Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Torment of Hades Gameplay Preview | Ubisoft [NA]
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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Torment of Hades Gameplay Preview | Ubisoft [NA]

August 25, 2019

Back off! MIKEL REPARAZ: It’s never a good
idea to fight someone’s dog. But you’re in for
some real trouble if that dog happens
to have three heads and belong to the
Greek god of death. Torment of Hades Episode
2 in The Fate of Atlantis story arc for Assassin’s Creed
Odyssey launches on June 4,. Contrasting sharply with
the carefully managed beauty and seething rebellion
of the first episode, Fields of Elysium,
Torment of Hades presents an underworld where the
dead have abandoned all hope. And begins with
Alexios or Kassandra tussling with Cerberus at
the gates of the underworld. Victory, it turns out,
leaves you deep in debt to Hades himself. So find another dog. You will find another dog! MIKEL REPARAZ: The dead
need your help, too, mainly because your
actions unleashed a horde of ghostly criminals
from the pits of Tartarus, who you’ll hunt down and
eradicate in key locations across the map. Before taking them
on, you’ll need to find and activate nearby
Tartarus rifts, magical circles that make some of
them vulnerable, but also drop you
to half health. In addition to these
new phantom threats, you’ll once more contend
with the glowing [INAUDIBLE] soldiers and metal
[INAUDIBLE] introduced in Fields of Elysium. As before, these troops are far
tougher than any rank and file soldiers you’ll meet in
Greece, able to wield powerful supernatural attacks
that can deal massive damage, knock you off your feet,
and stop you from using your abilities in combat. Looking for an even
bigger challenge? Hades also wants you to recruit
for champions straight out of Greek myth. Perseus. Achilles. Put down your weapons or die. MIKEL REPARAZ: Agamemnon. And the mighty Heracles. And you’ll need to defeat
them before they’ll agree that, yes, maybe
their eternities would be better spent guarding
the underworld’s gates. The underworld is home to a
much rougher crowd than Elysium. And you can expect to see more
familiar faces than before. Some of them are looking
for help or redemption, but most of those faces
are ones you stabbed, and they’re out for payback. That was the hired killer who
tried poisoning the politicians in Athens. MIKEL REPARAZ: The most
dangerous of your old foes join the aforementioned
champions on the roster of
the fallen, which takes the place of the
mercenary rankings. Beating these old enemies
is essential to earning the powerful and macabre
Armor of the Fallen, which is as useful
as it is stylish. You look fabulous. MIKEL REPARAZ: In addition to
exiting post-mortem realness, this five piece
armor set is your key to places that are supposed to
be off limits to the living. Which means some quests will
be effectively walled off until you track it all down. For maximum spookiness, as
well as big damage boosts, be sure to pair the
armor of the phone with the cursed
legendary weapons you earned from beating
fallen champions. Tormet of Hades can also add
some new divinely enhanced abilities to your arsenal. Like Elysium, the underworld
hides three keeper’s insights, and finding them lets you power
up some of your existing skills to become something
completely new. The devastating shot skill can
become Artemis’ Trickery, which lets you create traps
with your arrows that kill 250% hunter damage. Vanish becomes Cronos’ Time
Shift, which launches you into the air, freezes time
for three seconds, and let’s you rain down arrows with
Hunter Abilities or transition into a leap of faith
ground smash, all of which deal crit damage. Finally, your trusty
second wind healing ability becomes Ares’ Last
Breath, which gives you 10 seconds of invulnerability,
cancels any fire or poison effects, automatically
parries every melee attack, and gives you back 5% of any
damage you deal as health. Torment of Hades is available
as part of the season pass or for players who purchased
the Fate of Atlantis story arc separately. To start it, you’ll need to
be at least level 28, and have finished Fields
of Elysium as well as the between two worlds quest
line, and the Air of Memories Lost Tales Greece quest. If you haven’t met
those conditions, you can also jump straight
into Fate of Atlantis with a special shortcut
option it starts you out at level 52 with preset
abilities and resources. Although you won’t be able
to carry that progress over to your main game save
or earn achievements. There is a lot to discover
amid the twisted wreckage of the underworld, and you
can start plundering its ruins and unraveling its
mysteries on June 4. NARRATOR: Assassin’s
Creed Odyssey. Available now.

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  1. To be fair I would be pretty pissed as well if someone killed my magic dog. Even Heracles knew that pissing off Hades by killing Cerberus was a bad idea

  2. Seriously this game would get a whole lot more love is if they just didn’t name it assassins creed because it resembles nothing to it. Make a exact similar game without the name and guaranteed it’ll be twice as popular.

  3. This is the first season pass to be well worth the money 129 hours in haven't started Atlantis yet and I also have AC3 Remastered I haven't even touched yet, awesome job Ubi

  4. I have level scaling on light so enemies will always be 4 levels below me, because it's such a pain grind leveling up to battle anybody

  5. I’ve bought the the season pass and I’ve slept on the dlc.. I still need to play the first blade episodes 😂

  6. lol you can feel the framrates dips on this video on consoles….should had captured on pc…..too bad you can just see they decresed their scope in the boss battle to it can run. look at the skull in the pool at 00:20

  7. The update sounds awesome. I'm just confused as to why this video is rendered at 60fps. There are very obvious dips in framerate and probably should have been rendered at 30. Not a big deal, just curious as to why this was done.

  8. What has happened to Assassins Creed
    It’s fine from an original franchise to a God of War like RPG

  9. I recently finished Origins dlc for the undead pharaohs and i really liked how they kept the lore in place. The undead are illusions made by the Apple of Eden, but Bayek is more volatile to them because of his belief in the gods. Can someone tell me if this is the case for this dlc in Odyssey? I'm not asking for spoilers, i'm still gonna get the game. But does this dlc takes some support in the First Civilization or pieces of Eden, or does it just break the lore without explanation?

  10. So… they're tottally straying away from their genre?

    It's now some spartan game

  11. I’m not hating, but Assassin’s Creed used to be about a secret organization killing famous figures on ancient history that end up being the shapers of history. Now it’s more like Super Saiyan Demigods who like to stab things.
    But hey, I’m not complaining. If it’s fun, then let them eat cake.

  12. Hei Ubisoft, you forgot to change the game title. This is not assassin's creed. Last Assassin's creed game for me was Unity. Syndicate looks like an odd spinoff. Origins and Unity are not assassin's creed!

  13. People say assassins creed odyssey is bad and don’t focus on assassins but review say it is good and plus it almost won game of the year so plz stop bashing this game .

  14. Guys please i still cant continue the guy from mission is stuck on a rock and you didnt include reset mission i have no other save games please i email you guys so many times about it how the hell im supposed to play this now ??????? Come on

  15. I really like where AC is going.
    And that's coming from someone who had not the slightest interest in the original (1-London) Assassin's Creeds.

    I know the name is tacked on at this point, but this looks so much better than the originals to me.

  16. Can someone explain me how the dlc system works in this game? I haven't picked it up. Will I get this and all other (upcoming and existing) dlcs if I buy the base game and the season pass? Do I also get AC3 remastered with dlcs and AC liberation?

  17. Remember when these games had actual storylines relative to the game?
    No? Well believe it when I say assassin’s creed had an interesting stories.

  18. interesting twist. Still nothing can reach god of war 1,2,3 in terms of depth and fights in greek mythology.

  19. COOL! 😂 😃 😂

    󠀡°•⎝👽⎠ YO-HO!! ⎝👽⎠•°󠀡󠀡

  20. Seriously, good job guys. This is some epic game support. Excellent content that provides many hours. I am 400 hours in and have not touched the dlc yet and am 3/4 done with main campaign.

  21. Assassins creed before
    ”We work in the dark to serve the light”
    Assassins creed now
    Let’s go murder a Greek gods boisss

  22. Anyone knows what creature the statues with the woman, snake tail and 2 dogs merged together are?

  23. Who cares!??! This game is dead, no one plays anymore, lol not even Ubisoft employees! LMAO!! Bring on Watch Dogs Legion!!

  24. That Achilles fight better be hard as hell or I'll be disappointed but overall it looks great now is the time to buy the season pass

  25. Finally had the time to buy the Fate DLC, and played through both episodes this weekend. Episode 2 was a blast! Seeing familiar faces again, was the highlight of the episode. Better pacing and action than Episode 1 too. Poseiden looks like he's going to be part 3.

  26. I would like assassin creed better if I can enjoy what it is advertising but instead I get my character waking up in who knows what and when I Want to get back to fighting the revolutionary war or being a pirate in Cuba I can't because I notice that I can't skip a cutsean that takes two hours just for some useless thing we need to understand about something that they didn't advertise for example assassin creed 3 cover they advertise that u fight as a native for the revolutionary war but don't tell u that u will be a person waking up every sequence right as u understand the story I would buy more assassin creed game but just for this I kind of gave up and hoped back on for honor

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