Ashi Barai Karate – Balayage de la jambe avant
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Ashi Barai Karate – Balayage de la jambe avant

November 18, 2019

Hello and welcome. Today we will work on Ashi Barai,
sweeping technique of the front leg in karate. Today, we are going to work on Ashi Barai. Basic work so my partner is not moving. I attack Gyaku Zuki and I pay attention to his fist. Do not push before hitting otherwise it can easily be counter-attacked if you take too long. I control when attacking. If you push too hard, you will block yourself and your attack. Let’s go back on Ashi Barai, I strike Gyaku Zuki and my left foot is just behind his. Transfer weight to get out of its striking area. Transfer as a Kokutsu Dachi. Transfer and I perform my sweeping technique of the front leg. As you transfer your body weight, your hand will come pull in that direction to create a slight imbalance. My leg will make this movement to perform the sweep. I have to position myself correctly behind his foot. Do not do it with your toes otherwise it will hurt. Placement is paramount. Be careful not to look at your foot doing the sweep, the Ashi Barai. Otherwise you are going to put yourself in danger. Look at him and think of your hand in control and when you go out you pull the hand and at the same time you sweep his leg. Keeping the control then allows me to control him on the ground to prevent him from escaping. We can do the same job, but inside. We are together with the left leg in front. I attack in the same way, with security control, and I quickly get out otherwise I’m really in danger of receiving a punch in my nose. Full sweeping of the front leg inside is pretty rare. He will rarely fall to the ground. He will mostly lose his balance and you will benefit to strike him with a Gyaku Zuki for example. It is therefore important to keep in mind to realize the transfer of body weight during the Ashi Barai whether I am inside or outside. I hope you enjoyed this video, if that’s the case, leave me a comment and
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  1. Merci Sensei. Je viens de commencer au Karatê et c'est intéressant ce que j'ai découvert qu'il y a beaucoup de contenus de ce style en français. Ces vidéos m'aident beaucoup.
    Oss dès Brésil.

  2. Bonjour Lionel,
    J'apprécie beaucoup tes petites vidéos.
    Me permets-tu de faire figurer les liens sur le site internet de mon Club ?

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