Atari Jaguar (Part 2) – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 66
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Atari Jaguar (Part 2) – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 66

September 6, 2019

He’s gonna take you back to the past To play the shitty games that suck ass He’d rather have a buffalo Take a diarrhea dump in his ear He’d rather eat the rotten asshole Of a roadkill skunk and down it with beer He’s the angriest gamer you’ve ever heard He’s the Angry Nintendo Nerd He’s the Angry Atari Sega Nerd He’s the Angry Video Game Nerd All right, let’s play some Jag. We’ve already established that the graphics weren’t much of a leap for 64 bits, but graphics aren’t everything. Take a look at Tempest 2000. It’s an arcade-style game with a three-dimensional feel. It’s really addicting and fun to play. Basically, you’re in space with a bunch of 3D shapes, just shooting stuff and collecting powerups. Funny to think that something so simple happens to be one of the best games the Jaguar has to offer. It even has some good kick-ass music, so kick-ass that there was actually a soundtrack on CD. But what’s this monster on the cover? Does that ever happen in the game? Let’s check out Alien vs. Predator. It’s a first-person, sort of survival-horror thing. You can play as not only the Alien and the Predator, but as a Marine. And with each character, your objectives are completely different. Surprisingly, it’s most fun to play as the Marine, because you have a gun. But with the Alien and Predator, you have to sneak up on people. Not much to say, but it’s another memorable game on the Jaguar. Next up, the big motherfucker of first-person shooters: Doom. This is one of the best console ports of Doom that I’ve played. It comes as close to the PC version as it gets. But they had to ruin it with one thing: there’s no music during the gameplay. Really? Was there any reason not to have music? Did they run out of time? Some might consider it scarier that way, but it would’ve been nice to have the option. I call this one Silent Doom, so just put on some Slayer and you’re all set. So I think I covered most of the real famous Jaguar games. So now let’s look at something more obscure: Attack of the Mutant Penguins. I gotta admit, the name alone got my attention. But what the hell’s going on? From what I understand, there’s a bunch of penguins walking around. They buy tickets and then go into a transformation booth where they become evil mutant penguins. And from there, they go to the Doom Scale, yeah the Doom Scale. They jump in the mouth and then appear on the scale. So, you gotta stop the penguins by using a weapon; for example, a baseball bat. How do you get the bat? You gotta collect letters that spell the word bat. Where do you find the letters? Inside treasure chests. But how do you open the treasure chests? A key, right? No, gremlins! Yeah, you collect what they call gremlins, and supposedly you drop the gremlins inside the treasure chest, and then it opens. But no, it doesn’t open right away, it takes like ten seconds. The more gremlins you use, the faster it opens. But it doesn’t open, it like, explodes. When you get the bat, you gotta kill all the penguins, but they don’t die if you hit them. Instead, there’s a bunch of power orbs that scatter all over. You gotta get all the power orbs to power up your bat so you can kill the penguins, but you only kill the penguins wearing hats because the ones that don’t wear hats fight the ones that do wear hats. If the mutant penguins on the Doom Scale outweigh the regular penguins, the Doom Scale starts screaming and going apeshit! This is the weirdest game I’ve ever played. I mean, it’s not bad if you’re drunk or high or something, but how do they come up with this shit? I got it, I could come up with a game like this. How ’bout, you’re a shark, and you gotta shake palm trees ’til trains fall down, and you put the trains in an apple, and then turkeys come and eat the apples, and then, the turkeys go up waterfalls, and to get them down, you have to collect monkey butts. So you drop the monkey butts on power lines, and then… [makes explosion sound] All right, what’s next? [game voice]
Kasumi Ninja! A fighting game, and a really bad one. Most fighting games have a character select screen; in fact, all them have that, right? Well, not this one. Instead it’s got this weird first-person sorta thing. You walk around and touch statues to pick your character. It’s so awkward. How did they fuck up something as easy as a select screen? [game voice]
Entering the combat zone! Even worse, when playing the one-player mode, you only get a choice of playing as two characters. You have to beat the other characters to unlock them. That alone makes it more of a pain in the ass than it has to be. The game itself is pretty much a Mortal Kombat clone, with every hit making pools of blood fall down, and it even has death moves. But it’s also one of those games that wimps out by censoring the violence. You have to put in a parental password just to turn the blood on. Basically, it’s just a six-digit code. But what’s the chance of kids not figuring out the code before their parents do? But once it’s unlocked, you still need to set the level of blood. So, in case you want there to be a little bit of blood, but not too much? Like, who the fuck cares? Just turn the goddamn blood on! The control is horrible. It’s almost as bad as Shaq Fu. I’m not kidding. The attacks are sluggish, there’s not much strategy, and you’ll never guess how to do the special moves. You try everything: back-forward-kick, down-forward-punch, half circle-back-punch, you know, the typical stuff. But none of that works. So, you gotta either maybe have the instruction manual, or go on the Internet to get the moves. You gotta hold the C button. Like, instead of down-forward-C, you gotta hold C while you do it. Why couldn’t it be something more common? I think one basic important thing in any fighting game is being able to pick it up and play. And the special moves are ridiculous. Like, what is this? He shoots fireballs out his dick? Or maybe it’s a gaping flame vagina? Who the fuck knows, somebody was not right in the head. This game is fucking horrible! But how do you wash down the bad taste of one shitty game? With another: CyberMorph. I already mentioned that this one looks worse than Star Fox, but let’s give it a chance. [green face (Skylar)]
Good luck. [Skylar]
Where did you learn to fly? [Nerd]
What’s with this green face? It’s disturbing. [Skylar]
Where did you learn to fly? [Nerd]
Stop talking to me. [Skylar] Where did you learn to fly?
[Nerd] Freak. Where did you learn to fly? [Nerd]
Every single time you hit something it says that! [Skylar] Where did you learn to fly?
[Nerd] Knock it off! God, the mountains come outta nowhere. They just pop up, giving you no time to react. And when you die, it picks you up right where you left off. Sometimes I complain about games making you start back at the beginning, but this one literally puts you right back where you are. Imagine if in Super Mario Brothers you run into a goomba and die. OK, then what? Does it start you right in front of the goomba again? [Skylar] Where did you learn to fly?
[Nerd] That voice just never stops. [Skylar] Where did you learn to fly?
[Nerd] Shut up! [Skylar]
Where did you learn to fly? [Skylar] Where did you learn to fly?
[Nerd] Oh, come on! [exhales] Oh, that’s enough of that. [Skylar]
Where did you learn to fly? Oh, gotta get it outta my head. [Skylar]
Where did you learn to fly? Where did you learn to fly? Oh, I gotta get it outta my head! [Skylar] Where did you learn to fly?
[Nerd] I gotta get it outta my head! [Skylar]
Where did you learn to fly? Stop! [Skylar]
Where did you learn to fly? Oh, shit! Oh, shit! [repeating “Where did you learn to fly?”] [explosion] Where’d you learn to be an asshole? Jaguar, I’ve had all I can take. You’re the most fucking– [console growls] Did you just growl at me? [console growls again] Oh God! Oh, no. What do I do? Hey, death kitty, sic ’em! Yeah, that’s the real jaguar. Well… OK, we played a few Jaguar games. We played a sports game, a sidescroller, a first-person shooter, a fighting game, a racing game, and a flying game. We played some good games, some bad games, and overall, eh, it makes me wanna puke. Like a cat. [wretching noises] [vomiting noise] And then what do they do? They make a CD add-on. Yeah. The fucking Jaguar CD. There’s something about this that perplexes me. You have a game console that not many people owned, so you make an add-on that requires owning the game console. What were they thinking?! It should have just been its own individual game system. Besides, the fucking thing has its own AC adapter. So that’s two: one for the Jaguar, and one for the Jaguar CD. And that’s some cool-looking design. It looks just like a toilet. Yeah, it’s a fucking toilet! What a perfect analogy. I would review some games, but there’s one problem: the fucking bastard doesn’t work. Not even the cartridge slot, so I can’t even play my regular Jaguar games while this thing’s connected. I tried using different AC adapters, but nothing worked. It simply won’t read the disc. So I sent this broken piece of shit to my friend Richard to see if he could fix it. He invented the Nintoaster, a fully-functional NES made out of a toaster. He also made the Super Genintari, which plays NES, SNES, Genesis, and Atari 2600 games. So game mechanisms are his specialty. If he can’t fix it, then it’s fucked. Here’s his diagnosis. [Richard]
Ah, yes, the Atari Jaguar CD. What a steaming pile of fucking shit that was. I want to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the console itself first, just to rule it out. So I plug in a game, push the power button, the Jaguar logo comes careening towards me in the foreground, and after a particularly hilarious fucking startup sequence, I’m playing some Tempest 2000. Whoa! So now I know there’s nothing wrong with the console itself. Time to move on to the CD unit. So I plug it in, hook up the additional 47 cables that came with it, push the power button, the logo comes careening towards me in the foreground, snarls, and… the red screen of death, indicating a connection problem. So, the first thing I did was deep-clean every single contact point on both the console and the CD unit. I turned it on… red screen. Then I went back and made physical adjustments to every contact point in both the console and CD unit so it’d make a more solid connection. Turned it on… red screen. Finally, I just said “fuck it” and directly wired those two sons of bitches together, completely bypassing any and all cartridge ports and ruling out the remote chance of there ever being any kind of connection issue between the two systems. I turned it on, and guess what? Red screen! So at this point I pretty much just gave up and shipped everything back to him, along with a Pong machine, which pretty much just says, “I’m sorry man. This thing is just too shitty for me to work on.” I think, between the flaming fuck you middle finger red screens and getting snarled at at the same time, this machine has become self-aware and does not want to be repaired. That is my diagnosis, Richard out. Well, thanks for trying. And thanks for the Pong console. Would you believe that a 30-year-old Pong console attached to a cell phone adapter would work, but a cutting-edge snarling Jaguar doesn’t? There’s something wrong here. And you know what? I blew 250 bucks on this thing. So, you know what I did? Bought another one. Yeah. And guess what? It doesn’t work either! So, that’s about 450 dollars total I blew on two dead Jaguars. And these things are rare. So when the only two that I can manage to get my hands on just don’t work, that leads me to believe that these things most definitely are self-aware. They don’t wanna work! You can’t make ’em! They just REFUSE to be reviewed! And I’ve never had that happen. So, the end. I gotta take a shit. [toilet flushing]

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  1. Did he perhaps take the CD unit apart and tried using a multimeter? I know this may be 9 years late, but I have a hunch that that may have been the result of a broken trace in the logic board.

  2. "Silent DOOM" is because Jaguar cartridges could contain only 6 Mb of info. I guess they didn't want to use midi-melodies, so the music was cut off completely

  3. Lol to this day I quote “Where did you learn to fly?” whenever someone does something dumb because of this vid, and none of my friends get it -_-. So I have to come back and show them this awesome ep!

  4. 3:46
    Doom Scale:I'M GOING APESHIT MODE!!!!!!!!

  5. Even with all the hype and excitement, at 10 years old, even I realized what a shitty system Jaguar was. We were just so spoiled with NES, Genesis, and SNES and how many insanely good games there were on those systems. We couldn't comprehend a shitty game like Cybermorph.

  6. 아니 최초의 64비트 인데 조이스틱이 없다구요? 엄청 똥인데!! 내가 제일 싫어하는 친구 보다 똥인데!!

  7. if my stupid dickass "best friend" from growing up didnt abandon me after high school we could have put together some crazy videos kinda like this. we used to do some far less elaberate videos with the vhs camcorder back in the day…lol fun times.

  8. I bought the Jaguar the second day it was in my local game shop, and returned it two weeks later for a full refund. Didn't even buy another game system I was so disgusted just went out and partied.

  9. I dare you to make the crappiest video game console and video games ever made my idea VHS video games and video game console maybe some video games with bad graphics glitching works like big rigs and The Blues Brothers game and the Sonic game in the console you can switch two different bits 816 64

  10. You know that Atari Jaguar part 2 video where he had that idea about a new video game silly and crazy I know but that VHS console idea I think a video game like that would be perfect for it

  11. Why does nobody ever understand the old "what's under the Scotsman's kilt" joke?
    Go watch Carry On Up The Khyber.

  12. 2:22
    I prefer playing Doom with no music. It allows me to hear all the ambient sounds, and really brings the horror of the situation to light.

  13. I actually remember tempest, not from the jaguar, but from a mobile game called pocket god. If you threw one of your minions into space, an alien would sometimes abduct him and then the mini game would play. Has anybody else seen this?

  14. I initially thought the cat was CG but if you look at it closely you see a laser pointer. yes i know people probably know this but i thought it was an interesting observation

  15. It's a shame the AVP game is on this piece of shit, because it is a fucking good game. Better than the new AVP games.

  16. Where did you learn to fly?

    Where did you learn to fly?

    Where did you learn to fly?

    Where did you learn to fly?

    Where did you learn to fly?

    Where did you learn to fly?
    Where did you learn to fly?

    Where did you learn to fly?

    Where did you learn to fly?
    Where did you learn to fly?

    Where did you learn to fly?

    Where did you learn to fly?

  17. Fun fact: At around 8:27, the AVGN metal theme will switch to your right side if you're using speakers or earbuds, meaning if you're listening only to the left, you'll hear James shooting at a floating 3D cube until a few seconds later.

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