Athletic Archery – Funktionsbekleidung für den Bogensport
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Athletic Archery – Funktionsbekleidung für den Bogensport

August 10, 2019

Hello and welcome to Athletic Archery. The first fashion brand for archers. One thing of Athletic Archery I want to show you are the new Shooter Jerseys. On my right you can see the design “Hero” for women. All designs and all textils of Athletic Archerys functional wear are tailored for both, male and female archers. That’s the shooter jersey design “Hero”. On my left you can see the “Skeleton” design. Like always we tried to think one step ahead. We concipated the matching base layer for the jersey. It’s made to be combined. The design ist fluent. The base layer as well as the shooter jersey can be used together or separately. But I always recommend to wear the base layer under the jersey because- what you can’t feel in the video- we have a minimized friction wearing the base layer and the jersey in combination. Yesterday an archer who tried it on said it’s feels like shooting naked. I can’t put it in better words. That’s the strategy of Athletic Archery – to offer functional wear espescially for archers which offers freedom of arms and shoulders and doesn’t restrict you in any ways while shooting. Now I’ll show you some accessories. The shooter towel for the quiver. It’s nothing new, there are a lot of alternatives. I searched for something which looks a bit better and already has a karabiner to fix it on the quiver. It’s folded twice and has a clean stitch on it. It has a smooth drop and a high quality. That’s what Athletic Archery’s all about Good quality for an affordable price. We also have caps in two versions. The standard with a high bucket cut. And as an alternative for all who prefer a rounder cut we have the “Arcus” cap which is something different. Those are the new sport bags of Athletic Archery. You can use it as a carrier bag when you have your bow backpack with you, or as a backpack if you travel with your bow case. You’re completely flexible, no matter if you’re travelling with your bow case or a backpack. The bag is available in medium, which is suitable as on-board luggage, and as a big travelling bag. What all the 3D and field archers were looking forward to… If you want to have a small training session on a 3D course and you don’t want to carry the big backpack. Therefore we’ve got the waist pack. It has two slots for a 200ml drinking bottle each. All bags are splash-water resistant and rain proof. You’ve got enough space for a snack, your tools, spare nocks and all you’ll need on the course. Another nice thing about the waist pack is that you don’t have to get rid of it while shooting. It actually supports your back if you tighten it up and you can shoot without having any problems. For the small training on the parcours – the waist pack.

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