Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk & Vernazza Gaming Chair
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Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk & Vernazza Gaming Chair

August 29, 2019

The Vernazza Gaming Chair and Arena Gaming Desk are Arozzi’s high-end offerings in the world of gaming furniture. We’re tackling both in this video, so without further ado- Let’s talk chairs. ♩ [electronic music] ♩ ♩ Simply put, the Vernazza Gaming Chair is really comfortable. Its ergonomic design and shape fit us like a glove- a really large body-sized glove… and with its wider seat and high seat-back, it should suit a variety of body types. The bicast leather upholstery and padding remains as pleasing hours later as it does minute one, so whether you’re working at home or putting in an extended gaming session, the Vernazza delivers comfort. The lumbar and sculpted head pillows may not be for everyone, but we quite liked them. Both feature elastic straps allowing them to be slid up and down the seat-back to whatever position you desire. And if they aren’t your cup of tea, they can be easily removed. Have we mentioned that the Vernazza is also really adjustable? The chair tilts up to 12 degrees, modifiable via resistance wheel or lockable in five positions. The backrest has an absurd range of motion, so you can sit up straight, lounge back, or practically lie down at your leisure. As for the armrests, they feature an impressive level of functionality with up/down and forward/backward movement, as well as left/right rotation. From comfort to adjustability, the whole chair is just… really nice. ♩ ♩ Moving on, let’s table talk. ♩ ♩ The Arena Gaming Desk is fairly large, measuring 63 inches wide, 27.9 inches deep along the center of its curved front, and about five inches longer at the sides. The base of the desk consists of an entirely metal frame, grounded with adjustable legs and feet. The tabletop itself is made of medium density fiberboard at nearly an inch thick, and that in combination with the metal frame, leads us to believe the Arena will be long-term more durable than some other MDF desks in the market. The most alluring component of the desk is its
full-surface microfiber cloth mousepad, which weighs in at seven pounds and has a non-slip underside that adheres well to the table. It’s without question our favorite part of the Arena- great mouse tracking performance,
and aesthetically, it’s just plain cool. Cable management is a key concern for Arozzi’s design team, and they’ve gone to lengths to address this. Both the table and pad feature three cutouts for hiding cables, in addition to allowing for monitor arms to be installed. And after routing your cables through the table, they can be nestled in the Arena’s cable management net. It’s a nice addition, though we wish the mesh was a little more resistant, as in our experience multiple power bricks created a notable sag. Overall we consider ourselves fans of the Arena Gaming Desk and Vernazza Gaming Chair, both sleek, ergonomic designs with gamers and workers in mind. Arozzi already has a steady line of gaming chairs to choose from, but we’re interested to see where they go next and what improvements may come in future gaming tables. ♩ ♩

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  1. Really well-done video guys. I just had one question.
    Are the logos on the side of the legs removal? I don't really like branding lol

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