Arrow Pierces Cat’s Body | Animal in Crisis EP11
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Arrow Pierces Cat’s Body | Animal in Crisis EP11

August 19, 2019

The cat is in a dangerous situation There is little we can do It’s hard to do somethingA cat is hiding under the sink And on the cat’s body is… It’s an arrow, right? The arrow is sticking out backwards Towards the end of the tail, butt An arrow has penetrated the body of a small cat The big arrow moves along with the cat’s movement A pain we can’t even imagine The crew hurriedly heads over to the scene The cat should be underneath… The cat has escaped Only traces of the injury remain Informant: I was asleep and I heard a thud I think the cat fell from here… I think the cat fell along with the basin and ended up like this Did it fall from a high place with the arrow in its body? An arrow penetrating the body Seems like it didn’t move far The cat cannot be seen Informant: The cat was big and the arrow was very big The arrow was twice the size of the cat’s body The cat was barely breathing with an arrow twice the size stuck in its body Where did the cat go? Only unfortunate thoughts keep coming to mind Excuse me, I live next door. Can you open the door? I think the cat went to the rooftop Can I have a look here? The cat should be around here. It can’t move far… We are scared that we will meet the cat in an awful state Wouldn’t there be a resident who saw the cat? How awful.. This is too much Who did this Seems like someone really wanted to kill the cat on purpose If not, there is no reason to shoot an arrow They’d just chase out cat No one saw this cat The cat must be suffering somewhere.. It’s the night again The cat went somewhere with the arrow stuck There is nowhere to go.. The search went on all day But a day has passed The next day An urgent call about finding the cat Where is it right now? Informant: Inside.. The neighbor said they found the cat Is the cat still safe? The cat is curled up in the corner inside the top of a roof The arrow is still stuck Informant: The place with the blue water bottle is our house I think the cat came up this rooftop and came over here The cat is hiding inside an old roof in danger of collapsing We can’t approach the cat easily The cat is still coping well It’s amazing how the cat is still alive and it’s saddening too… The cat has been starving for a few days We gave some food and the cat stands up as soon as food is seen What to do? The cat walks towards the food It has no strength How is the arrow this big? The cat tries its best to eat How scared must’ve it been? The cat is pitiable After filling its stomach, it goes back to the corner The arrow moves with the cat’s movement How much longer can the cat cope with this? The vet and rescue team arrive in a hurry They check the state of the cat first Animal rescue team: I’m speechless.. Vet: The arrow is already loose This means there is an infection where the arrow passed and the cut has become bigger I’m worried that the infectious disease is spreading around the arrow The injury is already severe It’s important to rescue the cat without touching the arrow The rescue for the cat inside the corner of the old slate roof will be done with a long scoop net Animal rescue team: It won’t work, it’s dangerous The cat isn’t moving at all The cat moves further towards the corner It’s dangerous if the arrow is touched They decide to use a trap that hangs around the neck Hang the rope carefully around the neck And pull the cat Vet: Pull hard, okay Successfully rescued!! The injury expands the more it moves So a tranquilizer is injected Vet: Oh dear, endure it a little Vet: The arrow is in a dangerous spot How will it survive? The arrow is big If a person is hit by that arrow, they’d die The cat’s state is examined up close Vet: It has completely gone through the abdomen It has completely cut through the body I think it’s a very severe situation It’s a miracle to have endured this Vet: I think we should cut the parts that are outside of the body If the cat moves during the travel, it can trigger bigger internal injuries Removing part of the arrow that could be dangerous during the travel We decide to go to the animal hospitalThe arrow has gone through the body Examinations about the injury take place A miracle has happened Vet: What a relief The most important organs such as kidney, liver, spleen Have not been affected The arrows have not touched the important organs If this arrow went through the body and didn’t break the foot, this arrow could’ve completely gone through the body The arrow hit the bones in the back foot Due to the arrow slowing down the arrow did not pass through the body If it did, The organs and blood vessels would be injured The arrow inside the body still remains Vet: I’m worried about the operation While taking out the arrow, the end of the arrow could touch blood vessels of organs and it can induce severe blood loss As time passed after the accident The arrow blocked the scar’s bleeding It’s more dangerous to remove the arrow Replace the arrow with a medical tube The best way is to tighten up the hole of the injury A difficult operation We hope the cat can overcome this difficult time The arrow is removed The arrow is so big compared to the cat The medical team is speechless.. The cat has safely won the battle How did this happen to the cat? The only clue is the arrow The crew decides to track down the arrow A carbon arrow is easy to obtain We consulted an arrow re-seller Arrow re-seller: It’s an archery arrow. There are two types of games in archery This is an arrow used in a compound bow This is a compound bow.. Compound bow (mechanical bow)
Archery is popular as hunting and leisure sport Anyone can use it without specific qualifications Was it an accident.. or did someone shoot it on purpose? Is there a clue in the cat’s injury? Arrow re-seller: I don’t think the cat was shot for hunting The way it was poorly shot shows it’s a low pound.. If a beginner shoots with a pound, it looks like this The suspect is assumed to be a beginner That used a small arrow from the compound bows Compound bow society Something shocking was heard during an inquiry Compound bow society: This was shot out of curiosity Not to kill the cat We enjoy it as a sport But we get effected because of those kind of people Even just by holding an arrow.. There are cases in which people shoot a cat as a target.. out of curiosity… What a terrible story Could there be a possibility of it being an accident? We decided to carry out various experiments with the the angle the cat was shot as a base The distance to the target is 30m The arrow goes at a speed of 200km Arrow re-seller: It was hit horizontally The cat was hit askew Arrow re-seller: Looking at where the cat was hit I think the cat was hit from a shorter distance The arrow hits horizontally as it flies in the shape of an arc The arrow will hit askew… …only from a shorter distance The arrow hits horizontally from 15m (top) and 10m (bottom) We decided to narrow the distance The angle of the arrow is inclined from the start The arrow is stuck before making an arc It has completely gone through the target Location, angle and direction match Arrow re-seller: More than it being practice or an accident, you can get this arrow angle if you purposefully aim for a target lower than yourself Someone used the cat and deliberately aimed at it on purpose Cats also occasionally get hit by arrows overseas
(Photo source: Daily Mail) (Photo source: Daily Mail) (Photo source: AP) The cat was roaming around the streets with no energy The cat went through nightmarish pain because of a maliciously aimed arrow We feel pity and apologetic… The police are tracking down the suspect Investigator: Shooting an animal with an aim is intentional It’s an obvious criminal act A few days later at the animal hospital The cat’s eyes are still full of fear How can we cure the cat emotionally..? Vet: Looking at the recovery, the cat is very lucky The cat gained weight quickly so it recovered well without additional operations Painful moments The cat didn’t give up “Small and weak lives should not be be sacrifices to violence” sounds like a message the cat wants to convey

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  1. tghis is the kind of stuff that makes me keep my cat in the house where she is safe. I hope they find the scumbag responsible!

  2. Closed captions aren’t working I don’t understand anything, though the is very disheartening I have four cats and if this ever happened I’d sue someone.

  3. Always put yourself in the shoes of others. Never do this to animals for they have life to live like us. Hope that the person who shot the cat would taste his own medicine.

  4. I think the person did this on purpose but he/she is not mature. And no way that arrow was shot out of a bow but was used to stab the kitty

  5. Este canal me encanta,ya que rescata a gatos. La persona que hizo eso yo la mataría,yo adoro mucho a los animales e intentar asesinar a uno tendría que ser la pena igual que intentar matar a una persona. Qué se pudra en la cárcel.

  6. That was heartwrenching and people intentionally doing these terrible actions are heartless! Nothing but cruel.

  7. Твари двуногие. Получат свое и пойдут в ад. Во всем мире беспредел. Я смотрю какие мы разные. Не обижайте животных ведь Бог все видит.

  8. We Humans are UGLY far more than our Imagination. This world gives the right to live as u live to every other animal but i cant say i leave it upto u

  9. Espero que a las personas que asen ese tipo de cosas al menos les pongan multas mui grandes y se les prohíba el uso del arma.

  10. Well, it's not just out of curiosity. Any decent human being won't target a living being or animal for sport. The person is likely manifesting psychological issues. An intent to hurt or kill is not normal. That person can one day be a danger to himself or to anyone.

  11. When I saw the arrow I wished sooo hard that was photo shopped but no.. that’s horrible and yet it’s still surviving

  12. Надеюсь этого грёбаного стрелка найдут. Запустить бы в него две стрелы – одну в детородный орган (чтобы не плодился) и вторую в руку ( чтобы не смог больше ни стрелять ни причинять другим боль)…

  13. Kasian banget si empus gw nangis lihatnya mudah mudahan orang yg memanah si empus gw sumpahin kesetrum listrik itu orang sampai mampus Amin


  15. Orang orang gak tau diri ya sampe kucing di bunuh pake tanah itu orangnya yang gak suka kucing mungkin dia sukanya sama anjing klo dalam islam kita tidak boleh bunuh kucing kalo kucing warna hitam harus di bunuh itu kata nabi muhamad saw. Anjing warna hitam pun harus di bunuh juga sama cicak dan tikus itu binatang yang harus di bunuh kata islam begitu

  16. sociopaths don't feel remorse..just hope it winds up in prison before it kills a child. out of curiosity

  17. i was clenching my fists when thinking of the cruel and hearted human who pierced this cat. will go to hell.

  18. i can't imagine how the cat sounded when it first got shot. The crying meows but weak energy would be excruciating

  19. Imagine an arrow stuck in you we would feel nothing but pain and this cat still moves around and eats food and belives it can live what a brave and hard working cat I can't even imagine what I would feel like if I was in that state..

  20. That’s terrible! They’re animals and are similar to us! They have feelings and a life, you don’t play with it. You only have one and the same goes to the rest of the living in this world! I’m crying because I thought about this cat as my own! I don’t know what other people call it but I call that abuse. The cat was left to die after being shoot by that arrow, if it was an accident then maybe it would be a different story but on purpose is terrible! I hope the person gets a huge Karma for what the person did!

  21. People who are cruel to animals are often cruel to humans too. Especially true if it is a child who is cruel to animals – those can grow up to be murderers.

  22. ОБЪЯСНИТЕ МНЕ!!! ЗАЧЕМ НУЖНЫ МЕЛКИЕ ДЕТАЛИ?Мне кажется общество 21 века может выяснить кто это был

  23. People who can be so cruel to innocent little creatures like this are what's wrong with humanity. They think that they're so superior that they can harm another being with absolutely no reason. It's fucked up.

  24. Como puede haber personas que hacen este tipo de cosas a los animalitos, es una crueldad, deberian tener un castigo.

  25. the person who did this to this poor cat should go to jail not only him but all the other people who mistreat the animals

  26. Поубевать бы людей которые издеваются над животными.

  27. Ihr seit die Hoffnung der Tiere man glaubt es kaum hörte nur schlechtes von eures gleichen aber ihr seit doch die Rettung der Tiere

  28. Thats not a hunting arrow, its a training arrow. They use them usually at archery centres for games and stuff. The tibs at the end of it show us that. It mustve been shot at a training course by some sicko or something. (im only at 5:21 so idk if they explain any of this later. Knowing its a training arrow should narrow down who the culprits are)

  29. I love cats to death I wish we had more people like you guys and girls in this world to save the lives of cat, dogs and any other animals. Whatever monster of a human being did this to this poor cat I hope they suffer way worse and burn in hell for what they did. I wish I could find who did this and shoot them with a ton of bow and arrows to make them feel the pain this cat felt.

  30. I agree with most of these comments and this man or boy should get hit with the arrow just like they to the cat they are monsters and evil who has so much anger and hate that they take it out on the cat it was very sad just wanted to share with you we love cats and strays

  31. Кот жил своей жизней. Ну потом какая-то тварь ради того чтоб просто посмотреть будет опасно для животных или какой-то опыт ставил этот человек. Стрельнул в без защитного кота. Думая что кот без домный или домашний. Уже не нужен тем кто его вырастит, тем кому важен.

  32. Чтоб сдохли эти живодеры! Чтоб так же стали целью для практики стрельбы из лука! Вот веселье то будет!

  33. OMG I'm literally crying for that poor cat hoping that its ok!Who would do such a thing,they must have hated the cat a lot》

  34. I can't believe I am a monster.. peoples are monster I am too
    I have real bow that shoot very good but I never ever on my life do this to cat I am gonna kill myself if I did a
    Think like that…

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