in mind I am an armored plate but we have a cosmetic overlay over it
okay I’m so sorry Joe body is just well being I just realized we could have just
gone through the gate cuz it’s open oh it’s open is anybody
home I’m at the open gate oh shoot I don’t actually know where the yeah over
here instead of wild elephant okay look at ya see when we first came to this
they didn’t have this friggin port here and walled off so yeah this is the thing
is you can actually look at this beautiful waterfall the thing is
remember I said we spawned on a desert island originally because it’s the only
place that we could go we were dying of thirst constantly that first week yes
side rotation yeah we actually at a suicide rotation so we wouldn’t lose our
gear well I’m gonna go sit off to the side and die and it was that bad it’s
not even kidding oh and so yeah we would literally time
our suicide so we wouldn’t lose her our shipments that’s grim yeah it is it’s
real life real life is only we die once and that’s
it now we can do it on the you know we just take turns depending over religion
you believe when there are response right now that’s the bring my stuff cuz
normally you or we’re on we’re on eco tear I’m gonna die first cuz crocodiles
alright so I need to go do so armor no weapons strangle them with your bare hands you
can’t it’s not a mechanic dang it ground combat is as poor as it is just like
we’ll just give it up yeah you know it’s the game where you have to start off
punching stuff in the it was funny like I needed some fiber or something and it
was hello chicken I should yeah it sounds like man you can’t just leave it
there yes I will honor your death chicken
it’s like to do very viciously with a with an axe yes okay they blocked it off
because they didn’t want anybody else accessing the water yeah they didn’t
want anybody to know about it see is that that is how rare freshwater is huh
yeah but it’s not like they’re running out they’re just being dicks well they’re treating this as if they
had a land claim and that’s what you would do if you had a claim yes that’s
true problem is is there is no more land that you can claim in this game
that’s the digging for water minigame two you can get to it you just can’t see
it from the you know uh statement yeah that’s stupid
I mean I showed it but you know that is clearly what they’re trying to hide all
right they got two layers of this wall it’s insane
yeah it’s two guilds I lied here Spartan and midget madness their gates are
midget mad no something that all right yeah but this this gate problem is one
reason why they increase the materials that you need to build a gate without
telling anybody on the patch notes they do that a lot actually yeah this
developer maybe they’re constantly making pretty significant changes that
they don’t put in the patch notes so there’s there’s another reason why this
is a fun game to play four point eight guys but you had the last the last patch
so this has been a big problem PvP sir we played on a PvE server because he had
to get this review done and we could just totally see her so I was getting
trolled to a PvP server because I figured if I was gonna play it review it
I need the full experience at the time no friends and be you couldn’t log into
the game yeah except the PvE servers and so at that point it was I’ve already
wasted four days yes so all right we’re ready now I’m almost to ship oh well I
saw a naked guy on the boat and I thought that was you because I died
everyone’s getting naked so have they implemented a shaving mechanic yet so
you can you can build scissors as the thing and shave your head okay cuz yeah
be nice beard that your head cuz I play a woman because I don’t have to look
like Tom Cruise and the one thing that aging mechanic
because I’m 91 years old ya see I’m 88 years thank you I was
afraid like literally I was gonna die if you’re a kid and that kid if you have a
kid I told you I’m not gonna have a kid with you man very discriminatory remember he said that that’s what the
full fight armor looks like without the cosmetic skin on it with some cosmetics
but not all of it oh I see that was that’s that’s Ralph
okay can you let me try so I’ll send them back here wait wait no already my
body is not ready yes okay I don’t have my pistols or my climbing materials or
my food that’s fine we should start heading out so we can yes have some
action I just show the soda break alright so you want to go to the next but no we you want to go to 85 because
you want to see the snow all right oh wait wait we have fur Armour because
that’s the only oh I’m so used to a being yeah okay so that’s right it goes
left to right never mind hey five is right there we could do that
you know we got a treasure map for there to well let’s let’s go okay let’s go and
if we find one of the crates let’s stop and try to get the crate so I’ll look
what my directly my growl I’m gonna actually repair my grappling hook
and okay I’m gonna praise anchor don’t raise anchor yet because I’m not meaning
the sails I’m just turned to the boat right now
okay let’s see so yeah so we put this over here this is this is the inventory
for the bus so this is yeah we have enough stuff in here to repair stuff you
were looking at a lot of work here this is a lot so we have three in case we
have problems we have three planks that we you know like if I go ship you know
we have something to repair with sail to like okay yeah and so it’s maybe 30 just
so I can inches out of here okay there yeah I’ll be the back one to I’d lower
the sail oh you mean lower it okay let me get the front one I got someone
hitting me up that’s always nice what they want it’s not my wife so it’s not
as nice as it could be my wife sure how many pistols did you have I have zero
I had two well one was missing for some reason cuz I only had one of years oh
yeah flaming arrows I had three at know I had to climbing picks I had a regular
pickaxe I had a hatchet which I’m missing the regular pickaxe I had two
grappling hooks do we have like a treasure that is bigger than a common
like a treasure map yeah I found your pick
I put the rest of stuff in the arm right cool alright let’s set the sails full
open okay that’s right I got it alright so oh I
have no idea where in a 5-4 going I just know it’s an a5 well while I’m I can
take the wheel if you want yeah sure what direction we need to go
I guess Northwest ok so we can hit the corner of the surface though ok so fully
open there we go okay so I guess we’re not moving there goes all right there
she goes yeah she blows who’s gonna be up at the
up at the top we don’t have a way to get up there and you don’t oh well actually
get some crash did you want to try yeah well next time next time we see one
let’s get it okay because I was in the chest getting my stuff there was some
server performance fun right there got spots I was like did you slow down
oh no that’s the game okay alright let me see
shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot it’s too far what are you supposed to do oh yeah we’re going too fast for us to
do it when I see one I’m gonna sew it but one of y’all has to be able to stop
the cell when I see one it’s a dolphin there’s dolphins anyway
so somebody got it managed to get an admin okay yeah somebody managed to get
an admin account like yesterday is so they were like dropping whales and i’m
galleon which was calling on the so yeah because they implemented this mod key of
people we’re like trying to attack galleons with world war ii bombers and
stuff and it’s like that’s fine so I can’t get up there but I could just hang
here yeah you look you look pretty cool hang
in there you look like a spider like spider-man so it’s actually gonna quiet
I’m surprised we’re not seeing more drift shoes maybe they read my review
okay okay so we’re heading alright I think you’re going you need to go the
more you’ll see a ton more once we get out of this region the thing is if I go
huge sharply to the right I will lose my win yeah we need to be I mean we’ll
probably head into a six first instead of hidden in the corner uh-huh
but that we can always turn north and head up to a five anybody saying
anything fun on stream nope complaining about how the game is and I
would kind of I have to admit I kind of would like to get a guy yet on the open
seas and see how that around especially it’s just three of us but as far as I
just read something someone sent me kid tab tell me about 2016 dad okay hold on
dad pounds three shots of tequila dad it all started with this effing
gorilla they got one you got to ship off to the
ride it we’re in no danger of that those look freaky
I miss her rum Bay well if we want to change the next one I will try to check
the whole integrity yeah Joe you’ve got the hammer so see
this gives you an idea I’m trying to figure out where that’s fine so hopeful
health you have to check all of these Oh so see okay so how many so remember how
you saw like all those emerald oh wow yeah so that that’s you know so like
this one is slightly damaged just like 300 points of yeah so that’s fine you
okay down there what’s that oh yes you can see a repairing down there yeah
that’s right that’s a mini-game good everything in this repair process once
you repair it just slowly repair so what’s it’s like very loading a gun
huh yeah and the mini-game again only helps speed up the repair process by the
way see this back sale Joe didn’t know how to die oh here comes the surfer wall
and remember how I told you about the the scooter uh-huh yeah this this that
was why we made this server fodder because we were so worried that when we
crossed the line it was going to kill us and that was happening to those
ramshackle Slough so we would go out on the other side suddenly the shit would
be shit right it’s so okay alright so what you started needed turning more
north okay turning north okay we’re gonna lose our wind we’ll lose some of
it but yeah a five is to the north yeah
that’s just pretty bad and the server is awful let’s see wow I can’t get out of
here with this leg yeah well you’re gonna see up on the left this is really
cool it’s a it’s an island with skulls carved into the into the mountains up
here like no this is a the land isn’t like autogenerated this is all made by they say it’s all bespoke but you’ll
notice on some servers especially Freeport servers it’s the same exact
island just turned a different way but in the like the wilderness areas in the
Freeport areas it does it does look like the all of the islands are original
there is stuff on the ocean floor by the way and it’s really yeah well when our
ship one of our last ships went down we went down explore we said well because
we were too far from land to swim anywhere in faisal it’s a little loose
let’s go all the way down what’s called Jeffrey born nobody’s nobody’s
understood the jeff reference got some rafts coming attack this lag is terrible that’s yeah
that’s that’s what they were saying in chat yeah my pink is only 37 to like I
shouldn’t it shouldn’t be this bad let’s try to move a little into the wind can
we attack them No dang it we could shoot at them but
it’s not gonna do anything cuz we’re PE noobs can you can you drink
can you drink and get drunk in this game and then barf back into the cup and
drink that you can IQ so like a stat boost to stay I’m gonna be generous umm
thing if you go swimming with dolphins it gives you an intelligence boost okay that’s pretty good so occasionally
you know you there are sea monsters out here so you will yeah but you know you
get in don’t we the we whales out here there will be yeah can you guys all look
at can you guys all without instruments and play them in sync harmoniously we
don’t know how that works I know there is an instrument music skill line to
keep your crew happy yeah we’re heading north west so we can keep heading this
way we’ll eventually get to a five uh-huh but but we really should turn
right if we want to head directly north alright yeah okay we’re gonna okay well
I want to try to go do right y’all hit the hit the sales yeah so I’m doing – hey pirating was hard ok this is a video
game I’m gonna keep going Norfolk this is this is bad yeah oh there’s music
who’s playing music music usually means something bad is about the hub but I
don’t think there’s anything to worry about
yeah none of us have planned anything at the moment I heard say yeah but briefly
came on my mind yeah briefly came on mine we were seeing storms all the time
we should we need to really need to see some storms I’m actually praying first
storm you do the waves get real bad what it will be surrounded by like ten water
spouts that will attack yeah and so yeah you will be taking damage it will be
taking damage dynamic weather is loaded into the Freeport service will probably
see it once we get it was just a free person River bling yeah okay I just
realized we’ve just sail this boat back yeah we do well you know is there a
closer I mean there’s the closest one we could like stop at the island over there
and see if we can finally okay with me alright no I just I just wished that
they’d there was some sort of port you could pay to dock your boat safely yeah
that’s the thing is it’s really cuz like the first ship that we ever built
you know Joe was really proud of it and then we logged back in because we we had
celled it back to a Freeport and at the time nobody was building ships like us
I’m not even kidding it was yeah we didn’t see all this galleons of stuff
everywhere we were like the kings of the world and we were like look at this look
at this you know what was it a sloop that we built and stuff
log back here the next day it was shipwrecked at the bottom of the water
that’s the thing – shipwrecks they persist and what it was is apparently
the little rafts that everybody else had kept jostling them our ship and so just
a little pressure raft made us so they were yeah yeah so like overnight
basically the wraps were just banging into our boat and one of the planks yeah
it’s broken which then caused the ship to saw it’s actually kind of cool to be
on a shipwreck it’s real it’s rough it’s on a sinking ship it’s it’s fairly
realistic yeah yeah it’s cool yes when you haven’t put those like I’m
gonna vote to sink this one yeah it’s a lot of time basically you know Joe
Marton got most of the supplies but I basically put the ship together and so
it said some other reasons like yeah yeah but talking about you know
everything is individualized so see Joe Bradford didn’t really know how to apply
dye so that’s why the back sail looks all jacked up and I don’t like it it’s
like like tie-dye great Grateful Dead inspired videos like running his mouth okay now that let me let me give you an
I can actually show you how to do it okay so let me quit my paintbrush here
hey Joe could you grab the wheel jesus take the wheel
smack so yeah then you can see you know so if I wanted to paint the whole thing
purple that’s how you do it huh oh yeah buddy
now that’s right you could it’s only you see I would have to do this for every
individual plank so that’s yeah that’s that’s there there or maybe I don’t know
what 20 deck planks on here so can you paint each other yes they won’t let me do anything
tattoo though you can tattoo it’s purple crew pride yeah yeah I actually like the
aesthetic you guys know yeah I kind of wish that it were gold well like I said
there was a time when this was scary because you did not know if your shit
was gonna be survived the other side because it was so buggy it was like me
still is kind of ominous if you went down right now you would go down right
into a storm what 60s you guys Wow
20 70 yep it’s 10 FPS let me adjust the sails the wind may change in these things
because would you get it I’m not gonna be able to avoid this when you get into
these cyclones it will turn you around some the nice thing is for my two-handed
weapon I made my health so high that it’s not really do you know it if now’s
a good time to shit yourself definitely B’s that’s this is wild oh oh
that’s that come on that’s not realistic there’s no way there’s no way why did
they make so many mostly the same game but has a Kraken that’s operated by what
looks like to be the robotics from arc so cyclones appearing out of thin air
oh it’s big island on the right here this is a lawless region yeah yes I can’t see many em it’s a twister yeah
we’re good so I know there’s an island right there yeah that’s a big one that’s
not the other than we need to go to oh that’s right well here’s the map so I
can – yeah Joe’s checking the map online that may think I like just a phrase okay
Oh unfreeze it Joe – let me I can’t tell we haven’t discovered enough of it it’s
actually pretty crazy what I have back there we go here I can turn off the UA
and this is a this is a station it’s the island I think it is we’ve passed it
what there’s only one island we’ve seen so far
we can’t wait the spouts we’re probably I mean where what direction is it Joe that
you’re thinking South because on this server the islands aren’t north-south
east-west it’s kind of in a line we’re south middle I’ve worked a big one we’re
kind of in the south already yeah we’re you say there’s another Island
farther south about than this one let me tell you I mean I have zero
control man oh shoot I’m gonna turn I am not using my sight X what would happen if you were to run
into the ship nothing but okay we didn’t always know that remember that time we
were just broadsided that we came out of a server one time it was asleep came out
of a server it was just there we had the large speed sail which just throws your
handling to just garbage it was the same shit that’s right yeah
actually I think it was the previous one that went down that’s where I was
Jeffrey born it was different yeah because what that we we like to
read this is you’re screwed airhead you level up it scary okay storm music again yeah cuz I got
the level up Oh Oh cousin oh yeah seriously storm like you can just stop oh okay I figured out where we ran out
all right we’re gonna wanna head east east
yeah loop around this big island and just straight across
all right that’s kind of the way I was planning looks like we’re heading a
student yeah I don’t know they well did the Riverside compass haven’t spawned
yet nope yeah we’re heading kind of East seems
like everybody isn’t it yeah seriously when we wait wait wait
wait wait do you see that Wow over there we work to wear what to the right yeah that’s cool I’ve never seen the faces of
the kings of old it wait did somebody build better is that in the game like
sounds like the game okay we’ve noticed that some of these islands have like
large statues the first time we saw it we thought it was really cool until we
realize that they have a lot of weapons oh it is fun like we just said why we
just snacker that’s that’s the first time we’ve ever seen anything is Lantern
on yeah it’s gonna be like a lighter light or that’s that’s pretty good it is
kind of cool here for the review at some point well that that’s a good sign for
you guys there’s enough stuff in here that after spending what 80 hours in
this game maybe that’s how much I’ve spent in it you can still find some cool
stuff that’s that’s the important thing to keep in mind that’s how far we are in
this game so don’t think you’re gonna hop into the game in immediate you see
my current playtime is 66 hours 99 that’s really cool or is playing through Kingdom Hearts
again I don’t know if that’s better man yeah yeah oh she loved me let me adjust the
handling so East you said right yes direction you can probably start
training just a little north little north the left I think it’s this island
that’s kind of oh she left also Joe can you level up and give us some sturdiness
get it this island on the left no it’s not that what Joe said is further east
okay a little bit of an island on the map yeah I think that might be it no
hold on yeah it’s still east we never spied glass
I do not because they’re pretty useless yeah but it was cool to say it’s oh I
guess it might be that uh because it shit we should we should have seen him
by now that’s so it might be that what’s that island
alright well I Stella gist ourselves or if you just turn over that way I am
turning with the radius of a you get the front line I get the back right now that
is really cool I saw the Argonaut over there our winds
gonna go die isn’t it I don’t even call them statues anymore is just an argh
enough this is this is I love how we’re not moving that’s what I love okay if only you could poop yourself to pass
the time as soon as I reload my guns I will try
again you could good dance that’s right you can can you floss just like the only
rewards for like beating the mythic beasts in this game our dance moves we need the southwest portion of the
island like the area where head straight board cool they’re really slowly the
nice thing is with that speed sail we’re still moving slowly faster than we would
otherwise yeah it’s funny cuz like even when we had no wind we were still moving
faster our scooter I mean our salute did the Lord sell the thing is this even if
you’re in the wind you still get a 30 percent with the wind bonus yeah but
like you’re still moving like garbage alright well we are it’s like dead bad
now okay so I’m gonna turn to the right to the left son it’s time for a mutiny to see what that gets us cuz you said we
have to head to the southwest side of the islands and the Southwest is gonna
be on this side yep did you hook a brother up with some some wind back
there Joe oh that’s life back there I’m just yeah I don’t know you’re turning
yet yeah literally just said let’s turn up well I was trying to paint you yeah very surreptitiously
that’s a big word go ship that oh sorry man we keep calling these ghost ships
but there’s an actual ghost ship in this game that gives you the 9th power stone
are you gonna ramp up now it’s this game’s power stone here I’m gonna get up
here so he can get a good look you good you good nothing’s scary we didn’t fire we’re
just too evil man yeah yeah they’re like all of that guys he’s got a purple
paintbrush with him well we’re well so yeah I mentioned the power stones life
if you open up your vitória showing the compass in your Vittori you’ll see like
there’s nine different stone icons oh that’s kind of the main quest in this
game is to get the power stone so you go to these turn right straight towards the
island yeah that’s what I’m doing how close to me to a Power Stone Island
because we would never be kind of cool to see all the dry sea six was the Power
Stone the the server right to the right of our home server oh that’s not bad no we were going that would be more
interesting well you should have asserted yourself no I didn’t want to go
there that was why I didn’t assert myself Oh guys yeah yeah but it seems
pretty weird it’s got a like a little raft or something because the little
stuff on the left is obvious oh shit right what I was thinking the stuff on
the right yeah the raft with a house on it yeah it looks like like a saloon like
with a sign on it come drink here eat it Jose
wait what Jose would read Joe’s place named Jose they got food
poisoning so I don’t go to places named Joe anymore okay it’s probably better
good as I can get you when you can I can now let’s do it that’s a long way they
have a check for you guys yeah all right not as cool as our Jeff but it’s not
proper I guess here let me y’all we are better at
handling the grenades let me have the the map the map all right let’s go do
this okay I didn’t hear what you said life I was
like yo you guys are better at loving the grenades let me have the map so yeah
I can I’m like a fish he’s 2 now that’s a hard to kill tuna in
this phone Adam it’s too dad wait so since this is a Wallace area you can’t
now go claim that as your boat no no yeah it’s you know the bursting AE told
how about the level up here so nice oh you were carrying that I was like wait
what are you doing yes alright so yeah I will say one thing
that’s cool you know we kind of we come from kind of like a tropical island our
new place but you know this is this is more temperate and so you know it looks
like yeah it’s pretty as opposed to forbidding and we worry about wolves and
lions and stuff see this game has its moments of beauty yeah
now this part is fun and I made sure I mentioned that in the review like the
exploration sailing it’s fun the issue that I have is it’s so easy
for this fun moment to turn completely sour like that
because it might be on the trees it’s a bit further it’s right-to-left for that sweet sweet
did this I’m really happy I got you guys both killing something in the video real
yes what metal they have here yeah that’s the thing because some stuff just
takes like random wood random stuff but there’s other other game things were you
need like a specific type of wood like spruce or something like that prints require multiple different types
of the same materials that’s why you have like this light wood and the things
I’ve ever seen a regular regular recipe need different is honey versus regular
staffs okay so if you’re looking right in between the tree and the gate yeah
it’s closest to the tree but just past it
oh she’s like that open area like right there yeah
like a bit farther out but close yeah we’re pretty experienced you can see me
I’m still scared death happens easily don’t you fire Joe oh there we go
yeah I was on fire briefly easy you did some long you have one I’ve got one all
right let’s see what we get I don’t know if I’ll be able to do all right that’s
right the person was a man needs to do it I think got it now I think we will get some water they will respond the damn people it’s about
what four minutes or five minutes cuz that was a tank we kept trying to get
video before we knew how to do this easily we kept trying to get video of us
digging up the treasure but it always be one of us died it would be Joe because
you know he forgot wait you got stoned armour stone arrow yes I got masterwork
brass knuckles and a journeyman Club where did that love when we up again
it’s probably the combination of that plus the discovery points we have yeah
because once you witness once you have the only way you can level up is by
discovering new things I’m still over income what’s causing that will drop
this all right well let’s I guess sail sail back you know they have here it’s
probably cobalt let’s let’s try to do a decent fight with somebody else if you
want I will Amanda so we can see it from the captains for perspective yes sir it’s cold now yeah we’re not used to
that on our server yeah eat that cooked meat yeah delicious I see let me got
strawberries here honey some strawberries yeah student Oh Betty
yeah oh my get my my sorry about what if there are gems on this island
no still can’t get sucked back in okay I haven’t seen any metal yeah joe yeah the
only way you’re gonna find that I don’t want to go too far inland at night of an
sr-71 wolf Kemetic right yes we even like we see the thing
is what we were scared of and we started a stream is there was an alpha wolf
outside of our base and that would have totally ruined our whole stream because
it would just sort of just not allowed us to go they like one shot here even
without all the gear that we have on stuff we actually have an alpha
alligator right outside ours but thankfully I got a dressing wool from an
alligator yeah it’s okay the wolf’s were just as equally as bad at the desert
gigantic Bulls in the desert Beach made no sense no the Lions in the desert were
just a nightmare yeah the longer first Otis made some sense not Devin going
like Mach 10 they would look at it and the other thing they would jump like
across the entire island they were so that’s a demon niggas unite here beneath
being a coat I’ve been back to the boat so I am still
kind of looking at supplies well then dinghy some of the material we
need requires just different kinda ingot so if I can find a different order I can
do all that stuff see I was wondering if you like steer beside by the star there
is a Sexton on the game you spear broke yeah there’s a Sexton and I have never
built one or seen how they’re used I guess it’s another minigame but I
don’t know how like they’re gonna help you navigate more than the compass you
already have it’s been a long time since I was freezing in this game yeah yeah
we’ve guns because we were living on the island up in the north which we were
actually able to claim because nobody else wanted because it was so darn it
yeah it was bleak it was stuff dying all that yeah it was it was super bleak but
it was our home we owned it yeah it was it was the first time that we had
actually been able to find something eventually go back there and try to
retake the land but we also have the same dream of playing games it off like
a waste of time I think what’s really upsetting to me because I like Ark
I like survival games I mean I enjoyed playing Conan playing Ark playing the
forests and stuff like that none of them maybe feel like it was a waste of time
just be sure about a time as we lost everything in a single week we have
restarted this game multiple time this the stuff that you were saying is a
triumph I found quartz there are times that we were tempted to give up
boisterous yeah it also leads me to believe there’s no
salt here this is this is many lessons learned that you’re saying if we’re
making this look easy so cup combine that with all the other problems of the
game and not knowing what you were doing yeah that’s the odds within that first
week we lost our first sleep at the Freeport
and then the very next day we set sail to try to find better land and the next
morning we lost that thanks to a developer patch and we almost barely
survived that storm well by the way we were afraid of losing our ship so we
stayed up to like three in the morning sailing across yeah ok so you can’t see
our routes for some see how you can see the route that we took today I don’t
know why because on my home computer to your computer right so that’s my tie to
my computer but this gives you an idea so we started off at this this server
and that single night we sailed all the way across here and the the video though
that’s the one that went down yeah that’s you know that’s where yeah we Joe
Joe logged in it was like let’s see how the shows doing and there was a ship of
the Damned shooting yeah it was a summer good thing it’s a log ah I logged in and
apparently my body had died within the crash so I tried to respawn in the bed
which is a possibility but because the ship was moving it was it couldn’t keep
up with it so my body spawned in the water and so his game crashed and I was
the only one alive to watch the ship go down so all that work all that building
all that list combined 20 hours of the work which are the three of us so keep
in mind reading the sailing we have all these skills that’s the only way that
you can get to the point where you can actually start building ships of the
size that we were building is like yeah here’s seamanship yeah and yeah
that same patch also broke the skill tree so that the day before I was able
to build a large ship at Brigantine when that patch we never lost her boat but I
also lost the ability to build everything that we had at that point yes
they retooled the skill points two days later is what our entire land claim got
taken over while we were asleep yes it was not supposed to go away that quickly
was it it was supposed to be it’s not supposed to happen while you’re sleeping
but because at that time they haven’t turned off being able to kill other
players on the PvE server a massive oversight so that was a thing at first
we didn’t really think there was a difference between PvP and PvE because
all the same stuff that you could you could attack here so you could kill
players everything about the name essentially yes these students came in
killed our bodies when we slept huh period that’s why I’m like oh you can’t
attack playing was drastically different than the game we played two weeks ago
and that was what writing that review was hard because yeah it’s basically a
different game yeah I know it’s super hard to shake just the trauma that that
caused and a lot of the things that at least in my mind I was taking issues
with they haven’t changed I mean there’s nothing that’s really edging you on to
go get these power stones what are you supposed to do how can you do it if you
can’t claim any land I mean again the whole purpose this is to build a base
and sail a ship we need a base to build the ship but you need land to build the
base and if you can’t find any land yeah you know if you’re a smaller company
you’re kind of screwed I mean we got super lucky we were able to find the
land that we did on the island we’re currently on because nobody knew can
build there anymore yeah we go around spamming foundations and stuff and block
you before this exact same problems our CAD that’s why and well seems incapable
combating it that’s that’s the biggest issue in my mind cheese but this game is
$30 yeah I have a free copy I’m just just willingly not given to somebody it’s probably a good idea
oh he’s stopped he put the anchor down he’s turning he actually he must have a
crew because those sails turned way to uniformly yeah there’s nuts not
individual people working on that see that’s what I like secret yeah we’re
doing this the right way in my opinion this is boring all right we headin home
yep all right you know the scenic route though we can go to a six and then go
south B 6 B 5 and go south I mean a 6 is the Freeport oh that’s right
within three parts are you know yeah it’s it’s places the thing that’s bad
about free ports if you die you can’t recollect your gear remember how we were
seeing them so I was like you know we got off for the free port one time and
you know I have all my plate armor and my guns and everything and I’m like to
him didn’t kill this alligator and stuff and what he killed me and I was like no
big deal just wrote it to my body it was all gone because when you die in this
game when you log off I mean your body stays in the world it’s not like a
regular MMO were dividing leaves the world yes
the Freeport servers there are so many people who just stopped playing their
bodies would be littering the entire server just brings the performance down
to nothing that’s funny so if your server yeah yeah you should leave all
your stuff on the ship if you go into a Freeport cuz you never know what’s gonna
happen and then you should try to poop yourself
all right just direction should be head can we do a head east east is gonna be
the fastest southeast of the fastest way so actually got a turn a little bit more
oh that’s good I could do a better one wind okay be quiet
here’s moment of truth ah God your body man what’s up with your body they took
it out of a game it’s concentration can I get the sails down to at least fifty
oh right it might actually help to open ourselves mm-hmm okay
yeah the back so it could be full because it’s so dainty dainty resistant
I reviewed a mouse recently and I think I used that words dainty we’re to be heading southeast Joseph
what are you doing Joseph doing the wrong sir stop hitting yourself ghost
ship on the left you wanted yeah that’s right no we’ll see we’ll see more on the
way for now we like the turning capability
to do it yeah we did so much better when we were able to turn right around it and
just no I don’t want it yeah all right I want to open us all the way for it
because we’re gonna need the wind or we’re gonna get every ounce we can get
yep what’s it this is fun this is real teamwork yeah and it’s teamwork and
that’s one of the thing I like about it is yeah you’re actually our manning the
station’s it’s not like you’re oh there’s a what to Brigantine yeah yeah
it’s got three sales it’s a Brigantine at least supports your skills yeah the
first few weeks in the first couple of weeks we were often the only ship that
we saw like this there was one time we saw a red ship that had a that it would
run aground and there are sandbars and stuff by the way
realistic where you you have to be watching out to make sure there’s like
you know it may look like it’s open sea but there’s a sandbar Wow and so all
that work and that was up there in that ton genius yes so I like that a little
bit of realism yeah like they turned down the bloom of the specular
highlights since launch that’s kind of nice I got a little bit of music on there
yes there’s usually a music indicator for sunrise and sunset oh there’s a
chess coming up oh shoot wanna stop yeah we’re gonna
we’re gonna kind of hit it fully drop the sails I’m gonna go jab banjo cool actually
yes no all right well Oh shark shark or dolphin no it was just the fact that he
said something like the second that I jump Marlin over here this is a little
far you know what let’s see I just killed this Marlin I have zero
harvesting materials on me improved water swimming advanced water swimming Thank You dolphin I could use some the
dolphin just swam in front of me while I was harvesting this Marlin no it’s
trying to kill you all right No all right we have an accordion the hot she
heard the sirens call we have the dirty moon stone cliff platform y’all shooting
cannons berry tea blackberries and nine gold all right the return of the over the house it just
about make that joke yes oh I see I’ll see your guy down there deep dude yeah
it goes all the way what if I can even die by the way down oh and you’ll see
you’ll see like angler fish along the bottom you know the ship the fish with
the lights on yeah with the big teeth yeah all right
that is nice okay we actually we have to wrap this up so I’m gonna let you guys
return to port off stream all right and my laptop died so oh boy yeah so if
anyone’s there I can’t even tell anymore so yeah yeah that’s a good rundown of
what you’re like that was fun you know actually fighting other ships and stuff
like that but yeah that’s an idea of what Atlas is all about and as you can
see there’s joy and there’s pain pain and sorrow so but yes thanks for joining
us yeah thanks a in especially life and and Joseph time stir yeah times to the
Jose thank you for for showing us your super cool pirate-ship over again thanks
for having the bottom dude literally I sailed away yeah I thought you’re on the
ship I thought okay you guys are south of me right I
don’t know where we are but I’m heading back towards the island I basically
turned around here’s the silver lining the Sharks haven’t killed me yet yeah
that’s good yeah see you guys now okay where were you you had in a way
your way what I think we have to be has to be in this direction go ahead and
lower the sail and see the side of the boat the side should be able to see the
back of the boat actually the back of the boat you see the side right here I
think he’s he’s joking yes you guys are turning yeah are we turning towards your
direction because you suddenly you could see the back of the boat I’m still
seeing on the side now you guys are going away again
move in a little bit more to your left the Finglas and we were going back
towards you you say they’re going away we just turned around dude we literally
sent out a custom map that’s right what’s that turn left her left is hilarious I’ll turn left
okay so I am heading to like directly south so you guys head directly north to
get to me okay okay so from my vantage point it didn’t look like that all right we are you in the water you still in the
water like deep on the surface okay I’m gonna open it so yeah I would make it to
you guys now at this point okay well then I’m stopping
I don’t either look at the fish yeah it’s like the
dolphin – this is like the epitome of tawdry balls right here guys yeah
wouldn’t stop stop okay yeah I want you guys has left the family’s back together
yay all right and with that well say I did make it to the bottom of the ocean
though guys see everybody

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  1. I was interested in watching this, than I saw Adam was in it. Instead I decided to go watch some Gilbert Gottfried videos because he's slightly less annoying.

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