Army of volunteers ‘make life much easier’ for brain damaged father – BBC Stories
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Army of volunteers ‘make life much easier’ for brain damaged father – BBC Stories

October 14, 2019

It was just 90 seconds long
but a ferocious attack. It left him with severe brain damage
unable to walk or talk. Simon Dobbin’s now trapped inside his own body
and needs round-the-clock care. Simon Dobbin was attacked by hooligans after a football match His wife and daughter care
for him in the family home Dad doesn’t have his own room,
or a wet room, so these are
the main problems. I like to talk to Simon and
tell him exactly what I’m doing, but obviously you don’t want
your visitors to hear what you’re doing, you know, because they’re getting
a mental picture, then. And to me, it’s kind of like,
it’s degrading for him. Life has been difficult,
life has changed, but I’d rather have him the
way he is than not at all. Simon’s story brings out an army of DIY SOS volunteers Coming through! There’s a tipping point.
If you have too many it doesn’t work you’ve just got to
have the right number and we’ve got 97 perfect. At the front of the house, the
living room will be transformed into a bespoke
bedroom for Simon with an adjacent,
purpose-built wet room. We’ll use every inch of the footprint for
an open-plan kitchen and living/dining area which will overlook a low-maintenance garden,
levelled to provide wheelchair access. You’re a chippy?
Yeah, chippy, yeah. OK. And why would you give
up on a whole load of pay to come and work
unpaid for a job like this? I don’t understand anyone who
wouldn’t, to be honest. If you’ve got the time and a skill,
then you can help people out with it, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t. What happened to the guy
was dreadful and I just thought, do something,
put something back. The story hit me hard,
you know, I don’t like to see violence
in football matches like that. And it could happen to any
one of us at any time so he deserves this
quite a bit. With a hoist to
the new wet room and an air filter to
prevent infections and after just nine days… This is all I ever
wanted for your dad. Oh wow, look at it.
He’s gonna love it. Out of such a small house, you’ve
made it look absolutely humongous. That’s how it feels, doesn’t it?
Yeah. With the double door,
even with the size of his chair. He’ll be able to have
his showers every day. It makes everything so much
easier for him, won’t it. [Applause] First off, I just want to thank each and
every one of you for what you’ve done for us. Our house is absolutely amazing,
and it meets all the needs, you know, to help us give Simon
the better quality of life that he deserves. And without you lot, this
would never have happened. And your hard work, giving up your time,
for a family that you don’t know is just incredible, and you should all
be so very proud of yourselves for what you’ve
done for us. Having his own room will give
him his dignity and privacy back. I love you. And he’ll thrive from that
so, thank you. [Applause]

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