Arsenal 1-2 Eintracht Frankfurt – Unai Emery LAST Press Conference As Arsenal Manager – SUBTITLES
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Arsenal 1-2 Eintracht Frankfurt – Unai Emery LAST Press Conference As Arsenal Manager – SUBTITLES

November 30, 2019

How disappointing, how depressing was that defeat? how difficult is it going to be to recover from that? Good ebening. yes the result is.. I think we deserved more we controlled the game in the first half, we scored one goal. We, in the first half, were happy for how we took the performance as a team and also individually. In the second half we started the same, we needed to score a goal but we lost the control of the game after 15 minutes and they scored two goals. At the end we changed two players for injuries and we couldn’t do some more offensive changes to achieve, and to take fresh players. We didn’t push, we didn’t really take the chances to draw or win this match. I mean a lot of the fans stayed away
tonight, how disappointing is that? and also it looked as if the players were struggling to be motivated tonight? That must be a major concern? We need to win and we need to win playing well and take confidence and we did that in the first half. I think we were in the first half in the dressing room speaking about being consistent in the second half. We started the game pushing and started the game being consistent and I think we did that in the first five or 10 minutes, taking the chances to score. We lost the control in the 15 minutes [after half-time] because they also pushed and they scored two goals and then we couldn’t take chances to draw or to win. In this competition we continue to be first [in the group table] we lost a good opportunity to take first position in the group but we continue in that position and we are going to think about the next match, to achieve three points and to make sure that’s possible A lot of people are now saying you’ve taken this team as far as it can go are you confident that you can turn this around and continue to take this club forward? Now our moment is not good. We need to win and we need to gain confidence. I think we are better than we are showing, everybody, the players, the coaches and me. Now we lost some confidence and we need to win. Really, the response in the first half was good and we started very well again in the second half. We had two injures with Mustafi and David Luiz and that moment was important because when you’re losing you need some fresh players offensively to change and give the team more options. We couldn’t do that. Are you concerned for your job now? Do you feel you’ve lost it? I am thinking first about analysing this match over 90 minutes. Today we improved some things, but it wasn’t enough Do you feel you will remain in charge? I am thinking about the next match and analysing that match and the Europa League, and thinking about Sunday and how we can improve and achieve that confidence with the players. The players now are a little down in their feelings, but if we continue and can achieve a performance like the first half, I think that is the way. Unai you mentioned Sunday, do you feel if you don’t get a result on Sunday then your job really could be on the line? But my work and my job is to first analyse, analyse that match in 90 minutes and analyse also how we are in the Europa League and how we are also in our feelings and then prepare for the match on Sunday Clearly this is something systematic, 7 games now without a win, where do you think it is going wrong? We needed to achieve confidence here and play well. I think we improved in the first half and we improved also some things to make sure of our improvement and take the three points. But we didn’t do it all because we lost in 15 minutes the work in the first half. Again, I was speaking with the players after the first half to be consistent. We are going to continue and be positive but really we need also to win. The first for us to recover confidence is to win and to feel better above all here, at home, with our supporters here in Emirates, at home and it’s the first match we lost. But really, maybe today we deserved more but it’s the first match we lost here. You picked Granit Xhaka he came back in, he got a round of applause from the fans do you feel that issue is now behind you? Or that’s all in the past? It’s very good news with Granit and the normality. He played, he helped and the supporters also, I think they are also helping him and I think it’s good news How are David Luiz and Mustafi? Yes, I don’t know exactly now but they couldn’t finish that match and we are going to watch for tomorrow for how they are for Sunday We know you’re a very self critical manager and you analyse your work a lot do you accept or identifies mistakes that you have made? Yes. I can understand the criticism about the team, about me. We are not in a good moment and also as a coach, I had that moment also in my career Thank you very much

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  1. Hahaha Good Ebening…
    As A arsenal Fan
    I want this result…cluless Manager I have ever see…
    Bye bye byr bye Mr good ebening

  2. “Offensively we need to change and give the team more options. We couldn’t do that” Lacazettes & Pepe sat on the bench like ?

  3. Gosh we’re in a mess , it’s just crazy , he’s obviously been given a vote of confidence, he’s talking about preparing for Sunday .

  4. I swear if they asked emery 2×2 he would say well you know the first two don’t have the confidence and the strength to multiple that way and it needs to improve and take confidence from the second 2 to make it stronger and then analyze if it will improve and make sure it improve in the first instance and then recover the confidence to multiple. Multiplying is not a normality so we will have to do an analysis before we decide

    This fucking guy can’t answer a question to save his life

  5. This man is feeling the wrath of English media, worse he don’t speak proper English u can see he’s a angry man that possible beat his wife on a bad day..

  6. Allegri to this small arsenal club crippled wit problems lol??? If that happened it certainly would be a gud ebening.
    Sorry, u gunners had your henry era and now its time to make space for other clubs such as leicester city/spurs/wolves.. etc

  7. Just f**k off … just leave… no one wants to listen to you say the same shit in every conference. absolutely irrelevant to the questions being asked .


  9. Q. Do you think your job is on the line?
    A. You see, first half was very fantastic.

    Q. What did you take of Xhaka getting positive applause from fans?
    A. First half….. First half….

    Q. Do you think you'll be the manager after losing on Sunday?
    A. First half… First half…. ?

  10. I think people are being to hash on Emery. Yeah, he is not answering the questions he’s being asked in a rational way but I believe that is because of his English vocabulary. I mean how can you say “Good ebening!” week in week out, while he at the same time gets tons of harassment from so many. You can speak all you want but Emery is in my mind a great manager. When it comes to tactics he’s really good. His personality is so humble, but at the same time you can see how bloodthirsty? he is for future success at Arsenal.

  11. Mikel arteta can steer this washed up club to a trophy this season and top 4, but no, arsenal fans are deluded and clueless about football.

  12. he doesnt evn aswr to the questions he has been asked, total waste, he should FUCK OFF he has ruined arsenal enough FUCK OFF EMERY

  13. I feel sorry for this manager man, it's said to keep seeing him in this situation with such bitching fans like Arsenal fans

  14. U lot can ask ANYTHING & Mr. Gud Ebenin isn't gonna answer fuck-all & is just gonna answer whatever he feels he wants to..

  15. Do the Board really sit and listen to Unai's press briefing? This man for the past 8 months or so, he has been making same excuses..

  16. Arsenal hired this fraud because he had a foreign accent lol. All these pommy clubs think they need a foreigner to run the show .

  17. It's a real tragedy watching the pantomime that is the demise of Unai Emery. Very sad show. He should resign to save his dignity. Step down man, you can't even communicate in English, how are you expected to get your message across to the players? Total shambles Arsenal these days!

  18. I feel sorry for him. But he’s possibly the worst manager tactically I’ve ever seen. Brings on a defensive midfielder when losing. There’s no sense to his decision making. I’m starting to think he could be a bit slow.

  19. He’s such a nice guy but sack him send back to Spain he did well there maybe the language barrier is the reason he’s failed outside of Spain

  20. He always represents his positive side. But there are a whole bunch of negatives he didnt really mention. He always say how good was the first half which doesnt really matter if you end up losing. He always say he’s improving which is simply not.

  21. 3:29 Take a moment and understand with me." "The players know now they are ler led leadr ler eler ler eh eh down in in in in in his feels. "

  22. tôi chán ngấy với chiến lược của unaiemeri rồi, tình trạng này thì cuối mùa arsenal xếp 12-13 mất thôi

  23. He is delusional. The worst football manager I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what is he analyzing. They repeat the same mistakes always.

  24. Nice decision when the stadium was empty what do you think ? SACK I love it ljungerb replace him temporarily ? am Barca fan for life

  25. Guys, before you post your opinions about professional managers please stay away from humiliating people or hate posts simply because there is a code of conduct for reasons and if you are not in this business you have no insight of things but rely on media
    That's means you don't know what's 'behind' teams, clubs and their politics…
    Arsenal and Man Utd are simply showing what happens when you have a successful manager that stays so long with no one in the board really thinking about what happens after they have left. Failure to plan for succession means you will spend years gambling whilst flailing in the wilderness.
    Emery did well at Seville and did a good enough job at PSG – please be not ignorant about this!
    His failings at Arsenal are not all down to him.
    Maybe he could have got a better wire to Ozul and something out of Ozul – its called man managment for a reason – but Ozul is a very introverted character.
    Questions could be asked why fork out £70m on a striker when the problems lie in the defence or shoring up the midfield?
    Although no one was saying this when he got in David Luiz- at the time after 2 very good performances football pundits in their usual knee jerk reaction were reminding us what a great defender he was and this was a brilliant piece of business.

    Maybe some of you can enjoy football as it is but stay out of commenting or humiliating others who have clearly earned their knowledge.

  26. His press conferences should end after the "Good ebening". Let's be honest that's all that the media comes for and nobody understands shit after that

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