Athletics – In 60 Seconds
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Athletics – In 60 Seconds

February 25, 2020

I would describe my sport of Para athletics as being incredibly tough. Train all the time. And demanding. Be also ready in the mind. But requiring a lot of grit. It’s athletes that never thought to themselves that they’ll be competing again at an elite level of sport. The very best in the world do this sport. Most of the times, you know, you come here and you are chasing world records. Then you forget what athletics is all about. It’s family. We help each other so much. Even though we all have like other language barriers but being able to communicate with the different teams, like I love doing that. I get so excited, I’m like hey I’m so excited to see you, I get to see you in so many days. This sport has drawn so many different kinds of people. It’s a group of people coming together that have overcome a lot of challenges and I’m getting goosebumps saying it now to reach the full potential that they currently can. It’s so competitive. It also makes a lot of fun. But I would say it’s a platform for people with disabilities to showcase their real talents.

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